Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai


Chapter’s out; will Maki ever find happiness?

I guess we know Maki's full name now.

>kashiwagi doesn’t want her bf being tutored by the third smartest person in the school
I mean I suppose she’s right to be paranoid

>tfw no yandere gf

The previous set of exams Kashiwagi was number 4 but dropped a lot helping her bf.

Poor Maki.

>miko gets scared during the argument and starts listening to "hunks tell you everything is going to be alright"

Kaguya's lack of self-awareness is scary.

that last page

Hope next chapter will get into why Shirogane is going full jigger.

The scary part is wondering what kind of thoughts went around Kaguya's mind when it shifted to Karaoke.

I'll dump the chapter

>self-proclaimed non-annoying woman

fact: maki is cutest

Demon Fuji a cute!

And here I thought Kashiwagi was the only normal one of the cast. Either you can't be Kaguya's friend without having some weird quirk or Kaguya's yandere tendencies have rubbed on her.

would she do it herself or hire an assassin

What chapter what this?



Christ. Kashiwagi seems like a nightmare to date.

I assume he's just practicing to get better because of what happened with Hayasaka. He did the same with the French lessons after he learned that he didn't know enough. But I wouldn't be mad if they added in another story into it.


This one, dummy.

here's' the next page

>it takes courage to conduct a background check
might be my favorite kaguya line in a long while

at this point i think kashiwagi is a better version of kaguya, since she's more alpha

This. Her bf should dump her and get with Maki.

Holy shit I love Miko now. Why is the main cast so top tier?

oh and she also puts out and has bigger boobs

Miko confirmed best girlfriend in the cast.

>Reminder that Prez has been corrupted from the inside by Fujiwara.

is there a hidden backstory here about miko and karaoke

and this might be my favorite mid chapter page in a long time too


Is Fujiwara just here to suffer?



hm that's right Miko's father is a judge isn't he

this guy has come a long way in six months

What's Miko's deal in the bottom left panel?


great chapter; she might be a normie yandere slut, but kashiwagi makes for some good chapters.

rip in peace mai

she's listening to her husbando mix tape

Was Maki trying to tank their relationship by purposefully picking out a shit gift?

she's scared by Yandere next to her and is retreating to one of those bishounen encouragement ASMR (is that what it's called?)

What's wrong with a heart necklace?!

Maki is being petty now. Needs to move on.

That’s what I wanna know

Punished Fujiwara when?

Kashiwagi and her bf are old news now. We need a chapter about Yakuza-chan and Police chief-kun

>French kissing in front of student council
What a slut

yes. desperate times call for desperate measures

it's bit cliche

what kind of face does fujiwara have here

for that matter what about kaguya, she seems curious

a "thats hot" kind of face

Kaguya is confused because she doesn't know what a french kiss is.

will she let me do that to her

>For those who want to see more of her escapades, be sure to check for next volume's extras


She has an “...Are?” Face.


Does she finally bust out the noose?

she's gets an appearance in every volume's extras

isn't it sad maki-chan

so did she suck his dick right there

does kashiwagi do anal

Someone please date her.

Maki arc when?

Miko gets easily frightened.

>Be sure to check the next volume's extras
extras translations never ever

I’ve noticed that pretty much none of the girls deserve the men they’re after/men who care for them.

That's actually rather strange since being forced to teach others how to do schoolwork actually makes you better at it which is why older siblings do better than their younger siblings at school.
Clearly they're not actually studying in those study sessions.

i think miko's turning it around; she seemed nice this chapter. once she comes around to ishigami she'll be a good gf

Miko is so small and cute.

in the ib remake

would (you) date kashiwagi? is she worth the drama?

Kashiwagi and the guy are a pretty OK fit, but yeah, the others guys are in for hell if they choose to pursue

Pretty much. This manga is sorely lacking some NTR. I hope Aka the madman initiates a scortched earth policy

I like obsessive girls so yeah sure. Although Fuji would be my first choice.

Nope. She revealed herself to be third worst girl this chapter. Worst is the bitch from Ishigami's flashback, 2nd worst is the cunt French girl who insulted the President.

>you will never listen to president and subject f's supa hot fire mixtape
i need it

then i want the miko/ishigami one

Maki is NTR: the character.

These two scary girls have pushed her over the edge. She needs those recordings from reassuring pretty boys to make it through the day.

anime when? who voices whom?

Except her friend was actually trying to make her break up with her boyfriend. What do both of them see in that loser to the point of going psycho is beyond me.

Kashiwagi's bf isn't hot stuff by any metric.

Isn't he stated to be pretty good looking in-universe though?

>there is an alternate universe where kashiwagi's bf is the main protagonist of this manga
i love how generic he is myself

Fuku Jun as Prez

Kaguya's been getting progressively better. She still has her crazy moments, but usually she's great now. I'm sure she'll be a great girlfriend for Shirogane once she learns a bit more and stops bottling everything up.
And Iino actually seems great now.

Hopefully they get together soon so they can start battling to figure out who is better at being in a relationship

Akira Ishida as Ishigami.

The middle two panels perfectly symbolize the battle of the sexes. The women of the world have a meta-game around the game of love that is constantly evolving, and they expect the men to keep up with it without informing them that there even IS a game, let alone it has started.

Maybe you should reread the chapter where he first asked her out then.

so, should i buy my imaginary gf a heart necklace or not?

The recent chapter have been pretty fucking funny. Aka has that nice blend between serious arcs and fun times.

The one where Kashiwagi only showed interest in him because of his new assertive attitude thanks to prez? The same one where Prez made him believe that the teasing he was getting from the girls was a sign of him being popular? Yes I know Maki was actually interested in him the whole time but she was the only one.

Prez: FukuJun
Kaguya: Hayamin
F: Aki Toyosaki
Our Guy: Uchiyama Kouki
Hayasaka: Nazuka Kaori
Narrator: Kaiji narrator guy

Kaguya would accept anything from President unless it's extremely tacky. Miko kept a hairpin as a memento from some what she thinks is an unknown dude for years, so she's probably big on the sentimental meaning of things. Nobody knows how Fujiwara would actually react since her way of showing affection is weird.
Who knows how the female mind is supposed to work.

Didn't Kaguya swap out President's phone battery once?

I’m glad I’m not the only one. Hiroshi Kamiya would also be great as Ishi.

Almost similar choices, I would take Ai Kayano for Hayasaka and maybe change Pres with Tomokazu Seki

She didn't look at his contact info that time though.
Having said that, she probably has it bugged.