Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Aren't 4 loli a bit too heavy?

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Heavy lolis make for a light heart.

My dick.

Ais a best.

Ginko a shit.

Blue Ai > Red Ai

>120kg on your back
rip spine

I wanna pick up both ais

Not to heavy for my dick.

And Reminder Ginko is for ass eating and Prego Sex.

How many fucking times you need to be reminded that those lil girls are NOT ameriturds?

He can't feel it because he's paralyzed from the neck down.

>loli snaps your spine
Fine death by me

Those loli are barely 25kg. Char is probably 17 or 18kg.

Ginko is at least better than Blue Ai

>better than anyone

more Asuka when?

Ginko is more pure than either Ai

Ginko is trash.

Ginko? More like Dingo.

God, I wish that were me.


Ginko? More like Bingo!

Why is this so lewd

Ginko is only good for making this face and going "tcch" everytime she gets ntr'd by a loli.

This guy is disgusting.

No, he has great taste

More like Shitko

>he doesn't want to be stepped on by lolis

And he still says he's not a lolicon

I thought this show was about Shogi?

He's lying on the ground and they're not gonna be there for more than a few minutes. That much weight isn't even going to be uncomfortable.

What was his view like?

char char charmander!

Plus they are shifting their weights to 8 pressure points

It's like Ro Kyu Bu but with shogi.

It's like Tenshi no 3P with basketball but withouth the basketball and instead of music, they play shogi.

Revolting, because you would be looking at Ginko's disgusting post-pubescent hairy crotch.

Anime is so fucking stupid.

fuckin pedos

It's just a bunch of cute young preteen girls using their delicious feet to give a massage, there's nothing remotely sexual going on here.

>weigh 130kg/190cm tall
>any weight below that feels fine on my back
My back will gladly welcome those 4 lolis.


You are on a wrong website

How does cute loli feet feel like

How does dating Blue Ai feel like

Like bags of sand.

I wanna pick them up both

It feels like dating Red Ai but worse.

I really love when my sister and her friend do the same thing


>It feels like dating Red Ai but better.
Fixed it for you.

I wanna pick up Ai

Tiny lolifeet cured my cancer.

But it can't cure my boner

I wanna be killed by lolis.

Japan's Weekly Light Novel Rankings for Feb 5 - 11

*7. *4,185 45,793 Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Vol.7
*8. *3,837 78,162 Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Vol.1
*9. *3,541 58,632 Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Vol.2
10. *3,517 57,650 Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Vol.3
12. *3,325 50,714 Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Vol.5
13. *3,286 51,707 Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Vol.4
14. *3,262 52,083 Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Vol.6

And that's where you're wrong

My niece is 8 and she's really light, when she sits on my lap, I can very easily lift her by her knees. I take it 4 lolis is about the same weight as a fully grown woman.




No, more Red Ai.

Hell, just imagine how it'd feel to fuck Char.


this is so anime

Their weight is evenly distributed over his back so it is fine.

Thanks to Queen Ginko's popularity!

JCs have adorable peach fuzz

She is so sexy

picking up ai

A reminder that tomorrow at 06:30 JST, the semifinals and finals of Asahi Cup Shogi Open tournament is going to be held. One of the matches is going to be a showdown between the rising young prodigy Sota Fujii, now a 5-dan, and the current Ryuuou Yoshiharu Habu who also holds seven lifetime professional titles.


It's time for the kid to beat an old man to get his own loli.

Coincidentally, the other match pits former Ooi title holder Akihito Hirose against the current Oushou and Ranging Rook specialist Toshiaki Kubo. Kubo is the real life reference to Mitsuru Oishi, and Oishi's nickname "Maestro of Handling" (Sabaki no Maestro) is a homage to Kubo's own nikcname "Handling Artist" (Sabaki no Artist).

Also, Hirose is the guy referenced in the scene where Ryou lost against Ginko.

Shogi is really a big business in Japan.

anyone got the two Ais by asanagi? it's behind a login wall on his fantia blog

Try literally any booru.

Char a best!


Does that count as sex?

No, it's completely pure in intention.

I want to have pure sex with Ai.

Imagine getting blowjob from Char.

Don't imagine this

Imagine her tiny tongue licking your shaft

Don't make me harder than I already am.

Go limp

So you'd rather have your dick grow inside Char's mouth? That could be dangerous.

No, stop. Keep your thing away from her mouth.

Why? Are you some kind of faggot? Char is way too sexy for me not to put it inside of her mouth.

But she's already licking it

It' really not, I had 3 (loli) nieces step on my back. It wasn't uncomfortable and their laughter and joy made it worth it. Had to play being their horse for like 3 full days afterwards.

So you had 3 lolis riding you for 3 days?

Reminder that Char is too young.

No such thing as too young.

More or less, they would even fight who would ride and how long. Had to stop playing so much with them since one was bound to cry because I didn't give her enough attention while playing.

You have to stop

Third drama CD 3-minute sample, set between V4 & V5.


She already swallowed the yoghurt

That's not yogurt

She doesn't know

Just stop being a fag and upload it fully. Not like Japanese FBI is going to hunt you down.

your trash