Are lolis always this dangerous?

Are lolis always this dangerous?

Were trolls always this sexy?
She has the same VA as Sanae Furukawa, btw

This show avoids sexualization as much as possible. Sit down.

That seems very suppressive. Guess I can't relate to the plight of these poor characters.

>Lolita complex huh?
no, loli complex

In my homeland we have a word that resembles the personality of this troll, and it's "Trola".
Its a synonym for slut

Lolita complex.

OP how far are you in the show? How do you like it so far?

She was best daughter.

Go on


is that Rem as a child?

It instead treats the lolis as disposable suffering targets.


Any more?


>Any more?
Of what?


shut up




Read the LN its way better than the show.

Hell yeah, the last one put me in jail for a year.

Actually they can be even more dangerous, like when they ask you to follow them because they have beer or rock cds.

If liking lolis doesn't make you a pedo, then liking futa shouldn't be considered gay.

It doesn't make you a pedo but it indicates a highened probability that you are, in fact, a pedo.

It doesn't and it isn't
t. Lover of futa lolis

That Nanoha one with adult Fate and lil Nanoha is God tier.

Literally what is the difference?

Love them.