Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

Reminder that these JKs are not legal

In Fremantle they are.

How do age of consent laws work in international waters?

Perfectly, the ship is under the Japanese jurisdiction.
Why do you all keep mentioning international waters? It's an expedition, not a Somali raid.

Reminder that none of them will be virgins by the time they get back to Japan

After a long night of intense lesbian group sex with Shirase's dead mother.

>not a Somali raid.

I think that if a girl chooses to not go to highschool she should be considered an adult and therefore should be legal.

bump bump


Some of the girls are alright; don't come to Antarctica tomorrow.


So this means they're gonna be the slaves of the entire crew for the whole mission? They're gonna be forced to eat Shirase's dead mother, right?


>tfw ywn go to antartica

Fuck me, tried to enlist in the navy but they're not accepting officers right now

Go as a tourist.

Legal in my country.

I live pretty close actually, only a few thousand of Km, all I have to do is pay the 7 or 8k USD for a two week trip and hello pengis.

>Somali raid
Look at me, I'm the captain now. We will be taking this girls to Somalia.

Shirase is for marriage, Hinata is for sex.
These are the cold hard truth.

>implying I'm rich
australians are truly privileged

I don't think they need to pass the Horn of Africa to sail from Western Australia to Antarctica.

>implying any of them are still virgins

The Yoris will pass through some African horns if you get my catch

Posting LEGAL image

I see your mistakes.

You Can (Not) Undo.

Anyone saves all the gif animation?

I'm not an Aussie though

「The Girls Are Alright!」
But only Hinata comes with Oyako-don set.

Damn, typo.
It is Yuzuki

I want to fuck Tamiko while Yuzuki watches.

Lesser Aussie aka kiwi?

The way Hinata supports Shirase is really nice.

What a cunt.


they need husbands

like that has stopped Sup Forums before

How do you think Shirase was born?

I'm good.

Hinata seems to have a huge soft spot for Shirase.

Only brainlet's hate Megu-chan.

Her breasts.

She's a beast in bed. It's clear as day.

>tfw I only just figured out what was going on in this scene
I'm feeling emotional but also retarded.

shirase's mom confirmed dead

Well yeah user, even I knew that much.

But what about the implication?

Go to bed, Dennis.

I want to commit a crime then.

Cloned matter collected after her mother's contact experiment.

How will Sup Forums react when one the girls actually dies?

Honestly surprised if it actually happens at this point.

So is downloading anime.

>Shirase starts running towards the mountains

>But why?

>"Wow, Madhouse is actually as dumb as the average Sup Forums poster."

>Sup Forums meetup in 20 years

Can we all agree that Takoyaki is one of the most overrated snacks in anime and manga?


I hope I'm not the only one who was triggered by this disgusting scene. Parading these young women on stage in front of a crowd of baying older men, degrading them with vicious comments about their sexuality as if that's the only worth of a woman in today's patriarchal society. This show originally set itself up as an example of what independent women could achieve despite the bigotry of privileged males around them, but this one scene they've shown themselves to be nothing more than sexists pandering to a male audience and portraying the plight of oppressed women as some sort of comedy entertainment. DROPPED.

Once is enough, user.

Yuzuki looks completely at peace with the situation. Either that or she's completely dissociated.

See only sees walking human garbage

Such a best girl.

God I want her to step on my dick so much

No, takoyaki is the best casual when weather is cold. Preferable eaten together with your loved one when strolling around the summer festival.
Picture is not related.


you have posted it yesterday.

They are not LEGAL

if you dont get to them somebody else will

She did not say you could not watch them fuck eachother.

We know why.

I unironically find Hinata to be the best girl of the season.
Even alongside characters like 02, Evergarden, and God help me, Pipimi.

>Shirase trying to seduce you in the most akward way.

Superior cafe collab coming through.

>It works



i love collab cafe menus

something about the way they try to tailor food/drinks to characters and have these little collectable items is really endearing

even if all the ones i've gone to had some pretty average/bad food, it's a comfy atmosphere

>Yorimoi Collab Cafe Menu
>No Durian

is that a big thing in japan? i got the impression it was pretty exotic

the fact that hinata got a combini meal of oden and onigiri is great

user please, they actually want people to come. Nips probably don't even know how to make good durian sweets.

Actually they are lazy collabs.
So many opportunities in Yorimoi, like foods in the planes, hainanese rice, seafood Perth, etc

They don't even show the girls eating any seafood in Perth, why would they include that?

>big pile of food
>tiny plate
Why is this allowed?

Cake needs love too

it is just a small bread, create a hole on top, filled in with banana, strawberry and cream. Voilla, you can sell it 4 times the price of the plain bread.

Maybe once they show Gin and Kanae eating something. They're the only adult characters that matter.

Where would each girl like to be taken on a date?

Fuck the police. I'm going in.

Antarctica for Shirase and hell for Yuzuki.

I think Yuzuki would love to visit a shop where she can be intimate with girls around her age.

>Implying lesbian sex counts as losing virginity
No penetration = virgin.

No, oral sex doesn´t count either.

Lesbians have fingers just like everyone else, you know.

Fingers are not sexual organs, it would be like saying that any girl who has ever seen a gynecologist is not a virgin anymore.

Or that any man who ever had a prostate exam had anal sex.

So is this anime ever gonna focus on the adventures and hazards? Don't get me wrong, i'm loving the build-up and character development we got untill now. But its starting to feel kinda stale.

If you break your hymen, you're not virgin anymore. It has nothing to do with dicks, user.

do you think her shyness was developed as a form of childhood trauma after losing her mom? shirase-mom seemed pretty popular in the flashbacks