Heroes move at the speed of sound

>heroes move at the speed of sound
>a new group of enemies appear that move at the speed of light
>heroes stand no chance against them
>suddenly the heroes must go through 12 of them and with a time limit

What are some other anime where the heroes must face such incommensurable odds?

why does brazil love all these terrible shonens that are just tournament arcs

I tried watching the original series recently and it felt like a chore to watch. I remember having more fun with the edited dub on toonami Saturdays. I understand it's status as one of the first battle shonens but it definitely didn't age well.

Because those are the best kind and we don't get those anymore



shonen-tachi, sorry

It's an old series. Of course it has dated shonen tropes. Enjoy it for what it is.

Did you try watching it from the beginning or did you skip to the 12 Zodiac Temples arc?
You should have done the later.

>skipping bronzes vs Phoenix
>Misty vs Seiya
>Motherfucking Perseus Algol

They only had to go through half the golden saints though, a bunch of houses were empty or the guardians were not fighting seriously. For the rest they sacrified one bronze saint per gold saint and won with numbers.

Saint Seiya asspulls put Fairy Tail's power of friendship to shame.
Still love the fuck out the character design and the old animation.

Bleach is the most obvious one.

Where the fuck is my anime with cute girls in armor and spats?


posting best gold saint

Because that's what was airing everyday on television back in the 90s.

What was the point of this form of the Pegasus Cloth?

The Saint Seiya anime is honestly only good if you watch it as a kid.

Read the manga instead, it´s more straight to the point, and lacks all the inconsistensies that the anime created.

We'll never know because the movie was retconned.
I just watch Kobato's last episode the other day and they have the same dialogue of Overture's ending. Probably a coincidence but still fun considering it has reincarnation, lost of memory and gods involved

That shit was announced ages ago. I wonder what's going on. It isn't lack of money but Toei is a big company and both sentai and precure have been underperforming for years so who knows

The Saint Seiya universe can get really Lovecraftian once in a while.

Season 3 when?

Fortunately never

>Franchise keeps alive by myth cloths
>Being so cheap that change the cloths into latex suits
>Try to go back to traditional designs but nobody cared at that point and the designs are awful

>and the designs are awful
Late game cloths look great

That thing look great?

Hopefully never. Gold saints were a fiasco, elemental miss usage, Shiryu and Shun have a son. Souma and Yuna the best tho.

Toei bring back Junichi Sato for Precure's current season so maybe someday Yamauchi and Toei can bury the past and work together again. I hope they're cool again for ND

No they don't. That crystal shine bs they all have going on is atrocious.

What happened to Sato, Yamauchi and Toei?

Creative differences and Overture has been rejected for everyone

so, when will the NETFLIX series be released?

They want it to air close to the CG Netflix anime for synergy.

Wait, weren't Koga and Yuna blushing in this?

But that would be on 2019