user, are you ready for her happy end in the movie and KM anime adaptation announcement after the credits?

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I'm ready for the Eriri end.

Utaha a best.

Eriri a shit.

We're getting an expanded on Megumi end. They wouldn't fuck up the film with the end of a less popular heroine.

I'm ready to see Utaha BTFO by Megumi end or Eriri end in the movie.

Worst girl.
Best girl.


>tfw Megumi wins in every timeline and route

What if KM ends with Tomoya walking up a hill and seeing a hat flying in the wind?

As usual, Utahafag shit up the thread.

Megumifags are the best.

Let me guess, you like titless blonde garbage?

>liking robots

Why do Utahabros and Eriribros fight each-other?
Don't you realize that Megumi and her fags is the true enemy?

Is a fight for second best. That's important I guess.

Because those are the only choices
I don't consider her a robot, just a wet sock. Why would I consider something that I don't even think has the possibility of being conscious an enemy?

They're going to be extra sour if Eriri, who has a better chance, gets an alternative route in the movie instead of Utaha.


Mayu’s hat.


What a beautiful song.

Eririshitters have always been everyone's common enemy.

The fact you're making this post unironically makes me worry about the average intelligence of an Sup Forums user.

Don't try to rewrite history, Utahafag. Megumifags and Eririfags had their war, but that's in the past. Nowadays, Utahafags are warmongering shitpost while Megumifags and Eririfags are generally chill with each other for a long while now. Utahafags have earned Eririfags' ire and are often mocked by Megumifags, so they're basically the enemy now.


It’s either Megumi or Eriri. Utaha was never relevant as them.

>60% Megumi
>40% Eriri
I bet on an alternative Megumi end but I wouldn’t mind Eriri winning this time.

Fuck off. You’re the one rewriting history. The last Saekano thread literally had arguing between Eririfags who were acting like sore losers, and Megumifags. Utahafags are annoying in their own way, but it’s always been the Eririfags that have been the most annoying by far.

>muh first novel cover
>muh best written
>muh she was suppose to win because of x reason

Eririfags have always tried to one up Eriri by putting down the others. In a Saekano a few weeks ago, someone Eririfags was going on about how she’s the best drawn out of all the girls.

user don’t let others opinions affect you that much.

>changing the subject after putting him in his place
As expected of an Eririfag.

Don't mind him. He's probably that same user who said it was okay to ditch your friends and blame it on them for being "ditchable" in the first place. Chances are, all he sees is Eriri's Character Design and decides her attitude and aptitude is moot so long as she fulfills the fantasies in his head. I don't know anyone sane who wouldn't slap Eriri for her manner of conduct.

>everyone is an Eririfag.
Seriously, why can’t you just ignore them and let them live their delusions instead of start fighting? You don’t solve anything by antagonizing them, that just fuel their autism.

Can we just put our Sup Forums memeing and quarreling aside indefinitely and agree that Utaha is best girl and best route?

>best girl.
That’s Megumi.
>best route.
Where she will lose? Yes, I like see her being BTFO as always.

You do realize Megumi might as well be a titlet like Eriri right? Or are you being retired on purpose?

Utaha doesn't have a route. She's the only one whose real self didn't appear in the game Tomoya made.

It's useless to talk about Megumi's breast size because it's incredibly inconsistent.

Those are all still Bs. Utaha is full of milk

These lies again, Utahafag. Utahafags always do one-liners and waifu war shitposts, and never constructive and meaningful discussions. Most Eririfags have always known Megumi is the obvious winner, so there were hardly sore loser reactions when Megumi officially won, especially when GS3 and volume 13 set it up so Eriri didn't get BTFO since she accepted the situation between Tomoya and Megumi, on top of getting an emotional closure that gave fans a taste of what could have been in a What if sample.
>first cover
>>suppose to win
I see you're confusing your own shitpost there, Utahafag. That's something you and other like-minded Utahafags imply and force down people's throats when nobody would use first cover as a reason when everyone knows Megumi would have been on the cover had the author chosed not to meta troll with the covers, much less make it sound like Megumi wasn't the obvious winner from the get-go.
>best written
That's an opinion. Get over it.

Again rewriting history. The old war was fair game since both sides were shitting and downplaying to great lengths. So that's a moot pint. It's different now when Utahafags had no reason to act conceited when they did to obnoxiously shill Utaha over Eriri and even Megumi at times while they shat on Eriri, who had much higher standing in the story as a character and development-wise. Always starting shit and throwing insults like you did in here are exactly what Utahafags are shitposters. And before volume 12, Utahafags were high on delusions acting like Utaha won more than even Megumi in the anime, and when people point out how inferior Utaha is in the main story, they just shill KM spinoff over the LN. I could go on, you know, but I'm sure you know all of this by heart. Of course, getting further angry and defensive is what you're going to do in response. But, hey, ruin another Utaha topic thread like you always do for all I care.

>best girl and tsundere childhood friend end
Sorry but this is not allowed in anime ;_;

As long as Utaha tries to rape Tomoya scene from vol. 12 is added to the movie, I'll be happy with that.

There isn't that much of a difference between Megumi and Utaha.

Either Megumi or Utaha.

No. is right.

It's enough... and holy shit is Izumi that large? Those are prime proportions If she wasn't so young I'd actually consider her.

Funny because Pure Love Hectopascal's anime made Ange's popularity skyrocket to the point that they told Utaha she had to write an Ange end and if she didn't, they'd hire an outside write for S2's end.

Izumi is huge.

Why are you trying so hard to rewrite history when the last thread literally had arguments between Eririfags who were acting like sore losers, and Megumifags?

Isn't Utaha getting keked by Mayu in her own manga?

That's part drama, you that's how story has been, for Utaha to make Tomoya fall in love with her.

We'll find out for sure in a few days. For all we know Tomoya and Mayu could kiss in the next chapter.

What you do expect will happen in ch. 49?

>tell the truth in regards to how Utahafags have been and still are for over a year
>tries to nitpick and change the topic
At least you tried. But since you insist, that argument you bring up was between a couple of Eririfags and a couple of Megumifags and it was actually constructive and more civil than anything Utahafags have ever done when they try to argue for Utaha, which is almost never. But sure, why not ignore the fact there were also a couple of Utahafags who shat on Megumi in there too. The same Utahafags who shat on Eriri, no doubt, which leads us back to the main point.

>Tomoya is confused
>Mayu is flustered, denies that she meant it romantically but it's too late and the seeds for romance have already been planted
>rest of the series is Mayu worrying whether she should backstab Utaha and take Tomoya for herself

I stated in my original post that Utahafags were annoying in their own, but Eririfags are still the most annoying.

Post the full version. 435449 kasumigaoka_utaha misaki_kurehito pantsu pantyhose saenai_heroine_no_sodatekata seifuku.png

You're in denial. Utahafags are objectively the worst shitposters that hardly do anything more than spam Utaha and instigate shit. Aside from the obvious mad that goes with being shitposters, they have even gone through more than two periods of annoying shilling of Utaha/KM and false flagging Eriri w/copypasta and contradictory bait on top of it all.

>saying that your favorite girl is well-written and backing it up with scenes from the source is annoying


I wouldn't hold my breath an anime adaptation of KM tho, with the manga seemingly nearing its end. Tho I doubt Utaha would win in the movie, at least she would win in her spin off.

Then it would be a rushed ending. I'd give at least 8 chapters left before the manga ends


I heard second season dosent "end" story so I stopped watching after first one. Does the movie finishes story? Is MC doing his best girl choice?

I know anime is not real life and I often dislike when childhood friends is losing MC bowl. But I have two really close childhood friends and I would never go out with neither of them.

Yes the movie is the anime's end, tho different from the light novel's. Who knows if Tomoya chooses or if it's an open harem ending. We have to wait and see.

>I know anime is not real life
Cut me deep, will ya

Dammit. I will probably wait for movie then. I would rather have MC choose girl I like least than having an open ending.


>bullshitting is annoying
Not him, but I fail to see how your argument doesn't support his opinion when Eririfags are always full of shit all the time. If she was well written then she wouldn't be a part of this series to begin with.