Almost a decade later

>almost a decade later
>still the most successful CGDCT anime and nothing came close

What went right?

The songs. People joke about them not practicing enough but the performances were amazing when they happened.


Everything that is good and holy and wonderful with the world.

Kemono Friends exists, you know

I need to watch this show again. I watched it when it was really big but I don't think I was able to really appreciate it fully.

It's directed by a cute girl.

Used to exist.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck off. Do not even try to associate that garbage with a genre defining masterpiece.

This kills Keion

It would probably return after Kadokawa sells the rights for 90% off

It was talked a lot back when it was airing and back then I was not into this genre. Then I binged the first episode and was hooked by its OP.

Something about cute girls and with music instruments and the fact that Cagayake Girls is so catchy made me love it.

>What went right?
Good characters, friendships that felt genuine, and expressive animation.

>most successful CGDCT
that would be Love Live

the original love live series borrowed everything it did from K-On. Honoka is literally a shitty remake of Yui.

eh, that fits more under idol but it does have sol stuff i guess.

Original LL was a copy of Im@s complete with a self-inset character

Oh, and original Honoka was a perfect top notcher girl and not the genki on the anime

Sup Forums seasonal meme
Nobody even cares about it anymore

KF is dead
Keifuku sold out in 2 days, again

>A show about fake Yui and fake Azusa going camping together
>K-ON killer
Ok kid

It's more drama and plot focused than slice of life.