Little witches should get more anime

Little witches should get more anime.

Little witches should get more dick.

s-source pls

Artist is 4shi, you should be able to find the rest yourself.

thanks breh

I love witches more than just about anything.

Been a long time LWA fan, since the first OVA was brand new. TV series was really mediocre and I get so sad when I think about how disappointing it was.

Wish we'd get another cute and spooky anime about witches.

Sorry, Trigger is too busy making teenagers fuck in robots.

Watch Tweeny Witches if you haven't already.

It's alright.

don't see this image on any booru or sadpanda, pixiv?

plenty of 4shi art but none of LWA besides a single hit on paheel

It's on the panda, classed as Artist CG

>Been a long time LWA fan
it's only been a few years since the first feature, how are you a "long time" fan

user, the first OVA was five years ago.

>open armpits

she was a slut since birth

Magic is gay.

that's a long time?
i guess for you if it's like a fourth of your life

I'd let her ride my broom


>I'm such an old fag look at me

i'm a long time fan of retardation

I went to Google, searched "anime niggas" and posted the first image I found. Is that how you flaunt oldfagginess? News to me my dude

Fpbp, I came in to post this exact sentence. Thank you.

>heh kid, 5 years isn't a long time you know
Are you really getting upset that user has liked LWA since the first OVA? Are you that desperate to have people think of you as an oldfag?

t. ~long time~ fan of lwa

You say that like browsing a Korean Motion Comic Forum when you're much older than mid-20s is something to be proud of.

long time world record

Who doesn't have at least one weeaboo black guy image saved?