Why you hate Tohsaka, Sup Forums ?

Why you hate Tohsaka, Sup Forums ?

Because I can't have her.


I'm an old man so i don't hate her


She basically acted like someone experienced in Fate, but not in UBW.

What is this Old Men meme going around on Sup Forums?
never cared Fate spinoffs btw.

I love her.


We don't. She is still undoubtedly the best girl on Fate. The co-protagonist on all 3 routes. Hell, the VN starts with a 30 min. scene of her.

And ends with her perspective

I want to Fuck Tohsaka Defenseless Anus


She lost to the cock.

Lots of them. Old ones. For Money.

What's Rin's best outfit and why is it pic related?

>Almost 20 years and still no Rin-Archer
Of all the fucking things and demi-servants that happen now, we haven't had the only one we actually wanted. Fuck.

She also became a literal slut goddess

Everybody loves Rin
Only that one Saber(Umu)fag is hate Rin.

She copulates with codgers for currency.

That and the wormfag.

Need an explanation for this

Rin is for Finns

Thats not Canon image

Sex on legs.


Why does anyone like Luvia? She's literally so irrelevant and worthless that Japan forgets she even exists.

because Luvia's an upgraded rin tohsaka

*sex on feet

We hate Tokiomi Tohsaka, Not Rin Tohsaka & Sakura Tohsaka

>will never sniff that bedsheet

Hatesex when?


Can girls have jackhammers?

I don't.
She and Archer are the only decent characters in FSN. A shame they're stuck in such a shit VN.

Jackhammer is the best present for a girl.

What about if you want a girl with a jackhammer? Can a tongue be a jackhammer?

0.2 Seconds


Thank god for FHA, there are tons of good scene of Tohsaka shows her dereness.

>Rin is not virgin
And the sky is blue



i wanna ravage her asshole


Ironically only DEEN is able to match the VN artstyle.


Rin x Luvia Doujins when?

I wanna patronize that butt

As if

I want to watch Prisma Illya just for Rin & Luvia alone, but i hate Loli Magical Girls.

Furious and steamy hatesex is only a matter of time.

I’ve just never cared for tsundere chicks.


I disagree

There's no tsun. She's pure dere.

And I disagree with your disagreement

Fate, UBW, HF.... No matter which route it is, Rin always madly in love with shero.

Then what was she feeling for Saber?

The desire to jackhammer.

>I want to lick this king's pussy so goddamn hard right now

Isn't this the best fantasy? Fucking a boss, fucking a king, fucking an emperor, fucking a god, fucking a personification of the universe!

God I just want to fuck her senseless

Get off the internet Luvia.

>fucking a personification of the universe!
Didn't work out so well for Pedro


I ship saber and rin

Those are cosplayers. Neither Saber nor Rin are that big.


Does the Emiya Cooking Anime includes Rin ?


Better question is, ep3 fukken when?


Does Saber want to tap dat ass?

Everyone does. Literally everyone in Fate wants to fuck Rin

Saber won't fuck her lawfully wedded wife, but will fuck this Japanese girl she's just met?

Saber didn't fuck, she was fucked by.

She used to have dick. She did both.

Gilgamesh doesn't. He is purely anti Rin

my dick

>H-h-he forced himself on m-me!
>I couldnt r-realise what was going on!

Blonde girls

Another old man here. Can confirm.

How can Gilgamesh be anti Rin, if he barely glanced at her existence in Fate, didnt even acknowledge her existence in UBW and didnt acknowledge her existence in HF.

Probably because of that time she was possessed by the one woman he hates more than any other.



>wearing the pajamas she wears when she's impregnated

spurdo sprölölöö ebin

She's a huge belligerent cunt in FSN (all routes including her own). I guess some people find that attractive but that's a big turnoff for me.

Looking at how Gil reacts to Alturia in Carnival, he would be into Tohsaka's character and her love for pleasure provided she could muster the courage to stand up to him and not cover in utter horror like in Fate route.

Yeah but at the same time, Ishtar

Would you love Rin if she were a Wormslut?

Tsundere isnt your thing i guess


Not when it's 90% tsun 10% dere. You need to flip those numbers the other way around.

>You need to flip those numbers the other way around.
That is example of Bad Tsundere, user.


shes a slut

Only to Saber & Shiro

What about Rider?