Back to the Future manga

Doujins of Marty banging his mom when?

There's a Back to the Future manga?

Yup. It's being done bu Murata.

Was Marry a good MC?

Counting the days.


He was perfect for the movie,hip and with it enough to seem wildly out of place in the 50's, while possessing the manic dorkiness that defined Michael J. Fox's early career.

Any special reason why they're making a manga of this? Seems so random.

From what I understand, BttF is crazy popular in Japan. Aside from that, they've been doing new stuff for a few years now, and the American comic was a fat pile of dicks so I guess they're trying something different.

God damn, his art is so good.

Good. This will wash the taste of a certain series that was originally a parody of Back to the Future out of our mouth


>Mom-Son incest

So that's why Nips love this.

*urp* God isn't real, Morty

fucking brainlet


Occasionally nips do have good taste.

Wow, the mom is cute

She was always cute.


You mean the NTR, right? Biff ntring his mom right in front of him.

>NTRs his father with slowly disappearing sex
doujins practically writes themselves.

What if he was his own father all along?

Then, bad news, Marty!