Please describe this child

Please describe this child

Jailbait Cumdump


How could you possibly
think of doing sexual things to a child with your erect adult dick?


dead and burning in hell


I wouldn't, but Araragi does.

It’s only nominally an adult phallus. It could easily be a child’s


But that's a snail.

Doesn't mean she can't be a child too.

A sexy snail though.

Should be thrown in a saltmine

How could you possibly think of throwing that child down on a bed and ravishing her preteen cunny with your throbbing adult cock?



I'll need a few more images of this creature before I can give my full opinion.


That is a VERY puffy vulva user

Old and undead, but not as old and undead as the other children people want to fuck in this series.


Are you sexualizing my daughter? What the fuck?

Agreed, you would have to be some sort of sick lolicon to even consider ravishing her perfect, 12 year old adolescent child body, which is at the peak of its sexual primacy, with your veiny, fully-erect adult cock.

It's not my fault Hachikuji is so hot and sexy.

Kami wa ita.

Is this entrapment? Are you one of those horny virgin slut lolis?

I really wish you would stop

I'm giving you grandkids

Of course not user!

Sorry I stuttered.


utterly perfect bestgirl

Made for salting.

holy shit

It's more interesting of an opener than "Monogatari thread."

Shinobu > Hachikuji = Ononoki

why rock CDs as bait tho?

because she's baiting old men user

Ononoki is hopelessly outclassed by the other two.

still cute tho
>yay peace peace

Hachikuji > Ononoki > Shinobu