This is the cutest / saddest movie I've ever seen AMA

this is the cutest / saddest movie I've ever seen AMA

This isn't even A Silent Voice.

Get lost, nerd.

I can't take anything with a high school setting seriously. It's all juvenile nonsense.

You have great taste.

>A Silent Flop


Best question of the thread so far you are also a very handsome young lad.

I have never seen it, therefore my OP stands.

Go watch it, delete this thread and remake it with the cover for a silent voice then.

It was Shinkai's sellout film, I'm not even a very big fan of him but his previous works were heavy on the introvert experience and this one is missing all of that and clearly catered to the normalfag audience

Too late. Your Name grabbed his virginity first. You've lost.

I watched Your Name before I watched A Silent Voice and the latter won.

It ain't too late, my dood.

Nobody cares for your stupid opinions/blogshit
Go back to that shithole you came from

It's a small town setting, not a highschool setting.

I wouldn't sad, but it is very cute at times, and I love it.

I will watch it then

What is the question here?

Your Name is fundamentally a superior movie to A Silent Voice though. After its first act, A Silent Voice completely unraveled due to its diffused focus on 1- or 2-dimensional supporting characters, and choppy storytelling which disrupted the evolution of Shoya and Shoko's relationship.

Sorry that you were moved by a bad movie.

Did you get sprung when the girl(male) grabbed her own tits? Did you wish you were her? Did you jerk it to teenagers feeling themselves up? Fess up you freak.

your name is better
not that the other great movies in 2016/17 are bad or anything though

No, I just like how cute it was that they left each other notes and improved eachothers life :)

then he goes visit the town and finds its RIP :(

Then you find out she had tried to find him before and he didn't remember :(

But then he drinks her spit-jism and the village's population is saved :)

and then they are really become your name

It literally has a Deus ex machina happy ending
How is it sad?

but that's like 75% of anime.