Why didn't you tell me this show was good Sup Forums?

Why didn't you tell me this show was good Sup Forums?

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I marathoned it and I can't remember anything about it.


Did Izayoi fuck the bunny in the end

We did. You're just too new.

>this show was good
lol who cares about shit shows who don't get second seasons :^)

I don't know if he did, but I'm going to in my dreams tonight.



Mondaiji is great user, I recommend to read the light novel, the shit that happened in the anime is weak compared to what happens after that point(pic related explains that pretty well)

And no, Izayoi didn't fuck Kuro Usagi but it's pretty clear that she is developing feelings for him, she just doesn't know about that yet since she never fell in love before.

>falling in love with muh bad boy

I thought she was better than that. Kuro Usagi has the heart of a 3DPD.

I want to be bro's with benefits with Shiroyasha.

To be fair,I don't blame her. Izayoi may bully her with Yo and Asuka from time to time but he does care about her a lot(he is a tsundere after all lol), it's the case where they start to know each other better and it just happened, pretty natural in my opinion, which is funny since this novel doesn't even have focus in romance(small hints like blushes and heart beating faster is all we get and even then, these moments can be counted in one hand during 12 volumes)

Because it's shit.

The anime was nice and all but as the other user said, what the anime adapted(volumes 1 and 2) are the weakest volumes of the series, the real shit happens from volume 3 onward, and even then, the series just feels like a long and awesome prologue that is setting up everything for the sequel, Last Embryo.

>Mondaiji anime is 5 years old now
>still no sequel

You never asked.

we did

fucking retard

That's a fat (You).

who are those other sluts?

all I remember is kurousagi

ojou done fairly well.

>The LNs are completely translated by the way.

darn i like him fighting in his school uniform

post the slick dance webm

Yo with short hair or with slightly longer hair?

Their daughter is the protagonist of the sequel

post her

Thanks user, I had no idea translations were up to date. Gonna go catch up right now.

You're lying to me.

Well, he is 20 years old now, he couldn't stay fighting with the school uniform forever(though I also liked the uniform) right? And I do like the clothes he uses from the middle of mondaiji till the end of the first part of the series.

First 2 volumes plus the prologue of volume 3 and the short stories of Last Embryo(the sequel) are also translated.

>God tier MC, girls, and all-around interesting cast of characters
>Great fantasy setting with real-world science, myths, legends, religion on top of good world-building
>Power levels and battles done right and cool
>Well-done X doing cute and fun things with amusing comedy and games that maks you think/fap/smile
>Lolis, lolis everywhere
>Also isekai done right
MDJ is my most favorite LN series. No joke.


ojou done right

>[ForgedSubs] Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo + OVA [BD 720p AAC]
I've been trying to complete this dl for over 2 years. Come on, someone has to have it. This is the best release out there, damn it.

nah you dont want to see the bath episode with foxy

who are these semen demons

I see that you are a man of culture, I'm on the same boat, Mondaiji/LE is easily my favorite novel series, a shame that it's not that well know. Also, Lamia, Kuu-chan, Queen Halloween and Prithvi are goddess(figuratively and literally, especially Prithvi)

>not recognizing Leticia
The other is Lamia, her imouto from the vampire side story.

Left is Leticia, on the right is a character that just appears in Last Embryo, Lamia, she is Leticia's sister.

I love the teamwork that they do. It's rare to see actually synergy that make use of their various strengths and weaknesses in a large-scale battlefield/war with their lives and flag on the line. Strategies and negotiations aren't neglected, which is also nice to see appreciated to show that power isn't everything when it comes to building a community nor when dealing with other communities to make allies or simply to gain advantage over enemies.

Is sad to think that the reason this isn't more popular is due to the lack of a harem or a more pronounced romance. Shame, since it's a good series.

I'd kill for a S2. Would really kill to make it happen.

you ain't gotta go for a harem when you already got a bunny

Best couple

But would you abandon the bunny for the dark skinned goddess?

I have to agree with you user.

>slightly longer hair
this one


Leticia is a miracle of the universe.

Just a temporary misplacement!

Well, a certain thing happened in volume 6 and Kuro Usagi ended up that way for some time.


No objection from me, she does indeed look better with slightly longer hair.

They wanna hit you where it hurts, user.

Izayoi flashback is some crazy shit, didn't expect that

Lets say that it was equivalent exchange, also, it doesn't take a long time for her to get them back.

Mai friend.


Want to know another thing user?Kuro Usagi is Loli Usagi now.

how can a bunny even compete?

Nanomachines son

As much as I love Kuro Usagi, she can't. Prithvi is on a whole other level when it comes to looks.

We can't forget other miracles like Kuu-chan and Lamia user.

Where the FUCK is Pesto?

With this bad boy user.


There's also queen halloween. That new world has too many semen demons


Audio to do this scene justice, Shiroyasha is truly the greatest and most wise sage of all time.This truth changed my life.

Nurgle loli is otherwisely occupied.

Queen is lewd, but she is awesome.

How did she survive getting literally BTFO anyway?

She gave a great portion of her powers to Izayoi so he could wield Indra's spear. Loli Usagi is cuter anyways, so this is an improvement in my eyes

So, what you're saying is that she got upgraded?

I'm aware, I did read the novels till volume 2 of Last Embryo, Although I prefer teenage Kuro Usagi I do agree that she is really cute as a Loli so it doesn't bother me that she became like that.

Two vampire lolis, two dragon lolis, fox loli, pest loli, and a bunch of other lolis. I feel so completed.

She got re-summoned by Shiroyasha.

God, You has the best fucking body.

In the LNs it's stated that her game powered her up so much due to the fact that she wagered her own existence essentially. But because all the conditions for her game were cleared and she was beat, the no names essentially got full legal rights of ownership of her. Shiroyasha just held onto her for a little while because she felt it was too soon for them to be given the power of a demon lord to control.

I love YOU and want to fuck YOU.

Her tits are bigger now though.

fucking RUINED

If you prefer Lolis then that definitely is an upgrade.

Honestly a shame. She should have stayed flatter. We already have Asuka and Kurousagi who have tits. Suzuka is filling her spot now as the new youngest in the second main cast and she's flat-chested.

I like her new design, also, she is no tit monster, hers are still the smallest compared to the other girls and are not much bigger than before either. She is prettier now.

Oh yeah, I forgot Suzuka is the smallest one now, man I love her design, she is definitely in my top 5 Mondaiji girls.

You is also strong as Izayoi, maybe a bit stronger in certain areas than him. Our girl has grown and gone so far.

>only 10 episodes
was it fair?

Do they get any better translation wise because when I read about when the usagi-tachi ran around wagging their nekko mimi's, its kind of a turn off.

I liked her slender and flat, but this is still within my acceptable range.

She had the best development between the main cast, but I don't know if she can face Izayoi now that he trained and has override with another crown too.

Why? I love the fact the TL who did most of the translation in the second half included all of that because it made it easier to visual and imagine how cute they sound.

Yeah, her tits are just slightly bigger than before now, but with that being the exception, her design really changed for the better.

While I would've preferred more episodes, it is to my knowledge the best anime adaptation Diomedéa has ever produced. Probably the most legitimate 1 to 1 adaption I've ever seen that didn't feel padded out and properly cut what needed to be cut. The OVA you can ignore since that's literally anime original all for the sake of fanservice.

she was almost the perfect being...

>easier to visual and imagine how cute they sound
Are fucking kidding me?

In terms of specs they should be about the same, but You has a lot more versatility and hax at her disposable that she can combine and eventually get the upper hand if Izayoi isn't careful. However, Izayoi still has pillar and that starlight mode, so he still have those gamebreaking trump cards. Then again, the Genome Tree is the ultimate anti-Demon Lord gift, so who knows, it's possible she can adapt and come up with a counter. The only problem she would have is that she probably need to create her own Cosmology, or borrow one, like when Highness aided her in Quetzalcoatl form to block Azi Dahaka's anti-world attack.


Not at all.The LN is written in a very Japanese culture manner and emphasis on moe fluff. You should be used to it by now, anyhow.

I don't think that she would be able to create her own cosmology, but even without that, as you said, Yo is a dangerous opponent, we really need to wait and see how powerful the both of them became during those 3 years, but I would say that Izayoi has the upper hand due to his Another Cosmology and Overrride with anoter crown. I wonder how strong is Asuka now.

She still is one of the best girls, let's just ignore the slightly bigger chest, also, we have Suzuka now for the slander and flat category.