User, exactly what are your intentions for my sister?

>user, exactly what are your intentions for my sister?

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I'm going to let her ride my motorcycle.


A pure, slow-paced romance and then a rushed marriage due to accidental pregnancy in our third year of college.

To put her childbearing hips to good use. Often.

Cheat on her with our mutual blonde friend.


To use her to get closer to you.

I want her to be your maid of honor at our weddding.

Date her with the intention of marrying you.

Well put


She's a year ahead though

impregnate repeatedly and have her birth dozens of children

Use her to get close to you, then have her babysit while I knock you up again.

anal fisting

I'm gonna study for mid-terms with her, after which I'll go home and make coffee with Sojiro.

I have no intentions for your sister. Her friend, however, I plan on making my wife and mother of my children.

I'm going to introduce her to the only good game in the Megami Ibunroku series besides Devil Survivor, and then go hang out with my bros.

I don’t have any, Ms. Nijima, I came here to see you.

Don't they all hate each other?

i'm going to introduce you to my cock tonight fucking ibunroku poster

to nut in her a couple times and skip town

Yeah, but that's how you know they're true friends.

I don't get it.

I'm going to use her in battle for her party def buf and nuke skills.
That's about it. I'm going out with the shogi player so don't worry about that.

I'm going to mindbreak her and her make her my cum dumptser so I can also get you~

>The last good MGS game was 10 years ago

>Unnecessary questions
Welcome to Japanese fiction.

I wanna fuck her face


>Be P5 MC
>Dumb cat annoys you and stays by your side 24/7
>Can't have peace even to fap

>Get to fuck the girl he has a crush on on Valentine's Day

It's worth the trade-off

I like to think that Ann and MC did it in front of him even. While he was on the bag but was pretending to not be there or something.


She's helping me on my quest to make a harem out of Japanese women in their 20's.

Tease her so she keeps making that incredibly sexy groaning sound.

Make her nuke monsters in a parallel world while I bang my teacher.

Gonna walk her home gently.

Would Sae prosecute her for dating Joker?

Joker could probably convince Sae to let this one slide, if she ever found out.

top kek

balls deep mating press followed by a cleanup throatswab and if you act uppity towards me one more time, you're losing your brown cherry tonight pigbitch

Nothing. My intentions for YOU on the other hand.

Tokyo is weird about the age of consent because it's supposed to be 18 but it's lowered to 16 if the couple is in a "sincere romantic relationship".
So Joker is technically allowed to fuck his teacher as long as he can prove that they've actually been dating and not just hooking up.

>The doujin where he seduces Sae and impregnates both sisters without Makoto knowing he cheated.

$5 says that the Morgana pics are actually selfies.

Technically the Age of Consent could be pushed as low as 12 in certain circumstances.

The actual issue with Joker/Kawakami is that, as his teacher, she's in a "Position of Trust", and would be perceived as abusing him regardless of consent. This is why Student/Teacher relationships who are actually sincerely will wait until the student graduates and is no longer associated with the Teacher's institution to date (Publicly at least).

The same is true of say, Doctor/Patient relations.

>The same is true of say, Doctor/Patient relations.
Which I just realized is also strangely pertinent to this same discussion.

>Hey kid how did you pull off this Phantom Thief stuff? You really gotta tell me
>Well we went into a weird metaverse and eventually I also fucked your sister which is an important part of my testimony and had to be mentioned because I am after all trying to get you to trust me

I'm still a bit miffed that, after the whole "Flash Forward" thing they do when starting a Confidant, there's no book-ending payoff for maxing them.

Especially Makoto's just because it seems a wasted opportunity given the connection to Sae.

>could be pushed as low as 12
In other parts of Japan but not Tokyo, it's a regional thing



uh huh, what region?

leave her for a more intelligent and beautiful woman
I had to double check that this wasn't Sup Forums

I can' t get the older sister, so I get the younger one. You CAN do something about it, you know.

I swear I remember hearing that some districts in Tokyo still had such legislation in place too.

Actual discussion and lack of shitflinging didn't give it away?

Uh...upstate Markus Islands.



I hate this meme. Everyone knows a proper man would go straight for Sae anyway.

Not with her attitude

>best seiyuu voicing best girl

I think you meant to post Matsuki Miyu, user.

My wife Futaba is so cute.

Well she's far and away worst girl, so I'll do my best to ignore her and not let her shit up the party. She's got a nice ass, though.

Intentions? We're just in a study group. Besides, I already have a girlfriend.

>updated P5 edition where you can romance her can't come soon enough

what? do we have to wait for the PS5 or something?

>ywn go into Sae's palace, violate her shadow and see what consequences it has on real Sae


Wow that's... that's sad.

I still find it annoying that the casual conversation you get driving around Mementos is when Haru's at her most entertaining.


The fact that she uses ax-murdering shadows to relax is kinda hot.

Well shit

>Fanartist does a short comic depicting Haru's "Relaxation"
>Haru's English VA sees it
>Requests a print of each individual frame
>Now has them framed and hung on her wall

doujins of Yakuza training Makoto to become a sexslave and then using her as a bait to capture Sae fucking where?

Bad end as a tag on sadpanda when?

Doujins of Kiryu training Makoto to become a sexslave slayer and using her for a sick tag move where?

I'll take your word for it, but is it documented somewhere? I'd love to see that.

Thank you user. Have this Takizawa.

to ignore

Are Purseowners welcome here now? is that way, thank you.

>Is anime allowed on Sup Forums
Funny that someone saying something that stupid is posting the .gif that brought Sup Forums into Sup Forums.

I'm ueing her to get close to you

Ann >= sae > futaba >> rest


>Doctor/Patient relations
How would this get a legal position even? The patient stopping being sick?

This make Sae look like she is desperate for men and the D when she could get one so fucking easily

I want her out of the party, so that half the Thiefs remember how to not be retarded.
Since I can't actually do that, however, I'm just going to pretend my hardest she doesn't exist, until she shows herself, and proceeds to state the obvious in a thoughtful tone. I actually prefer Morgana to her anyway in the party.
We're in an interrogation, right? Not in the coffee shop, or something?

The doctor prioritising that one patient instead of doing their job.