Komi-san wa Komyushou desu

Chapter 125





no one should follow this REIpist manga.




Oh shit he spoke


He's just fucking Seki.

Sakamoto + Seki = Komi's dad

>faceless in all of these
Did he grow a face when he married her or something

I'm grinning like a fucking idiot. This is too cute.

>I like the touch where the bandaid looks like a marriage ring when you watch it from a distance.

Probably after he experienced his first male: ahegao face.

I just noticed he left the umbrella there on purpose.
What a guy.

Smooth as FUCK

>The bandaid and the ring were at the same hand

>Komi Masayoshi
>古見 将賀
Any idea what his name means?
Ran through Google translate and 古見 gave "old fashion". 将 is "future" while 賀 is chestnut(?). Combination of 将賀 is "shoga", whatever that is.

>short haired komi san


Does she loves cats too?

His looks is damn funny.
Also, I like how she changed her attitude towards doing some cooking

>Bandaid wedding ring
How cute her reaction too

How fucking sweet and cute.
Also, I realize that she says she's 'forever 17 years old' because she's still as in love with him as she was when they had 17
He's very smooth af tho

Essentially Sakamoto but with less talking.

Who are you quoting?

I want to be an armed robber to break and enter Komi househoild to demand their women submission rather than money

Well i want to be the knife that falls down from somewhere, and kills you before the attempt.

Why is my dick getting hard?

He's quoting me, because I like the touch where the bandaid looks like a marriage ring when you watch it from a distance.

HA, i wears full plate armour

A 4th dimensional goddess is giving blowjob with one of her countless mouth/tentacles

So pure. No wonder they had such pure children.

If their children are that pure, then how pure Komi and Tadano's kids will be?

I keep imagining him quietly making "gaoooooo" noises while playing with those

They will be literal angels from heaven.

101% pure and incapable to reproduction naturally, scientists have to treat them like pandas

The sex that night is probably going to produce a new sibling for Komi.
Who initiates though?

That would be awesome.
I never saw a manga like this in which the MC is going to have a little sibling

How could they've raised a rapist?

It's Tadano fault! He let his defense down and was practically invited her, it was the victim fault!

Fuck. They dont tell you about how komidad had to quit his mecha passion because he had to get a job to feed his family once he got her pregnant during highschool.

>those loose socks
>that short hair

all my UNF

>Who initiates though?
Komimoto sheds his pants and shirt like a snake shedding into its new skin.

>Komi's dad designs actual mecha for the government
This manga is actually set right before Third Impact. Evas and angels are fighting offscreen, but we don't hear about them because Komi-san and her classmates are much cuter.

>Implying he doesn't have little mecha figures he makes himself
>Implying he didn't make a bunch of little mecha toys for his kids to play with when they were younger

I want a doujin where Najimi takes everyone's virginity.

Najimi's dad/mom getting fucked by Komidad while fucking Komimom is okay too.

what kids?

>pinning the blame on this beautiful human being
How dare you, sir.

Objection, your honor. My client, Komi-san is clearly guiltless. The phone record stated in that day, the so called victim called for defendant urgently and he invited her in when she arrived.

*Blocks your path*

Exhibit A shows that Mr Tadano was exposing himself and sort of letting the consensual signal. My client was then confused and take in to account of previous invitation by Mr T, she acted

why the fuck are there no vanilla doujins on this yet

There are, they just aren't scanned. I'd post a link to where you can order them but I don't feel like doing any google fueled detective work right now just to find it. Good luck.

There are. Nothing scanned tho

She can't keep getting away with it!





Tadano's imouto knew that something happened in the room tho

Tadano's parents when?
We saw a little bit of his mom but there's no mention at all about his dad

How many classmates are missing?

look at this motherfucker, look at how smooth he is, look at the width of his fucking shoulders, look at his fucking perfectly quaft hair, look at his god damn jawline!

That excuse is inadmissible. Need I remind you the victim, Tadano-kun was under the influence of a Japanese cold?
At 39.2 °C (102 °F) one starts suffering from severe symptoms which can inhibit their reasoning. What's more, at the time of the incident, Tadano-kun was asleep! Since Komi-san was asked to be his caretaker, she should know better than to take advantage of his weakened state!

He's alive

This fucking manga I swear to fucking GOD

This is victimless crime then, for Mr T is intoxicated and Mrs K acted on misinformation. Case dismiss

Wat if komisan is possesed ? That shit happens

She literally saved his life

She was just measuring his pulse

Is that the fucking terminator?

No, that's just Komi's dad.

wrong movie user

I feel like the implication at the end of this chapter was that Shuuko's love for her husband/her awesome marriage is what keeps her 17 forever... thoughts?

I think the implication was just that she still looks pretty young.

"Forever 17" is just a normie Jap meme, older women who jokingly don't want to admit their age


He's Sakamoto. Also, he's fucking Shuuko.


Why don't they have a cat again?

Masayoshi can mean “super good”. (まさ[に]良し), but that’s pushing it

That's like too few

Of course I don't think she's actually still 17 I just think it's a cute idea that her husband's love is what keep her youthful

God this manga fills me with the fuzziest of feelings, I love it so much

What chapter is this?


l to the e to the w to the GIVE HER THE d

I'm occasionally impressed with the small, subtle details in this series.

Notice how she's taken out her piercings and just the holes remain.

true, there's a lot of "sub-stories" going on in the background at various points

Who's more perfect, Komi-san, Komi-mom or Komi-dad?

Fuck didn't mean to reply

Komi-bro. Has the looks, the cool aura and can talk normally when he wants to

I bet he has a pretty big the heart too

Komi-dad is the only one to have confirmed (consensual) intercourse while still having speaking issues, plus he is pure.


>you will never be half the stud this guy is
Feels bad man

Komi-san pls go

Now we know where she got that face from. Also, who did it better?

That's basically my parent's relationship.
Fuck if I know how it works.