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I love Extra Rin


What did she mean by this?

See you, space hologram




For some reason I like Extra Rin's design more than OG Rin. There's just something really appealing about it. Maybe it's the weird semi-gradient hair.


I agree. Also her breasts are smaller. Which is good because slim and small tats are my absolute favorite.

Ope that was kind of a bad picture now that I'm looking at it again


Her lines in the last episode were kinda out of place

Do you guys think she's Tamamo ?

No. Maybe.

APEX is good right?

Yes, but this week he just changed some stuff from a memesub since chyuu was taking too much time but I recommend chyuu for now.

What is this Old Men meme ?
never cared Fate spinoffs btw.

That's terror

OG Rin design is god tier, kys.


Holy fuck, what a garbage episode.

Rin isn't as smart or clever as Arturia, though.


Depends. These posts are a delicate interplay of two very different memes.

Tell me more


>Shirou heavily improved
>Saber improved
>Tohsaka improved

I'm not the only one who thinks it's already miles better than Fate/Stay Shit, right? The fights won't be great, but that's due to budget.

The (You) you wanted

I'm liking it a lot and I'm expecting the fights to improve. Wouldn't say it's better though. We'll have to see because it could go either way.

i am having a problem with the last episode.
everything reminded me to monogatari series, the pace, the shots, they are overmemeing the likeness.
i fully expect a Bat cameo anytime now.

>>Shirou heavily improved
The MC is bland as fuck so far.
>>Saber improved
This I can agree with though.

Good thing I'm a Monogatarifag.

>sleeveless blouse
I can be only so erect.

Can't wait for umu vs redman

same here,but it feels forced now.
i love saber's VA btw, who is she?

Sakura. She plays Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura and assassin in Apo. Pretty sure she was the original Nero in Carnival Phantasm as well.

Oh shit, is that by the same author as the one who did Saber watches UBW?

Rin looks more sluttier in Extra

You can say she's EXTRA slutty



How will they handle his Nikui during the amnesia reality marble and the eventual extella adaptation?

>amnesia reality marble
That's a good point, actually. Maybe that's when Hakuno will forget his previous deaths and we (and Nero) will see him like he was in games, no brooding or NIKUI.

I actually feel Last Encore Hakuno is more bland than vidya Hakuno. AT least vidya Hakuno was cheeky in his/her monologues.

Truly Foxtail is the best adaptation.

There's been stuff pointing to the 3rd floor being quite important, since Shinji's gf came from there to help build Cape.

Last Encore and Foxtail aren't exactly adaptations. Last Encore is following its own universe and Foxtail is including the scratched characters and... made Kazuradrop evil for some reason. Wel, I liked how their Shinjis aren't complete assholes

Foxtail made Hakuno very likeable. This is key.

Killing Drake so fast was a mistake

She dies fast in the game too, fag.

Why are there so many trailers and shit for Extella Link coming out already, even though it doesn't come out until June?
You'd think the release date would be April or something by how much they're shilling it.

Yeah and it was a mistake then, too.

that nose looks awful


I want Nero to princess carry me!

some extra rin for on the dick amirite

Post extra rin

but his already dead

Look before Gawain it looks like a heaven and this is the preview:
>>“The victorious lost sight of life. The defeated lost sight of death. There are two beats in the coronary world. No one remains to speak of the Unlimited—-”

But CM had both Cu and Bu's lances. Its not like its Redman's weapons.

What if Redmman shows up with his Extella Link design?

>What if Redmman shows up
unimaginable amounts of shitposting for the next weel

The whole threads will be just smug redmans

Rin will forever be best girl.

What´s wrong with her eyes? Uguuuu

>Umu copies unlimited blade works with Imperial Previlege and kills redman and Hakunon dies too

I'm starting to hope this doesn't happen because the amount of shitpost will be unreal

I want her to summon her Aestus Domus Aurea and clash it with UBW...would be great

In the opening shows something like Domus Aurea exploding imagine how cool it would be a shit tons of sword flying around inside Domus Aurea while umu clashes with redman

At first I thought Imperial Privilege was a cool skill
After the Drake fight I fear it's just used as lazy writing
>Umu can't kill this opponent? POOF. She has EXACTLY what she needs now!


It wouldn't be too bad if the fight didn't end in such anti-climactic way, hope they use it in interesting ways because it could be fun

magic dicks were a mistake


>oh shit
>check ex
that was disappointing

Fate without Shirou is like _________________________________

I want /ss/ with Shota Shirou and Lancetoria.

>reading Cucktail

Holy shit what's up with all the secondaries and newfags thinking Nero is the newest Saberface when she has existed since 2010, it actually makes me upset.

Fate without shiro is like an unlimited potential without shit on it.
Won't even touch anything with retarded ginger in it.

Some people don't even know Extra exists somehow

ay mate das some fugly son a bitch.
was dis guy called?

>OOMOO fags think she can copy a reality marble
Redman would destroy her if no plot armor is involved

>was dis guy called?
Just some fugly son a bitch.


one the best Hakunos quotes

Not Fate.

Shirou or Redman have to be mentioned or present in order for Fate to be Fate.

do you have a single fact to back that up?



Yeah because your redshit didn't have plot armor against Heracles you retard

He didn't though. Did he survive against heracles? I don't think so

Best tits

If you are comparing anime only, then yes. I didn't expect Shaft to do decent fights at all, so it's not like I'm disappointed. Pacing is a bit off sometimes, but it's already miles better than the chore that UBW and Zero were in their first seasons. Episode 3 wasn't that good compared to the first two, but there's room for improvement.


>Fate/Apoc (6 days after listing): 59th and 221st
>Fate/LE (6 days after listing): 231st and 505th

Reminder that Apoc >>>>>>> LE.

>sales shitposting outside of a stalker thread
Fuck off and die.

>Umu copies unlimited shitpost with Imperial Previlege and kills shitposters and Hakuno dies too
seems legit

Anything important here