Kumiko euphonium


Please be in London

i disrespect kumiko.

I disrespect those who disrespect Kumiko.

happy valentines day

that's some dedication there

She's a crybaby

She's so beautiful and cute and fluffy

Has that guy made any new yuri fanart?


Behead those who disrespect Kumiko.

Nice monitor, Kumiko.

yow,i don't remember this scene,is this from movie or what?

It's the where Kumiko tried to get into Oboe's panties.

>speed watchers

sorry man,it's already 2 years from the last anime so my memory is kinda hazzy.

are you telling me that you don't rewatch hibikes constantly?!

Kumiko is just the best.

citrus is better.

let's spam Kumiko

explain yourself


she doesn't even have boobs

She has cute small breasts.

_ _ _


Sniff kumifluff

kyoani think they slick

fuck you