Oh, oh no.

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the doujins write themselves


also, what's up with his faggy scarf?

Also, I bet that Tanabe's mother is dead for whatever reason (maybe when she had him)
It's just for making him more likeable

It kind of makes sense if Tanabe ends up with Misuzu.

Her dad was ridiculously affectionate, and it looks like the dad here is super loving, which rubs off on Tanabe being ridiculously persistent with Misuzu in the early chapters.

Tomo and CC are wearing sweater. So it might be chily, perhaps?

>Tanabe's father is fatass
>Misuzu's father isn't
And just like that that pairing is dead

>implying there won't be canon fat guy doujins with misuzu now

Is Misuzu's grandfather a fatass, though. This is important.

Tanabe will win the Misuzu Bowl.

They better no try to make the girls wear skimpy uniforms.

more like this please

Yeah that'd be just terrible

Does carol even understand the concept of working ?

stupid artist, we want to see Carol's boobs

you wouldn't see the cute tail then, someone had to show it off


work my cobra, Carol kneel


Carol's butt>Carol's boobs


>divorce arc
Tanabe has an hard life.

Tanabe deserves nothing good.

more pls, i am begging you

I think Tanabe is literally me.

title, negro


Do you think he likes candy?

Maybe he deserves something good (he's not a bad character) if he works hard, but he doesn't deserve Misuzu. They doesn't match at all

more like misuzu doesnt deserve him if you put it that way

I can’t read Japanese.



shots fired

jesus this thread could really use a bump

It needs TL.


Tatsurou a cute

Thanks dropout. This explains a lot about Tanabe.


I heard the story from Tatsumi!
I'm Tatsumi's Pop, nice ta meetcha!
Thank you so much for the help
2: Well, to tell ya the truth this shop is on in real trouble.
Huh? What happened?
This shop, me and my wife took care of it but the other wife
Am I hearing something I'm not supposed to hear?
Don't mind him. Happens all the time.
You go through a lot too, huh?


Tatsu[rou Kiyo]mi.

How can she be so cute?

>wife leaves
>hires 3 sexy high school girls
I've read enough doujins to see where this is going

I imagine his college-aged brother is name Roukiyo if that's a real name

She's making a better Japanese face than a jap.

fuck, this is going to be a great setting for all the families to meet.

>he's pure

Tangible relief.

聞いちゃいけないこと here means "something I shouldn't have asked", not "something I shouldn't be hearing"


This just opened the flood gates for NTR doujins.

>It kind of makes sense if Tanabe ends up with Misuzu.



Carol is shit

>yfw Tomo is able to help more than Mizuzu
>yfw Tatsumi sees Mizu for what she truly is
>yfw she's all alone


>yfw she's all alone

I'm okay and content with this. How old are they again in lore, 15 or 16? That's too young for Misuzu to be throwing her life away with tanabe. Teenagers are too young to be make life long decisions. Misuzu is the type of character to move onto college or a university, and tanabe appears to be heading towards the family business. I wouldn't get mad at all if Misuzu was left boyfriend less and alone. Tomo-chan is a comedic story about friendship; romance and drama takes a back seat which oddly enough, makes this stand out more. The other characters already got their fairy tale love interests, Misuzu should be developed into a different direction.

Also fuck tanabe.

Arilleryguy when?

feels good

Why this is never on the boorus?

Tanabe is too good for her.
Hope Fumita writes a better cutie for him

>Misuzu likes money and people that can provide to her
>size difference
>Tanabe Sr. Owns a restaurant and wife recently left him
Said it yesterday and it's even More likely today, tanabexmisuzu is happening and tatsumi's getting a new mom

>you're a big help

omiage incoming

*omiai aka marriage interview

When will the protagonist marry the tomboy?

Why is Tomo drooling?

Tomboys seek motherly large breasts. The canonfag was right.

inb4 a chapter with Carol immediately giving up once work starts.

But Tomo is the protagonist! She can't marry herself!

It also gives further credence to the oyakodonfags.

>Misuzu being polite in front of her future father in-law.

Misuzu better not bully the old man

Yep its official.
Tanabe is actually perfect for Misuzu

There's only one of those

But if you're an oyakodonfag and I'm an oyakodonfag, surely there must be more than one of us.

i might be Carol oyakodonfag

It's likely. After all, Feris doesn't want to let Carol go, but if she's there the entire time and an equal partner, Carol won't be leaving her.

Everybody is pure in this 4koma (except Carol)

carol is pure but she doesn't want to be

Carol pretends to be pure but she isn't.

Carol is so pure that she acts impurely

Carol is so impure that her sluttines is obvious to people around her.

Omake confirms this



God, what a fucking slut.
Such an impure maiden.




I fear for their relationship. Those two need to get a spin-off hentai so that Senpai can get serious

didnt he pat her breast to remove food dust in early chapter?

>Carol wants to be hardcore but her mom won't let her

Yeah, but that was when he saw her more like a little kid he had to take care of.


You mean Carol.

Phew, that's also a possibility, but I think it would make for a better scene when Senpai actually goes for it and she doesn't expect it anymore. I'd prefer it if the initiation went that way

Never thought I'd see a Tanabe arc