Shingeki no Kyojin

>Be zeke
>be a titan that throws rocks
>the enemy shows up in town
>no rocks
how can he even win now, his power of being a long range weapon in war is useless here

I really want Eren and Annie to be together and live the remainder of their lives in happiness.

Rest in Peace Best Girl

>Zeke's face
He met the manlet offscreen didn't he? w-what did the manlet do to him

>I really want Eren and Annie to be together
>hey honey remember when I almost murder your father?
>and live the remainder of their lives in happiness.
like a year?

I really want to hate-fuck Ymir. Anyone else know this feel?

Spoilers when?

He'll get Rocks via town rubble, thanks to Eren.

I know user, I know

Hisu pls

Any Hue happening? Call the cops if you see it.

I only want Hisu to have angry sex with Yurimiru for what she did.

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Chimpout in Rio.

Eren did nothing wrong

Yumiru has no right to be this fuckable

>Zeke actually becomes a traitor due to leveling the entire city with baseball rubble

She was always pretty handsome. No wonder, since apparently Isayama put a lot of effort in her character design.

talk about the series you retard


>puts lots of effort into character design
>disappears for 40 chapters
>gets off screened
For what purpose?

To make her memorable with little screen time.

>At the very least, Eren had the perfect opportunity when the Tybur family's head was speaking. Instead of sperging out and slaughtering him and countless innocents, he could have taken the stage and issue an ultimatum to the world not to mess with them and they won't mess with them.

Doing this would go against Eren’s entire character. He’s not suddenly going to give up on freedom for the sake of peace

I wish her and Eren teamed up at least once. They had a pretty entertaining dynamic in the tree conversation for all 5 seconds it lasted.

They had a big brother and angry little sister dynamic

in case you haven't noticed, Isayama likes giving anticlimactic and pathetic deaths to his characters

>walks up on stage
>immediately gunned down by anti-titan guns before he can even take the mic
Not even ragetard Eren would be that stupid

except for the holy EMA and the core cast

Maybe in the anime we'll get some Ymir scenes before she gets PORKED
Or a flashback chapter

>ymir gets offscreen'd
>annie most likely gets offscreen'd
>bort dies alone and screaming helplessly
>erwin gets his corpse dragged about for armongwank instead of dying with his comrades
Unironically Moblit was the only character to be given somewhat of a noble sendoff.

Oh my goodness, Eren was the angry little sister of the group for the longest.

>tfw Bertholdt regained consciousness right before getting eaten

Actually I even found the little focus she got pretty great.

>except for the holy EMA and the core cast
And even then they still don't die, despite all the build up.

And Hanji forgot he existed 2 seconds later.

>those neck rolls
Peak skinnyfat



>convincingly pass as a female
>does not consume soy in excess


>bortwhale this assblasted

That are marks from previously being a titan.

oh wow, you're so butthurt you replied twice. im glad that can cause such triggering

Can he even still use the 3DMG?


thrice! i can feel the earthquake from your trembling 1,000 lb body from here.

Bert doesn't have a receding hairline, just a bad haircut, and even then it's better than Armong's coconut head.

>The pinacle of soy

now you're proxyfagging to reply more than once a minute. wowee, splortwhales truly are desperate

>You open your mouth to talk
No shit.


>shingeki no memes

>8 replies by cyspergwhale
never knew you liked bort that much. i'll make sure to shit on him non stop in every thread, every single day.

You're still upset over that? Watch out for your blood pressure.


no idea what youre talking about but whatever you say. did you take your schizo pills today? :)

Bort a shit. Armin a best.



>bortwhales so triggered they specifically go looking for weird art of armin to post here
enjoy your ban. i know you'll evade it like you always do but hopefully you'll get so triggered you kill yourself

You know, Eren, with great power comes great responsibility. Eren Kruger called it “Eldian’s Burden”. Myself, I just call it as I see it: the responsibility of the master to discipline the servant. The niggers, the Marleyans, the chinks…Its our responsibility to civilize them. And if we can’t? Then they shall dangle from the jaws of a titan. The Grim Reminder is near, Eren. We’ll have every Marleyan on the continent dead or in chains in 13 years, and may Ymir Fritz have me eaten by my own son in a forest this very night if I’m wrong. Ymir bless the Eldian Restorationist Movement.

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>he's still going at it


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>still triggered

>liking armong

>having the Sup Forums equivalent of "receipts"
>still triggered over me calling out bort for what he is 30 minutes later

>he thinks bert is a soyboy and not arlard artard

armin is naturally feminine in face and body, no soy or extra estrogen. splort is a failure and a whiny little soyboy who deserved to die. :)

>naturally feminine

>deluded splort headcanons
>>>/autismspeaks/ >>>/ffg/

>naturally feminine
You mean literally a girl?

the cutest girl! (male)

What is this?

I appreciate this post

Who /olympics/ here?

Reminder that Reiner and Ymir are lovers

One more day till Ymir turns 17 again

>we exist to cuck M'kasa

>Sasha survives because editor likes her
>Annie is liked too
She might still be alive

>A guy discovers giants
>Giants were the original humans till aliens came and gave them intelligence in exchange of losing their sizes
>Ymir was an alien
Here is your spoiler

He obviously knew something was going to happen, so I'm really interested in seeing what he ends up doing.

Hisu rather exists for waifu and yuri bait.


>The Attack Titan's powers are super attacking abilities and unstoppable determination to achieve its goal
>These are also more or less the Ackerman powers
>We know that the Ackermans are a product of titan science or some shit, which is why they're so powerful
>The Attack Titan was used to initially create the Ackermans and was under Paradis's control, as Marley only had 7 of the 9 titans

Either that or he made sure Reiner and Falco were still alive.

>attack titan fights
>ackermans also fight
Its like pottery, it rhymes

Well, it's more that they've both very strong in the same areas (at least in theory) and the determination thing. We also haven't been told who had the Attack Titan before Kruger got it, so there's the possibility it was on Paradis for a while.

Once the Attack Titan has a goal in mind, it almost becomes loyal to it in the same way that Ackermans imprint on someone that saves them or gives them purpose in life. In a way, that person becomes their "goal". Eren saved Mikasa so she's devoted herself to saving him. Same with Erwin and Levi and Uri and Kenny. Their powers activating is the Attack Titan inside of them awakening and their determination setting in. The first time it decides what their goal is, the subsequent times it reminds them of that goal so that they can't die until they've completed it.

Kruger said that the Attack Titan has always fought on for freedom and won't stop until it achieves it. Which is the same for the Ackermans.

I thought Ymir is canonically ugly?

It was a different time.

Isayama said everyone is attractive in their own way, when a nip asked him in a QA if it's strange that he finds Mikasa cute.

Isayama does know how to draw them hot.

>and won't stop until it achieves it

He could throw horses

Yes. She looks pretty good in some scenes, but I don’t think I could stand being around her. Shame we saw so little of her.

She is pretty handsome and cool sometimes, so would suck her dick.