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You needed to bump a Citrus thread?

Tomorrow, hopefully.

Expect the chapter in eleven hours if there is Kindle. Or you would have to wait next week until someone who bought the magazine buy it. The editor seemed to have stoped Kindle content for its magazine. Maybe there will be a digital version when the next issue is released. They probably was fed up with piracy.

I am counting on the user who has his eyes on chinese digital released in case of.

* scan it and not buy it

Shit series belongs in the toilet where all yuri shit goes.

Anthology thanks to user :

I like needy Mei.

The dub changed "crossed a line" to "done things they've never done before" in episode 4.

Sounds like a clarification the dub added, so that people wouldn't be assuming that Mei and Himeko had done things before that, like when the sub came out.

I think "If," is the best story in the anthology. It was pretty much the only story that had most of the cast in it. Plus it was hilarious.

The Kindle is here, but not on the same page than the printed release. They had to do another link.

I will post the raw when I download it like I did for the anthology. I'll do Citrus chapter first.



Drunk Yuzu sure would be very very affectionate and eager.
Drunk Mei would be ... honest?

Ready everyone?

>in the manga yuzu sleeps on the right side of the bed and mei on the left
>in the anime it's the other way around

This is driving me bananas. It fucking changes everything!

Well, my theory is that since they expanded the room and detailed it with Mei and Yuzu's bookshelves, they needed to position yuzu in front of her colored objects and Mei in front of her desk and books.
in the manga, there's only the desk and a simple bookshelf.

And I think they play the symbolic side. Dark books for Mei and colors for Yuzu.
Yuzu sleeps near the windows, she's turned to the outside, she's full of optimism and a free spirit.

Mei sleeps near the door and the dark side of the room. She's closed off and interiorize everything.

The BD bonus has a commentary. But it will be in Japanese. Pretty sure these anime originals will be explained here.

>The BD bonus has a commentary.
>But it will be in Japanese.
Wow, really?

ESLs are so cute.

will this series make me cum?

BD bonus are : leaflet (little story), some cards from the ED plus other art drawn by Saburouta for the cover and the case, Drama CD, audio commentary with the 3 VA (Yuzu, Mei and Harumi's one) and other pictures. The special edition on Amazon has a cloth poster. Other shops offer different benefit.

Yes, there are so much lewd scenes it hurts. But Yuzu's epic ass will shatter you.

I knew we'd get it in the end.

The thing that is strange is usually, the kindle is on the same page than the printed version. This time, they had to do an alternative link, if people look for the Kindle in the book part of the online shop, they won't find it like other issues.

You need to do a special search in Japanese in the Kindle part of the Amazon. It seems they did that in a rushed way. Let's see if this become a trend for the next issues.

That's not really smart, some people might not think about it.

Indeed, I had to double find it. But it breaks people's routine. Some readers will think that the Kindle isn't released. On Yuri Hime updated site, they gave the link to the printed version, without any precision on the other version.

I remember that happened for Galette n°4. They had a problem to release the Kindle and had to do a new link. So it seems Ichijinsha had some problems too. Let's hope it's just an accident and that they didn't really consider stopping the Kindle version for a moment before changing their mind at the last minute.

Us in some hours. I want Mama Harumin.

今までのcitrusではやらなかったことを初めてやりました。アニメや単行本で『citrus』を楽しんでいただいている皆様には、ちょっとしたネタバレになってしまうので、36話を読んだ方は、まだ読んでない方にはヒミツにしてもらえたら嬉しいです。はるみんとの約束だぞ! #citrus(6/6(5,6話)

New tweets from Saburouta about episode 5,6 and chapter 36.
I didn't understand many things. Sha said she did something special for chapter 36, something she has never done before. She asks people to not spoil. I wonder what it is.

Now that's some A+ teasing. Dammit woman.

Probably the expected two volumes arcs with the last chapter before another volume that won't solve things.

Definitely a spoiler. "I did something I've never done before in Citrus". Hum.

[Spoiler]Yuzu x Harumin incoming.[/Spoiler]


Making grandfather having a second heart attack?

A sex scene.
Who am I kidding.

- sex (angry or not, post or pre-breaking up or not)
-Mei's point of view chapter, but Yuzu could be in a state where her PoV is impossible (Fuck off truck-kun).

Mei's pov is a safe bet.

Harumin is mentioned. Harumi's PoV?


Someone explain this detritus to me. This mistake. What the fuck is this garbage you suggested to me? I'm 5 episodes in, and my fucking god this shit is next level trash. What the fuck is the appeal?? And dont fucking say lesbians because thats not enough. This shit is a joke. The writing was clearly done ad hoc. The character development is inconsistent. Each arc ends with a development that is completely disregarded in the following arc to make room for another contrived episode of meaningless and redundant tension. I don't understand how people can consume this psychological sewage without suffering from decreased neurological activity. Can someone please help me understand the reason why this exists? I just struggle to comprehend what would possess anyone to even create this festering jumble of incoherent nonsense, let alone what possesses so many consumers to take any interest in this.

Care to elaborate?

Please user, stop copy pasting these rants. It's tiring.

Yes the joke is kind of losing its luster, I have to admit. It would still have traction, I think, if these threads had more people. Because then there would be more responses from people who are wrapping their heads around it for the first time, which is funny. But when the thread is primarily just the same 8 people roleplaying and shitposting repeatedly, it gets old fast.

She mentions Harumin's bike.

>8. 17 posters for 43 posts.

anyway, Saburouta's tweet seems to imply a change in her writting. I don't buy confessions from Harumi, or other or even sex.
Something she has never done before in the manga.
Change the character's POV for Mei, Harumin or someone else.
Adding some a grain supernatural (if Yuzu is in the coma)

Even the bad ending has been done, unexpected confession too, het kiss too.

Not in this one, it another tweet. In this one she ends the tweet about chapter 36 in some "it's Harumin's promise".

>"I did something I've never done before in Citrus"

Easy: a het wedding.

Ah, she just says that after the "please don't spoil it, you'll be glad if you don't, Harumin's promise!".

The solution is to get it in the OP, I believe. I've been gunning for that for the last three days but have never been home at the right time. I think, because of the threads' low population, if I can't get it in the OP (which would be funny), the solution is just that I do need to post it much less, so I agree.

If she does that, well. But she already played the het card once. She seems to talk about something totally new.

Here's your (You), since you're so desperate for that pasta to catch on.

Thank you user-sama. It means the world to me

And Yurihime will be shut down because lost 70% of subscribers

Yuzu would never do that. Remember she rejected Mei when she wanted to rage fuck her. She wants their first time to be consensual and lovely.

I correct my post.
>My theory. Farewell sex. Yuzu learns the truth, and asks Mei to loves her one last time before they end their relationship.

Mei wants to stop it, Yuzu could just ask they have the last night as lovers. This could be consensual but lead to tears as they would have to end things.

i feel like that segways into a time skip

This makes no sense at all.
Ending a beautiful relationship (where Mei took her life back thanks to Yuzu) just to go back to being alone and miserable like she used to be?

It would be temporary, I'm in for the happy ending. I"m just trying to understand what she meant by something new and never done before in the manga.

>time skip
God no. Time skips are only ok when things end fine. Like, a time skip of they being happily married as an epilogue. A time skip during a suffering arc is horrible.

We already had time skip in arc 4. So it's not that. And the page after the cover shows Yuzu in her school uniform, ready for the first day of school. At worst, there has been a time skip of the night between chapter 35 and 36.

There could be a time skip at the end of the chapter, but I guess she did that already, yeah.

>Please, don't spoil anything
>hundreds of tweets "they bang at last"
>Saburouta's facepalm

Spoil: sad and shitty chapter. No sex.

0/10, no effort. It's out in 2 hours and a half on kindle.

3 and a half.

Something never done before. Mei's laugh.


>Something never done before

Mei gonna finally grow some balls, and will deal this problem without Yuzu's help

>Something bla bla bla

Dream sequence. Mei marries, Yuzu is broken... and Mei wakes up at the end and grows some balls indeed to call off the engagement.
Troll at its highest.

That would be ideal.

>tfw all the volumes of a 4 yen mahjong mango are cucking you

>Saburouta says we'll be happy if the chapter doesn't get spoiled
>it's sad as fuck

>a whole weekend filled with misinformation, trolling, spoilers and everything inbetween
Guess I'll just go away and I'll keep refreshing the Dynasty Reader page from time to time till the chapter is out.

Same every month.

>chapter 35 got released on Jan 20th
That's 4 days, just end me already! Guess I'll just wait for the raws to pop up and check them even if I'm an illiterate fuck.

My feelings right now.




Why is that so lewd?


You're fucking with me

No, I'm not. Intertwined fingers gets me more hot and bothered than any sort of nudity.

Why the kiss in the OP is lewder than in episode 6 for the greatest kiss of the manga ?

Because you can see their tongues touching.

i want to protect harumin from these predatory dykes

Yeah, i know, but why didn't they show their tongue in the episode when it was the fact in chapter 8? They proved they could animate it.

>consensual kiss
Will there be any more rape?

I want to see Yuzucchi in tears as Mei has her way with her and if she begs Mei to stop I want Mei to FUCK HER HARDER.

It's not rape if you want it, though.

I don't want her to want it. That's the kind of rape I want to see.

Those look like fingers to you

Because this anime is not very good

That's not going to happen.

I've never understood this fetish. (Anime) girls are sweet and qt. Why would you enjoy hurting them

Protect this smile.

Drill-san molesting Mei was done much better in the Manga. They overdid it in the anime for fanservice and it totally fucked things up. Made no sense

What is the most unexpected possible outcome in the next chapter?

Most unexpected? Mei just flatly calls of the engagement in one or two pages. School scenes without any interest, everyone is happy, no angry sex, no tears, no break up. Mei's mom appears.

>2 hours
I can't take it, might as well buy the kindle.