Will they do it in the end?

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Why is this a fucking LN and not a manga.

give birth

There's also a manga adaptation, though it just started.


You already know the answer, OP. There's no need to delude yourself.

no, very few LN author's have the balls to do something like that.


oh this was a real thing? fuck

This is a joke, right?

If you're reading that LN series just for that (and let's not kid ourselves, you are) I'd drop the series now.

only good thing coming outta this tease-fest are the doujins

the ads I've seen for it are stimulating as well

No shit it's a joke.

Editors would never let them.


If the humor is good I'll read it

Nice meme.

hope they had sex in the end

How did they get away with the small bit in Ore Imo? I'm sure that the editors were against that.

will there be a post ending doujin by the artist to undo the wrong that the ending will inevitably end up being?

Well the artist for the manga adaptation has don tons of h-work so there's a good chance.

she looks 16

I can't fap to this shit

What about this mom?

Post moms.

best mom

She's NBR



Are they? They look pretty similar in the OVA and I don't remember there being a statement about them being NBR.

> dem hips movement

The LN artist also does hentai. They even serialized a manga based on a doujin they made.

Probably popular enough that they let him get away with it. No doubt he wanted to do more, but they only allowed what we got.


I usually hate to ask for sauce but there's no picture to reverse image and I don't know the artist's name, but sauce?


He had them break up at the end of the novel and only imply in the after story that they were fucking. You gotta squeeze in your true desires wherever possible.

Ane naru mono series by Pochi, it has a non-h manga series being drawn by the same artist.

Thank you kindly user.



This manga is called I Love My Son. How come I've never heard about it until today?



Looks cute.

Poochi will probably draw some doujins once the series is over.

They won't.


>not drawing porn of her characters

Pochi will deliver. I was pretty surprised and pleased when I found out that Ane Naru got new releases even after getting a serialization. I want to believe.

Is that Hana?

Maa-kun needs to stop being such a dick.

Are there any series that don't just cock tease you about a unusual couple getting together,but actually go trough with it? I'm so fed up with these blue ball manga/LN's.

Yeah, it's hard to find something that actually develops further. Sadly for author it's better to drag series. If you want something check Ore no Himegutsu wo Haitekure. It's only 16chapters and kinda foot fetish. But I guess ending is good.



Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite but the translations got dropped a couple months ago

when is the new chapter coming out?

Oreimo end mom edition

you could just look up "intercourse" tags to search for shit.
Change 123 does a good job of developing the relationship of the MC and the Heroine.

Mamako isn't their character. They were just hired to do the art. I doubt the publisher would like them doing porn of them.

He is just going through his rebellious phase. He'll grow out of it once he starts dicking his mom.

Is it really from manga or just some doujin? I guess I have to pick it up again.

This manga is garbage. Every one of the girls other personalities is way better than she is. The manga even had the perfect set up for a harem end because it was just one girl with multiple personalities. Instead all the good personalities disappear and worst girl wins. What a waste of time.

Eromanga with official non-h version

idk but the mum would definitely be okay with it as long as they did it under the sheets with the lights off

All moms are like this if you push hard enough.

Anyone reading the LN? What is currently happening right now?

MC is pounding his mom nightly while the tsundere and loli watch.

>last update april 2017
is anyone translating it?

for oyakodon

No. You'll have to wait for the inevitable Jewpress release.

well fuck me in the ass, theyll probably shift things around so shes her nanny or some other BS.

Here's hoping Seven Seas gets it instead.

Worse, instead of calling him Ma-kun they're gonna make her say: Maa-honey.

I hope J-Novel or Seven Seas gets it.

J-Novel can't. Too many other publishers fighting for it.

Quarkboy said he wasn't bidding on it.


>kinda foot fetish
This is an understatement, but I am checking it out and it got me interested, user. I hope it delivers.


Adaptation when, I'll suffer through Isekai garbage just to see the hot milf.

I think you need to include the "we are parent and child after all, it's fine"

Oh my............



Editors were all in favor of it, actually. It was only thanks to the anti-incest bill that they had to scuttle at the last minute.

>draw an onee-san
>call it an okaa-san

So there are loopholes to the bill

god i love pochi

>tfw no cute anime mom/lover

I want to NTR Mamako, I want to Fuck Ma-kun while Mamako watches in despair. I want Mamako to cry while I pleasure Ma-kun in ways she never could.

>pleasuring anyone
Nice joke.

you received pleasure from that didnt you?

Maa-kun being a little shit to his mom makes me want to see him heart broken as he hears his mom getting pounded by the kingdom's hero party.

it already happens every time his dad comes home, why do you think he has such a strained relationship with her?

they are blood related

on the back of the american release, there is a mention of her being his step mom, but that's just for legal reasons I suspect

don't loli-fy my milfs, japan

That's not a loli, just a midget.

Also tiny moms are the cutest.

Is the father alive?


I hope so but if they are not blodd related i hope not