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Low hanging fruit, forced moe with shallow characters. Nice AOTY you have there, brainlet.

Is this an actual post or did someone make a bot that combines random buzzwords into sentences?

>x2 speed


Pure brainlet post

Yuru Comf is too good for us.

Hakumei to Mikochi is a better comfy show if cute/comfy are your criteria for quality.

Literally never heard of it.

The secret of Arrieta: tiny lesbians edition

My second favourite anime this season but KoiAme is the indisputable aots.

I really didn't enjoy what I watched of it. Yuru Camp is definitely the better of this niche genre.

This looks like fucking shit.

What kind of an autistic mouth breather enjoys trash like this?


I didn't enjoy the first episode, does it continue in the same vein or is there a change in pace anywhere?

When I saw this hard training
No one wants to join this club.

>not liking and watching both

I don't know what Hakumei to Mikochi is or does, sorry

Go back to your FranXX crossboard fest threads


Why are they making that dumbass tumblr mouth


>A hardcoded video
>Nonfree JS
Look for a good example.

>"Do you have a wife?"
>"I'm a girl."

This is still up? Holy shit

DDoS it

It's not really a niche genre.

You should at least check what's airing each season if you watch seasonals.

It's them living in their cute little society. Sometimes you see their struggles. Dunno if you'll like it. Depends on what specifically you didn't like.

I am watching and enjoying both but Yuru Camp is maybe a 5 and HtM is maybe a 7.

I'm learning that people don't even know what's airing. Do people just not know about something if it's not on CR or something that people argue about?

Oops 3rd reply here was for

>doesnt even properly scale and center them
what a garbage website