Why isn't Princess more popular compares to Beato?

Why isn't Princess more popular compares to Beato?


>being a stuck up ojou-san who ruins the ending
>hardest working supai
I really wonder why

because Princess is a whore while Beato is pure as the driven snow


Do we know their popularity?


Pretty sure they are all unused

s2 never?


I liked this pair so much that I slipped into a rabbit hole of reading more yuri stuff. Take responsibility and give me a season 2, damnit.

Why does no one like Cheese?

Really curious to see this myself. More so curious to see where Dorothy ranks, since she's the oldest.

she doesn't have a lesbian pairing
in fact she probably has an arranged marriage waiting for her back home

We don't like yellows.

>she doesn't have a lesbian pairing
That's a good thing.


I'm with you, user. This whole pairing made me like yuri a lot more.

She's great. No yuri, though.

So lovely.

Studio 3flops

the flop meme came to an end with pripri
and they're doing an SAO spinoff next season which is a guaranteed seller

Marriage with me.
I'm yellow like her btw

Where's season 2?

Did they ever explain how these skinny 16 year old girls can beat up full grown men?

They were literally shown in a training camp.

Chise flipped a car over with a single swing in the first episode, needless to say PriPri humans aren't the same as real world humans.

This. Unless it's explicitly made clear that anime characters are physically the same as real humans, never assume so.

Beato is the besto.

It's hard to hate a girl that comes with a mute switch.

They had to make more sword art online first *gag*

>same artstyle as pripri
>cute girls with guns
I don't know shit about sword art online but I feel like giving it a chance anyways.

I like Chisa.

Ruined the ending how?
Cute Beato btw