Would you join SOX?

Would you join SOX?

A woman I want to follow.

No, Moral committee is better


Shimoneta was fun. I wish it would get another season, although I know it'll never happen.


Only if she sox my cox.

Which she can't because she's a poser. So no.

Only so I could drug and rape her.

>implying you can rape her
bitch she loves all things dirty


Honestly, "Dirty Jokes Forever" was the best ending we could hope for other than some kind of timeskip to Kajou and Okuma getting married on the anniversary of repealing the morality laws.

Only if it ends in edgy Anna kills Kajou during the wedding

anna = best yandere

If only more cuckqueans in anime murdered the winner and raped their prey for the rest of the days life would be better


you're thinking of anna

ayame is only skin deep lewd

>anna = best
You are correct.

That's my beef with the series. Didn't mind MC not wanting to fuck since that's never happening in this kind of show but she shouldn't have been secretly prudish when it comes to 3DPD

Oh well, RIP Miyu Matsuki and hopes of S2. The artstyle was real nice too

kajou best, Anna worst, science girl lewdest

>best anything

>not joining SOX

Sophia Nishikinomiya is for ____

Sexuality SHOULD be oppressed

Depends would we have mc status, most of use would have best friend status

Birthing perfection.