Cardcaptor Sakura

So was it me or the last two episodes were too slow?
I love CCS but I remember more things happening per episode. A problem caused by a card or a relationship. Last two episodes were pure Iyashikei and I'm not completely ok with that

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>I love CCS but I remember more things happening per episode. A problem caused by a card or a relationship.

Also, why is the new music much more...insipid than the original one?

Even filler episodes had more action.

I hope something actually happens next episode also the cards powers have been pretty boring so far.

This just makes me sad hearing how much lamer it sounds

I hope they use this song at somepoint

Card capturing isn't the focus of Clear Card. Like you've already seen the capturing is quick and easy and it doesn't help that the anime feels like it's stretching some stuff out on top of making up its own scenarios.

I don't mind the anime stretching stuff. It wasn't supposed to be a accurate adaptation anyways so it's okay it takes some liberties like the original anime did.

That being said I agree with the Clear Card hunt being kind of bland compared with the old cards. If they intend to make filler at least they could take the chance to make the new cards more challenging of showy.

I think them being easier to capture is part of the point though. Not everything has been revealed in the manga but at several points it's obvious they're doing it on purpose. I think this is both part of some plot reason that will be revealed later and because Sakura is just used to it now after everything that happened in the original. It does feel stranger in the anime to me than in the manga though.

There are some somewhat exciting card captures still though that will come up. At least as long as the anime decides to keep them the way they are instead of coming up with their own capture scenarios like they did last episode.

>There are some somewhat exciting card captures still though that will come up. At least as long as the anime decides to keep them the way they are instead of coming up with their own capture scenarios like they did last episode
They better because part of what made the first anime so entertaining was how diverse the cards where and the variety of scenarios they put Sakura in. So far the new captures not only require very little effort but they are very simple as well (spot where the card is and SECURE). Mirror, Twins, Freeze, Dash and others presented obstacles preventing being simply sealed and Sakura had to use her smarts and guts to solve the puzzle.

Yeah but like I said, that isn't the focus and that's part of the point. The manga took a while to get to the main plot too but the anime is going quicker because it's weekly and not monthly. The manga is still going slow with developments though. I think the episode after the one coming up this weekend will sort of tease with the main plot if they don't have another filler episode.

>Card capturing isn't the focus of Clear Card.
the characters don't seem the focus either
they spend an entire episode having a picnic

So you're saying the clear cards being ridiculously easy to capture is an actual plot point? A character actually pointed out this?

It's made obvious at points. I'm not going to spoil anything. One card in particular there's no way would be as easy as it was if it wasn't a plot point. Though now that I think back to it a couple characters do react like "how did you know to do that" and stuff like that.

That's filler episodes for you.

>That's filler episodes for you.
>meanwhile in 1998

It's not surprising that the anime team can't live up to what they did back then. Happens a lot with revivals advertised as being made by the same people. I'm still enjoying the anime but the stuff they come up with just doesn't compare to the manga for me this time. I know some people don't feel this way though.

I'm kind of disappointed honestly. I was way more into the characters and story when I was a kid. Now all I want to see from this series was the action and animation from the first. It's sweet and cute but there's barely anything to look at.

The stuff from the preview looks cool with Sakura jumping around the hedge maze and everything. Some of the captures in the anime were even made more actiony than in the manga so far. Like Sakura climbing up the penguin statue thing to capture Aqua or her running up the goal post to capture Reflect.

>I was way more into the characters and story when I was a kid.
I'm still really into the characters but when the writers don't give them anything to do the characters can't do nothing

They are doing things though. Akiho and Tomoyo are becoming friends and singing with each other and stuff along with the piano stuff with Syaoran. What do you consider "doing things"?

>Yeah but like I said, that isn't the focus and that's part of the point.

The problem with this argument is that it doesn't make the series any more entertaining. It's actually kind of shitty on CLAMP's part to intentionally write something boring and have the payoff at the very end.

>What do you consider "doing things"?
dunno user, whatever other than smile at each other. Something funny, something romantic, something dramatic.
The best moments of slice of life in the show so far is when Touya is annoying Sakura

oh baby, this guy got to the point perfectly

I just can't force myself to watch this, it's soo boring. I love the original but like other user says, the captures are easy and unimaginative. Nothing is made with the characters, Syaoran is boring now, the new character is not as fun as Meilin or Eriol, they will never touch Tomoyo's crush on Sakura,etc. TRC was more fun than this

I think the manga is pretty interesting even though it's slow. The last two episodes are completely anime original. Record was a card in the manga but the capture scenario was completely different and not only did it push Tomoyo to the side to yet again not be able to record Sakura but there was a pretty interesting moment with Syaoran that was completely cut because of their change in scenario. Maybe it'll be in the next episode, I don't know. But judging by the preview for the next episode they're taking away from the next card's personality (one of the few cards that actually has one) with what they seem to be changing.

I guess Clamp is still involved in the anime but they're not the only ones calling the shots with it I imagine. So don't blame Clamp for the anime's issues.

>Akiho and Tomoyo are becoming friends and singing with each other

They had literally two episodes straight with the same slow pan over Tomoyo and Akiho singing. They're also just kind of shoving Akiho in our face.

>She's a mysterious transfer student
>She has her own mysterious plush toy
>She has a mysterious beautiful butler
>All of the characters we actually care about constantly kiss her ass in every single scene, including Sakura
>Her only two moods are being shy and being happy

honestly that doesn't feel unnatural coming from CCS characters because everyone is really nice in Sakura's class.

They're doing things but a lot of the shots and scenes are really still and boring. Even that singing scene the characters mouths were the only thing that moved and they barely did. You get a few extremely short shots of Lee's hands on the piano keys but nothing else in that scene was really visually improved on what a manga could have done. It could be nostalgia glasses, I admit but I really remember the original being a lot more lively.

>20 years ago: what the fuck is this super rad scene? is this really a shoujo-manga adaptation?
>last year: what? they are gonna release new season? god i can't wait to see the release scene improved by the latest technology~
>now: what's with this an okay action? where's that cool as fuck release action?

I'm arguing for the arc in general, not the anime, which I've been posting about several times that I think is sub par compared to the manga so far. This is exactly what I was saying in another thread would happen. There would be people only watching the anime getting bored with it and dropping it entirely when a lot of their issues stem from changes made for the anime.

There's been a couple full length release sequences actually. Honestly I didn't even really like the star wand's sequence. The originals was a million times better.

Does any of the characters from CLAMP's other works make a cameo? Because it's the only thing that would make me keep watching this. I miss Yuuko, Kamui and Subaru.

I dunno, I'm still enjoying it. It being slow isn't really any different from the constant Eriol fuckery in the Sakura card arc.

>Honestly I didn't even really like the star wand's sequence.
my nigga
>but tfw the star wand's is still a trillion times better than the dream wand's

>dunno user, whatever other than smile at each other
Again. They did the same back in the old show.

I liked Eriol's fuckery because they showed all of it to us. The difference between Eriol's attitude in public vs his attitude in private was entertaining. We also saw Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon early on.

The manga has been running for nearly 2 years and the most conflict we've got is Syaoran looking sadly at a card. Honestly, it would've been more interesting to have just left Akiho/her Alice in Wonderland bullshit out and have Syaoran as the villain again, fuck it.

>TRC was more fun than this
Whoah there. Let's not get crazy.

The biggest problem, I think, is that all the characters finished developing in the former series.
Sakura and Shaoran will never fight over clow cards/Yukito-san, and Meiling will never be a bitch like "Shaoran is muh fiance!!!".

>dat skirt window
Will we get the same lewd again?

It had battles and based Kurogane and Fai

I disagree. I think it's a lot more interesting having some characters that might be possible antagonists rather than plainly showing them being antagonists. Especially since they already did that with Eriol. I don't know if it will actually pay off and be good when it happens but I do think Sakura will get all the clear cards (which if there's 19 again that means another 6 cards) and this will trigger something by Yuna. Plus we have Syaoran and Eriol as another element doing their own thing.

Yuna already stated his objective. Stopping time for that book. And apparently the clear cards are needed for this. Akiho is also in Japan looking for a certain book.

There's a gazillion things the can still develop over. They're still in fucking middle school. Japan has like half a century of experience writing school setting plots for crying out loud.

>The manga has been running for nearly 2 years and the most conflict we've got is Syaoran looking sadly at a card.

Are you shitting me? If that is the most conflict then I am not touching this with a ten foot pole. Fuck CLAMP.

Well, they aren't developing anyways.

I dropped TRC when the Desert Bus episode aired and I fell asleep. Then I came to the realization that I was actually forcing myself to watch it in hopes of it getting good just because of my love for CCS.

Clear Card Arc has it's issues but so far treats the characters with respects and keeps the familiar atmosphere so I'm still watching it with a dumb smile on my face every Saturday.

They also did other things.
>Go to the zoo, Yamazaki lies to Syaoran and Syaoran seriously spends the afternoon believing the sloth will go 60mph
>Sakura's classmates scare the living fuck out of her with ghost stories even though they know she hates ghosts
>Sakura approaches Meiling to ask advice on gifts, Meiling thinks Sakura is going to ransom her

In 70 episodes, I think there is only two scenes where they do a slow pan over Tomoyo singing, and they're both to help capture cards.

I've seen people say the TRC anime was a garbage adaptation. Can't say for certain myself since I only read the manga but you might want to check it out.

We know more of less who the main antagonist is but Sakura capturing all the clear cards is apparently part of whatever plan he has so it hasn't gone into motion yet.

>Sakura sings in a picnic (yes, the old show also had those) with a new mic/recorder from Tomoyo's company and everyone cheers and claps
>The Sword card episode was chock full of Sakura gushing over how mature and nice her friend Rika is
>Similarly the Dash Card episode had Sakura admiring l, getting worried and cheering over Rei Tachibana would wasn't nor will be mentioned before and after said episode
>Aside of MeiLin (a foreigner mind you) there isn't a single mean person in Tomoeda
I acknowledge Nu CCS has issues but come on. Some of those were always present.

>Sakura, the main character, is in fact comically nice to others and also receives praise

Fuck the Dash card episode, though.

And I'd argue that Meiling is not a mean person. She, like everyone else in CCS, is motivated by love.

Here's Akiho and Tomoyo's singing scene from the manga that they managed to stretch over two episodes. It's literally one page.

>Fuck the Dash card episode, though
I like that episode, though. It was one of the first times Syaoran did something genuinely nice without being motivated by his interests. Plus it was nice to see the capture from a Card's perspective. Sakura had an almost antagonistic aura for half the episode. We don't see that anymore with the Clear Cards.

These things aren't the problem
Every episode you mention also had something else going for it. The sword episode is hype for example.

so is syaoran just gonna sit around being utterly useless the whole arc because "it isnt time yet?"

It's so fucking weird that the series thinks that we're emotionally invested in whether or not Akiho joins the chorus club.

He started helping capture Record (or rather the other card in that chapter) but Sakura told him to stop. They completely changed that part of the story though to what you got in the anie where he does nothing. Later on he helps quite a lot but you're going to have to hope the anime doesn't make him useless some more.

The sword episode has Rika trying to impale Sakura right afterward, so that may not the best example.

they are invested in selling you the single though

>screenshot of Suppi tapping that signboard at the end of each episode

The anime is taking advantage of having sound and probably too.

Probably one of the things I miss the most is Sakura tracking down the card. The Clear Cards just kind of show up, no work from Sakura to find them at all.

Anyone remember how much work she had to do for the Silent card?

Would make sense if the theories about her creating them are true. Though honestly those kinds of cards were a small part of the show and most of them were monster of the week episodes where they're causing trouble somewhere around Sakura and she has to stop them.

And all she has to do is just spot them then yell secure.
I really want her to use the cards she captured so far just like she did 20 years ago.

>These things aren't the problem
Exactly. And you're also right about the new episodes lacking in something. I think it has to do with the Clear Cards being too easily captured and almost uninvolved to the episode's plot. The Clow Cards usually caused trouble, supported or where inadvertently interfering with the lives of people bear Sakura.

Sakura kept gushing and complimenting her after the incident. It happened again on the Pool episode with Eriol.

>I think it has to do with the Clear Cards being too easily captured and almost uninvolved to the episode's plot
More than that I think the episodes completely lack plot or an idea. It's just "Sakura and friends go to have a picnic. Sakura and friends convice the new girl to join the Chorus club" but there's not a conflict there. And it wouldn't be so bad if it was at least funny. Sakura dealing with her family and Kero work so well because it is entertaining.

Why does Akiho live in Eriol's old mansion again?

>Sakura and friends go to have a picnic. Sakura and friends convice the new girl to join the Chorus club
But that's exactly what happened in the old show. Heck, the episodes were literally named "Sakura does [X]/Sakura goes to [X].

I think I agree with your general opinion but it catches my attention you blame on the new anime several things that were already present in the old one.

also the Clear Cards appearing near Sakura is a purposeful plot decision.

Wonder how the anime will approach this since Eriol's mansion was demolished on the second movie and an amusement park was built in it's place.

Did they cut Syaorans Rashinban scenes from the manga? That seems important foreshadowing when the Sakura Cards return

>inb4 they demolished the amusement park and then built Eriol's mansion again in its place

>But that's exactly what happened in the old show. Heck, the episodes were literally named "Sakura does [X]/Sakura goes to [X].
goddammit, how dense are you that you don't understand that in the old show stuff happened besides that?
how many times does one have to repeat the same shit over and over until the gears of your brain start moving and you understand that the show did multiple things every episode instead of a long sequence of absolutely fucking nothing, you dense retard? I've lost my fucking pacience.

>but there's not a conflict there.
it's like you can't read beyond a sentence, fucking idiot
I'm actually so fucking mad.


Cry some more

I actually marathoned all of Card Captor Sakura a couple weeks ago (including the movies) before watching the Clear Card arc. I missed the Clear Card prequel OVA thing as I didn't know it existed since I was avoiding spoiling the series for myself.

In the original seasons there were plenty of slow episodes and most of the major plot threads were teased for a ridiculous amount of episodes before they were directly addressed. The art is awful at times though as characters will have bizarrely proportioned bodies and limbs (and totally inconsistent). That said, I think it aged very well overall. Not to mention the animation is great and the writing is top notch.

I don't have anything against the new Clear Card arc overall. I agree that the last episode felt out of place, especially compared to the first few clear card episodes that seemed to be moving much faster than the original seasons. I'm conflicted about the bright "bloom" effect we keep seeing. On one hand it feels like it's being overused for no reason and on the other hand it fits the bright soft style that the new dream card magic has.

I do wish Sakura would have made a larger effort to figure out how to help the Sakura cards. I mean the whole point of the first two seasons was that Clow wanted the cards to have someone who would look after them after he was gone. It just feels wrong that she got this new staff and went on with her life at her new school.

But I already did. And the new Walkure one too.

I haven't even watched the last episode yet. All the episodes have been pretty boring.

the manga is obviously just some cheap cash in made to sell merch. the anime staff ain't got much to work with

too much crying, not enough cute Sakura, please post in darling the fagss threads

>ITT: ebin "oldfags" pretend that a great show isn't good because muh nostalgia keeps me from liking anything new

Just got into Clear Card after watching the original series and the 2nd movie. Does Clear Card not continue from the movie? Also, why the fuck does Sakura's brother look like a moeblob?
How's it different from the manga Clear Card?

>looks like animated stick figures


I was watching the first episode. There's a scene of the front of the school with walking cgi figures that basically look like stick figures.

If you're just going to come to these threads to whine about the minor amount of CG, it's clear you don't watch much anime, and no one finds your opinion valuable. Just fuck off.


>why the fuck does Sakura's brother look like a moeblob
It's one of the curses of being made in this decade along with the cancer filter.
It's obvious that they are covering up lazy backgrounds by making it so bright that you can only see the people in the front view. It's killing me but at least they aren't fucking up much else.

At least there's more animation and no more straight legs with bad proportions.

>lazy backgrounds
What? They're better than the ones in the original series overall.

>actually preferring CGI
I think you might like berserk.

>Does Clear Card not continue from the movie?
For now it seems like it does with a few tweaks, but we will know for sure soon because Akiho and her caretaker will move into Eriol's house that was supposed to be demolished in the second movie. Depending how they handle that we will know if the second movie is canon or not.

Nice non-argument, CGI autist.

The backgrounds in the original looked fine, though a bit plain sometimes. The brightness during some scenes in this series makes it hard to appreciate the work put into them and then you get shit like that CGI cherry blossom tree that was the centerpiece of an entire scene.

Second movie got retconned by the OVA.

No the ova was a bonus for the manga readers, the last scene in the ova got retconned in the anime. And in the anime recap at the beginning of the first episode they showed the airport scene, not Sakura running after the bus. They just added the pink bear from the ova because it's probably important to the plot. But she could have given it to Syaoran before he went back after the second movie.

What a mess.

The anime is canon for the anime. The manga is canon for the manga. If you follow that logic it's not that messy.

>The anime is canon for the anime.
Except the OVA.

The ova was a bonus sold with the manga, it was meant for the people who read the manga.

Recording with her camera, smartphone and drone. HOLY SHIT TOMOYO.


>Akiho's house mysteriously looks like Eriol's old mansion and appeared in a completely different spot despite no construction or building plans ever being filed.