Shokugeki no Souma

Korean Scans soon.




OP/ED announced for Food Wars season 3 second cour. The OP is by Luck Life and will be called "Symbol" and the ED by Fo'X Tails

Rindo doesn't really seem happy at all right now. She's gonna up and turn coat, I'm sure of it.

Why is Hishoko blushing like that

Where the hell did these ladies come from?

When will this arc fucking end?

When the last member of the E10 loses obviously.

Late 2018

>that dark-skinned beauty
The most attractive woman Tosh has drawn so far. 10/10 for her appearance alone.

>this match is actually DEEP.

Are we going to have five judges? 3 bookmen ladies + Azami and Senzaemon?

I'm shipping Takumi x Rindou.

She's a slut

It never struck me until now, but Azami must be quite the dilf in the SnS universe.

>but Azami must be quite the dilf in the SnS universe.
This gives off a very cursed and negative energy.

Because Erina-sama is standing next to her.

During this match Rindou is the only girl Takumi looks at

That's it guys, Erina is not gonna lose in this RdC. This will end up with Erina making a dish that is completely different than from what Azami taught her and Azami will have a foodgasm from it.

Takumi is kill

>This will end up with Soma making a dish that Azami will have a foodgasm from it.

>tfw Takumi ends up being Rindou's true white knight trying to save her from her chains of misery

He's literally fighting her. No shit he's only looking at her.

That would be great.

Fuck off, Tsukuda.


Not this shit again

anti-soumafags pls go.

Oh fuck.

>Azami judging
>new semen demons
>no more based judges bros
>Rindou acting weird

What is even going on.

From the spoiler guy

I'm still trying to figure out why he decided to do this in this bout and not just wait until the final bout. We only have 1 match left, so what the hell is the point of this switchup?

Fuck off newfag. Souma has been getting shit even before this arc.

Don't reply.

So hey are the new judges?
>change the nig for another nig

He shouldn't be, he did nothing wrong.

>changing the judges in the middle of the match
This is retarded.

This match is already a wild ride and it hasn't even begun.

Nigs don't have silky hair or nice features like that. She's probably Paki or another poo

>Rindou could have decimated Takumi either way
>brings in shitty judges and bullshit to waste a chapter


Yes, and I'm telling you fags to fuck off just like the million other times you bitch and complain every time Souma so much as breathes.

so this? -

Fuck you, Tsukuda. It should've been Erina saying these to her father. I hate Soma now.

Goodbye, fun judges.

>change the two men for hot women

Tsukuda is using Tosh as a crutch for his shitty writing again


It's better for Erina to be the one who did it desu, to show us her new way of thinking.

No. This isn't your safe space. Get the fuck over it you whiny little bitch.

>uwahhh why does the main character have dialogue

What's important to me is whether or not he's still holding that teacup

Do you even know what he's saying to Azami?

What a chad. He's got his own milfs at hand.

But Soma is Tsukuda's waifu.

No safe space. I'm just wondering why you continue reading this manga if you hate the mc of a manga with his fucking name in it so much.

Wait until the end. When the E10 loses, Erina's going to tell her father off and his entire plan will collapse in on itself since as they've said, she's the key. Anyway, Souma's passive aggressive attitude towards Azami never stops being funny.

Post yfw Azami foodgasm

>fun judges
Aside from Anne did any of you really like the two dudes? They had nothing notable going for them. I bet half of the people ITT don't even remember their names

In an alternate timeline, Tsukuda and Tosh got to show the full extent of Azamis' mindbreak.

>tentacle foodgasm.


Them bullying Anne sometimes was fun.


How the hell does this work? Azami has something really important to lose in this competition, how can they trust him with being unbiased and fair in his judgement?

Charme and Historie were way better than the stupid bitch.

I remember one was named Histoire. They got a lot less shit than Anne because MUH PITY VOTE

>Oh my...would it be alright if I sat on your lap, Azami-sama?
>Heh...perhaps another time.
>homos get pissed off

>yfw the foodgasm involves squid ink filling the judges mouth

And what about this, fucker?

Exactly how Takumi and Megumi passed the Rindou's test.
Azami looks cooler than the other two nobody male judges.



He's really saying that?


Will he act tsundere?
>I-it wasn't really THAT good, Aldini.

For the other characters, dumbass.

>samefagging his own bait
Don't fall for it

You mean the last line? No, that was just me pointing out the next panel.

Nevermind the two sluts they're just there to fresh up the fanservice game again but why exactly are we switching judges?

>flirting in front of his daughter and his father-in-law
This guy have no shame at all.

Don’t question logic in shounen.

>Takumi match
>gets more older female judges

Rejoice, he stands a better chance now

>flat out refusing an ebony goddess to rub against his dick
Was there any doubt he craves for the senpai D?

Rindou sabotages Central and makes a disgusting dish to make Azami look bad.

The light haired one is the one asking him.

Tsukuda really needs to give us an update on where the actual fuck Erinas mom is. He confirmed Souma’s mom passed away.

He was apologizing to the slut he couldn't give a seat to her since Anne questioned his judge and needed to stay.

You know, That thing you guys were saying about Azami knowing Takumi's father and hating the Aldinis doesn't seems that weird.

Fool. It’s the light-haired girl, not the goddess.

So Azami gets at least one moment where he judges dishes seriously and in his own manner, before inevitably having the foodgasm of his life when Erina and Souma present theirs.

>Azami knowing Takumi's father

He already knows Doujima

why not? At least this match will be interesting.

As much as it would help Takumis character, I will personally shoot Tsukuda if he wastes another 5 chapters going through some dumbass flashback of Azami and the Aldinis

>This guy have no shame at all.
What went wrong?

They broke his senpai and then his wife died.

The culinary world ruined his senpai ;_;

You will get the dumb flashback chapters when they get back to the talk him and grandpa had anyway.

Using Tosh's amazing artwork to make up for Tsukuda's shit writing

he's gay for his senpai but his senpai left him

That sounds more like something that they would show in some panels teasing it and giving some info in the inevitable Jou flashback (Not giving it much focus tho)