Buyfag thread

Those are some delicious mashus.
Which one do you like more?

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i like this thread more

Dat high-leg

Damn, that's literally perfection right there on the right.

>This figure from a literal who company costs the same as a big and lewd Mashu from Stronger
Some companies have completely lost their minds.

Do you own doubles of any figure?, which ones and why?

Until you see the back. I didn't save it but an user posted it last thread and the ass disappoints.

Mashu belongs in the trashu.

She's more of a boobs girl.

I think is because of the pose, mostly.

I think she looks better than that Mashu to be honest. Though the fact that the company is a literally who is making me wary. Also the pose is kinda dumb.

fuck off

Feels like her pelvis is way too high, even taking into account her slanted pose

I think it's just the position and her high-rise leotard that makes her butt look relatively small in comparison to her thighs. The more I look the more it seems fine to me. Do you got a pic from behind of the full armor version?

>like her pelvis is way too high
Like most anime/manga character.

Do you buy figs about other than your waifu?

looks like shit

>Literal Who
Sentinel is very well known actually; just not for scales. Top-of-the-Line action figures are their bread and butter. They're also coming out with a Jack-chan as part of their 4-inch line.

Far as their MHXA Scale goes, I think it looks nice, though the face sculpt is a bit off. But that's easily remedied by just keeping her scarf on.

user-kun, you're so helpless. Here goes the links of both figures:

Her butt is covered in the other figure, but it looks nice too. I'm considering getting the armor version, because Mashu certainly will have several other figures showing her delicious body, even an Alter one.

You look like shit.

Trash girl from trash series desu

Unfortunately, my waifu only has a figma

those horrible feet lmao

you have pretty bad taste desu.


Thought I was going to have to pass on such a horrid face but then I realised it comes with the skull mask as an optional piece. sold.

That's a really cheap-looking sword though.

What will be the first figure you are going to scan into your labo?

Mashu is glory, Mashu is love.

Mashu is trashu.

user, are you sure?

Why is OP of this thread throwing a tantrum in the other thread instead of just letting it die? People are using this thread anyway so why is he still so defensive of this one?


My March order on AmiAmi is showing as Late Feb now because a Yuru Camp keychain I preordered releases then instead of march now apparently. It'll fix itself right? I just preordered another fig that releases next month and now I can't combine the orders.

Nobody cares, this isn't your hugbox, just post scales and ignore anything else.

Fatefags are cancer. News at 11.

They had one entire year and still had to delay it. Impressive, GSC.

Did someone else here ordered this figure?, I can't be the only one, she's fucking amazing.

notice their use of commas and how they're calling the other guy "sad" for no reason. it's definitely the same guy who's been shitposting about OP shit lately, the same one who was calling people "desperate", whatever that even meant. he needs a life.


She looks really well balanced with the armor but the smile on the bare version is tough to pass on. Really tough choice

It's not cheating if my waifu doesn't have any figures.

Who's you're waifu

>wah wah people insult me on the Internet.

The fluffiest.

such perfection *o*

How many more hours until WonFes?


Just under 2 days

I never understood how to make those, do I need PS?.

Nah, you can use free programs like Paint.NET or Gimp.



Why's this bitch so ashy?

I can't believe I missed last Liliana, my mom would have ripped me a new one if I would have bought her.

Are you underage? Why would she care?

Design is great but PLUM not so much.



Because I would have needed to use a CC extension she gave to me in order to buy her.


NATIVE charges you when it ships right? First time buying from them.



It's is currently 11:30 AM the 16th in Japan. The show begins at 10:00 AM on the 18th. 46 hours and 30 minutes.

from the thumbnail I thought that was Porkchop and Sonico
was wondering why sonicos ass was larger than porkys

January order came. MD Archer and Option Parts 5

Now i can finally start assembling titty archer and ninja

Best virtue?

None. Lawfags pls go.

why is surug-ya SOooo OO slow


because they're fucking huge but understaffed

Brown skin always turns out either too orange or too grey.

I think Dark Elf is one good exception.

>*Actual product may differ from photos.
I really hope this doesnt come with the shitty white borders on the top and bottom.

I hope Amakuni does this one. Orchid Seed will take 5-10 years to release anything. I hope they do her butt justice.

Is it racist to say she's too black?

Right is delicious, but I fucking love 3rd Ascension Mash' design. The buttcape and the gauntlets add a fuckton to her design. The cute little sword is cool too.

¥26,667 (Before Tax)
Release Date
Painted 1/4th scale PVC complete product. Approximately 390mm in height.

I want to rub my face in their butts.

I can pretty much say that Martha is decent at best, like most prize figures. Her hair is flat from the side and her face is meh, so I can't really get a good angle of both. I will say that Martha's bust is nicely sculpted, but prizes can only go so far. I took a picture of her booty, but I don't think you'll like it that much because there's some smudges on it. I'll see what I can do with a magic eraser.

She looks a lot better in person than in the promotion photos, and her lips aren't as bad as you think. However, the paint job on her uniform and skin are washed out. They did make the seam on her uniform less obvious, I'll give Aqua that. Be very careful when placing the needle in her hand, because it falls out easily unless you put a bit of tack on it or such. I'll take another picture in daylight tomorrow and post a comparison. And yes, she's wearing red panties.

Saving the best for last, I was very pleasantly surprised at the sculpting quality; Aqua really knocked this out of the ballpark! She's big for a 1/7, but that's not a negative issue. The hair and skin shading are fantastic and I'm in love with her metallic bunnysuit (especially the little wrinkles and detail). Another user who ordered her claimed that he saw tiny black spots on her boobs, but upon closer inspection, I saw none on my copy. I don't have any complaints aside from that they should have gone with fishnets. Other than that, dem legs.

Hope you enjoyed the overview, and be sure to hit that subscribe button!


Thanks KayLevee, subscribed.

Sweet looking Nendo.

I honestly wonder if saving on shipping via GSC will be better than the discount. Her box has gotta be huge.

>130k for the whole series
are you committed?

Is ¥12,000 the new 1/8 scale standard? Fuck me.

Should i get this?

Dear lord I don't even know who this is and I want that

is she something from the Fate series or something? A mobage maybe?

Honestly I'll be happy enough if we just get the first two before the end of summer. My expectations sink ever lower.

No, because for once it's actually accurate. There's too much black or gray in that paint. She tends to have that look anyway but it was taken a hair too far here.

Not necessarily, but it depends on the company. I will say that I don’t like the price hike as well, but that’s Abenomics for you.

Good looking fig, shame it's only 1/8.

No, wait and see what her other scale is going to look at. That one is just a little off all around.

But if you buy it, you're not racist!

Moedred too moe.

Oh, someone already posted a link. Fate Grand Order. Interesting how even for someone who doesn't follow the fate series their characters are instantly recognizable.

What the fuck Alter. Delaying Purple Heart all the way to April. At least I get Sachiko soon.

Yeah. Main girl from F/GO. The Mobage.

Nobu fig when?

>Buying people of color somehow makes you not a racist
Huh? Are you so racist you don't even realize what you're doing anymore? Don't come near me or my waifu again, creep.

It's a weird kind of me-too conspicuous consumption that compels people to get a complete set like that instead of the one(s) they find most appealing. It's little more than different hairstyles. What if they'd made 15 slightly different ones?