Can we get a 02 hate thread going...

Can we get a 02 hate thread going? I am sick and tired of seeing this Esdeath wannabe get non stop praise from crossboarding newfags.

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I don't even watch that show and i'm already tired of her.

Afraid of strong oni women fuccboi?


Go away Ichigo

Kokoro > Sensei > Ichigo > Genki twintails > fatty in a wig > a pile of fresh vomit > 02







This is now a 02 thread.


Get your gay ass face out of here bitches. Now this is a 02 thread.

>Esdeath wannabe
I don't know what it's like where you're from, but you can't just throw that shit out here without some kind of explanation.

Is 02 the next Umaru?

> S-stop liking what I don't like
Get the sand out of your slit

>You will never get licked by 002
Why even live?

t. roastie.

I don't like 02 either. This character is so fucking shit.

I love 02.

>Calls people crossboarders
>Makes a Sup Forums template hate thread

No ass.


not even comparable
t. minefag


02 is best girl of the season.


>us oldfags amirite??
Would a garbage tsundere be more to your liking, OP?

All my friends are dead, push me to the edge



Can we get a OP hate thread going? I am sick and tired of seeing these crossboarding newfags.


Oh shit, Nono got a new anime? Why didn't you fags tell me


Bugchasers should be shot.

How can NTRfags be so devastated they need to shout out for help.

I LOVE her.

>taller than the main guy
>not a tsundere
Is the anime worth watching just for her?

Yes. Yes it is.

IchigoIDF working overtime it seems.

If you like getting AIDs from a whore.

>02 literally conquering all of Sup Forums day by day
>in less than 6 episodes she has generated more fervent waifufagging and more autistic anal devastation than many animu grils do in years

Face it Ichicucks, you're living in an oni's world now.

Newfag spotted

They're about the same height actually, she's just wearing heels.

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It seems like the entire fanbase is cancer.

Holy fuck. I want those nipples in my mouth.

right now she IS the anime

That's the face you make when you tell her you want to fuck her brains out. How could you hate that face?

>Heard Trigger made a new show
>Includes mechs
>"Holy fucking shit is anime saved"
>Episode 1

Never have I been so fucking let down.


Miku is best girl


Darling in the Franxx - Karling in the Franks?

/his/friend here.

I've got this particularly bizarre theory. Darling in the Franxx is based off of the story of Charlemagne and Desiderata, where Hiro is Charlemagne and Zero-Two is Desiderata:

> "Desiderata, or Ermengarda[1], was one of four daughters of Desiderius, king of the Lombards, and his queen, Ansa. She was married to Charlemagne, king of the Franks, in 770, probably to form a bond between the otherwise enemy states of Francia and Lombardy. The marriage was annulled in 771 and this hurt relations with Lombardy, presaging the war of 774. She had no known children and her ultimate fate is unknown."

The Lombards are the Klaxosaurus. Hiro is Charles before he becomes Charlemagne. He "marries" Zero-Two, a Lombard/Klaxosaur princess and eventually throws her away to invade Lombardy/conquer the Klaxosaurs, eventually becoming Holy Roman Emperor/God-Emperor of Mankind.

Furthermore, what we see here are the other three girls in the back of this image who look suspiciously like Zero-Two. They are the other "three daughters of Desiderius".

What we see is that Charlemagne had at least one illegitimate child, Pepin the Hunchback. This may be interpretated as insinuating that Hiro will engage in sexually unbecoming behaviour in the future, siring a bastard child, who, like Pepin will attempt to rebel against him.

Notice additionally, that the Capetians who succeed the Karlings, had a floral coat of arms - we see very clearly the floral symbolism in Strelitzia and Delphinium. Thus Hiro/Charlemagne's successors will also be floral and might have something to do with the fleurs-de-lis.

Thank you for reading my crackpot theory.

We all know which theory is superior

Episode 1 is not made by trigger

she's had the same effect that megumin, fnaf, undertale, and ugandan knuckles had on me
i'm seeing her so fucking much that i hate her

02 is best girl of all-time.

hehe another rei clone that does weird random stuff mai waifu hehe

Kill yourself underage


>Esdeath wannabe
Please don't compare 02 with shit


02 has richness of character, does she?

>hating on best girl of the year

nice excuse triggerfag
name me one thing trigger has made that wasn't bad and isn't inferno cop

I like 02 but her waifufags are the most autistic and annoying I've ever seen. The only other series/girl that comes close is fate shit.

Trigger only deals with combat focused episodes you brainlet, neither writer or director was from trigger.

Get fucked

It's an A-1 show. Trigger does the animation for fights.

>Gawd, 02 is soooo cliche

>I mean, look at all these different characters she's a cliche of! There's a whole range of traits and personality quirks she has that you can see embodied in a multitude of other people.

if you're typing gawd in 2018 you're definitely the target audience of this anime

I'll see your crackpot theory and raise you my own:

This show is about sex, and how sex forms and defines relationships. From what I've seen (and this is assuming that Trigger actually gives a fuck about the story and isn't just churning out moe marketing robots with dumb teen angst attached) Zero Two represents not Best Girl Waifu who's totally Oppressed Because She Looks Different, but rather, she's the definition of an abusive relationship.

Look at how they define her, and that she doesn't deny being, a partner killer. She uses people up and spits them out. She's aggressive, self righteous, and dangerous; she has no regard for other people or the consequences of her actions. She doesn't care about Hiro, she just wants him Her being able to pilot a Franxx by herself showcases that she doesn't need a partner, she's strong willed and independent enough to operate on her own. She's taken a liking to Hiro because he can be controlled. He's weak and manipulable, and she can mold him into the partner she wants.

It's a classic abusive relationship getting ready to start. Seriously rewatch ep 4, where Hiro runs to catch her before she leaves, and you can replace Zero Two with any drunk, scraggly meth-head with no teeth in a wifebeater from Cops and Hiro's the fat, greasy-haired woman in a pink housecoat poundin on the window of the squadcar going "Don't take my baby away! I can't live without him! He didn't mean what he did to me, he just can't help it!".

what an awful post

People said I was imagining things after ep 4, that the whole love confession from Hiro disproved this. Then ep 5 came out, and holy shit.

I mean, Hiro is hiding the scars of his relationship. He's being physically damaged by 002, but hides the fact to protect her because "she can't help it". I mean, shit, he spends the entire episode literally heartsick over what his relationship to 002 is doing. Plus, we get to meet the support group of her previous victims who clearly spell out that she has zero regard for other people, and only cares for herself, which goes to reinforce the idea that she only wants Hiro because he's a fun diversion. Finally, of course, there's 002 and Ichigo's confrontation in the rain where she clearly spells out how much she doesn't care about anyone other than herself. Hiro is only interesting until he either dies, which means he's worthless, or survives. She doesn't care at all about him, he's just a toy for her play with.

I was going to reply until I saw the meth-head part. Then I remembered.

Hiro is experiencing the best time in his life with a price of life, which he is really willing to make this deal.

It's a phonetic exaggeration you dumbass, how the fuck can that be dated?

I'm definitely outside the target audience though, still loving this series far more than is reasonable.

Tumblr? Is that you?

Fuck her show fuck her fanbase fuck her character.

are you retarded?

>getting the worst traits of all those chaarcters

>Being this crazy

l have pity on you.

It's funny because she probably has a roastie herself.


>Not liking a little sliced beef

>a little sliced beef

It's Gainax show. Creative team is ex-Gainax people, A1 and Trigger only provide animation.

Not joking, that's actually really beautiful.


Fine, I'm wrong and you're right. If that's the case, show me a single, solitary moment of actual, genuine affection 002 has for Hiro.

I've never seen it.

She has moments of bitchy, self-rightorus possessiveness. She can't stand the idea of anyone else having Hiro, and goes out of her way to assert dominance over people like Ichigo(like the scene where she smriks at Ichigo as they fly into the worm thing, or where she sits on Hiro's lap at Ichigo's table to taunt her) and by extension assert dominance over Hiro, but that's not affection.

She shows selfish curiosity over Hiro. His behavior makes her curious. Indulgent, even. She likes how his motivations seem to all center around her and what she can give to him. But she makes him work for even that much attention. She was willing to throw him away until he came running up to her in the hallway in 4 blabbering about wanting to be with her.

The closes she ever got was her nieve, self-centered "let's run away together" scene. But that's the same sort of insane, impossible dreams that mark abusers, the kind of self important fantasies where they can just do nothing, and everything will work out fine because of who they are that plague people who become increasingly hateful and vitriolic and take that impotent, self-hating rage out on someone around them.

>posting meme girl from meme show

Don't compare Fate to this shit. 02 is just a Medb clone and the waifufags aren't as bad as 02's. Fate also has more going for it than just one girl.

>If that's the case, show me a single, solitary moment of actual, genuine affection 002 has for Hiro.

Just throwing this out there, what do you think a "moment of actual, genuine affection" looks like? How specific are we talking?

The beauty of this kind of bait is that its "arguments" and "evidence" rest entirely on ignorance and misconstruction.

How about something simple. Any point where it looks like she might be sad if he dropped dead, as opposed to irritated that her new toy broke.

Of course it is. I told you at the start this is a crackpot theory. It relies entirely on making a pre-emptive assumption, and reading the facts to suit that assumption.

It should be really easy to disprove. Ep 4 almost did it, but then it turned around and completely undid everything and reinforced the insanity in ep 5.

Maybe ep 6, when we get to see them together in the cockpit going all out will settle it once and for all.

oh shit l forget to add Medb to the cliche list. I wonder how many we will get at the end.