One Piece

Chapter 895 is out!

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Why is Katakuri so lewd?

Oda confirmed a fag.

I've had enough of a HACK for a lifetime

Do you think this pic is an actual possibility at this point?

El hombre de serpiente
El diente de perro
Quien es mas muerte?

Fuck off, is love

Where should I cut myself with a razor next? Doing skull shapes atm cause of Dogtooth.

His donut is open wide for the snake



That felt short as hell. Not an exciting chapter as far as new form reveals go. Thank God this fight is wrapping up

"a break next week"


Change banana for snake or python.

will luffy Mouch the mouchi man?

This is one of those cases I regretted to came back to OP like 8 chapters ago, this pace is killing me

>this image manages to be more believable than the thing based upon

Go away, reddit

When luff asserts his Rubber superiority and beats Kata, he will defect to the Strawhats once he realizes that LUFFY WILL BE PIRATE KANG

No he'll want to destroy the hidden le-err tot land for the shame he's endured.

>Hype up Snake man
>It is basically the same shit Luffy did before but this time "eye do it fastah"

Why even bother

Gear 5 will give Luffy telekinesis

Jaiminis when? Are they fucked again this week?

>jet culverin
Jets has been Luffys gear 2 moveset since Enies Lobby. Does this mean hes using both Gear 2 and Gear 4?

>hype up tank man
>it' is basically the same shit luffy did before but this time "Eye do it bigger and fatter"

really scratching the neutrons

That's the impression. Snake man is a souped up second gear

That's like. Your own fault.

Black Mamba is cool as fuck, though. Culverin + Gatling, damn nigga.

Yea, gear 4 boundman was just using haki to help contract and harden his rubber.

Meanwhile in snake man he utilizes gear second which in turn uses up more stamina.

>hidden le-err
But BTFOing totland can happen after he defects out of MANLY respect. I mean I see defecting happening after seeing Kata not giving a fuck about his revealed mouth during the fight

Making this black mamba basically a multi-dimensional jet gatling?

Hidden leaf village and how Sasuke wanted to destroy it.

Which one of you faggots did this?

Luffy ran from Kata and then came back to fight him.
So if you're wondering why Kata was nagry last week, that's why.

well luffy is using katakuri's blind spots to hit him while throwing gear 2 punches, he's actually using both arms at the same time, did you even read the chapter?

So what will be called g3 + g4?


>Using both arms at the same time is considered innovative now for some reason

Fuck off Kubo

>mexican donut on a rampage

Did you rike my newest chapter Sup Forums?

Gear forth "Giant Man" when he goes on to spank smoothie.

All of the variations of Gear 4 are just adjustments to his proportions and where he uses his armament.

>Boundman inflates the chest like a ball, giving him large arms and the ability to use skywalk. The haki extends from his arms to his upper torso and covers his legs.
>Tankman greatly inflates his torso instead of his limbs to increase his defense. His haki is spread across his stomach and arms, leaving his upper torso and legs exposed.
>Snakeman is a lot more compact and proportionate, allowing for greater speed and better use of the culverin technique. He has no haki on his torso at all, it coats his four limbs instead.

They have fancy names but they're still Gear 4. It's the same base technique, just applied in a different way to fit the situation.

bruh this exchange was cool af. Just hate ending on a cliff hanger like that...and a break fml

It's on Aunt-Jemeemee's Box now faggots.

Its out

like I said, he can do that to momma after Kata bros up to the luff. But that kinda seems out of character though unless Kata loses then the family relentlessly mocks him for losing and having a weird mouth

After he trashes what is left of BM crew he joins the SW fleet as they would be way more accepting of HAPPY DONUT TIME. the SWs need a logia finally

More like Big guy!

Alright, the new Kaguya is out!

Its real but why they lie about the chapter release?

I will only say this

Katakuri is such a fucking badass he managed to make me come back to read One Piece. He's the best.

It's out on Jaimini's Box now thanks for reading my version though hope you liked it

Probably just a bugged reader on the website. Or they uploaded it as hidden.

>bluepill faces his first inconsistency

Kata is going to join SW like Law did, not as a nakama but during some time

>It's out on Jaimini's Box now thanks for reading my version though hope you liked it

Thanks user! I appreciate the effort

Your version was actually pretty good. Almost completely identical to Jaimini's.

you forgot that SnakeMan apparently gets faster with each turn he takes on the punches.

>esto es el fin Strawhat

You cheeky bitch.

Yours is better

muy bueno boludo

>Final, crucial blow that decides the entire fight
>Has a technique that allows you to attack from opponent's blind spot
>Decided to go all the way around and make it a frontal attack instead
>Wide as fuck unnecessary path

What a retard

I appreciate it

Luffy's final form in Gear 5 will completely cover him in armament. Pic related

What if he used the extended part of his arm to deflect Katakuri's attack while punching

Kata probably dodged the first shot before the go-around

true, I really think donut time os only SW fleet teir gimmicky

Yeah, it's so fucking lazy from design to execution.

You just helped over 700 people. Goodness

He'll contract himself toward his arm to avoid the attack and give his fist more power

Katakuri and Luffy will knock each other out, but Katakuri will remain standing.

Katakuri wakes up first and throws Luffy through the mirror at 1am.

Wrong mangaka.

It's almost like this is still Gear 4 or something. Woah.

So now that Luffy upgraded his CoO in this fight how will he upgrade his CoA? I don't wanna see Kaido stomping the shit out of Luffy until he goes full nigger mode.

Possible future attack for Luffy's Snakeman; He uses king cobra, with his arm going around and encircling the enemy, then he follows up, and constricts his arm.

Will Gear Fourth have any more forms? I think it will just be these three.

No homo but Sanji feeding Luffy will be really cute.

Isn't he just building up momentum since there isn't enough space from his shoulder to Katakuri to build up a strong hit?


>The reason Kaido is so easy to capture is because he's such a bipolar drunk and therefore weak to Conqueror's Haki

We still haven't seen Tankman in its unfull mode if I recall correctly.

Not happening, he didn't even bring any food.
Katakuri will feed Luffy with his mochi dick..

That would still be Tank Man, but you have a point.

No, katakuri will get on his knees and ask luffy from help to save big mom or his family from assassination against a marine strike force that's incoming.

I don't really get this page.
What made Luffy cheerier?

Bounceman - Power
Tankman - Defense
Snakeman - Speed

I think it's enough.
Gear 5 will be something related to Luffy's df awakening.

I wish Oda put more effort into his anatomy. This is well rendered in a dramatic way but Katakuri's body still looks like a mass of random meat.

Thanks user.

I predict a fifth gear transformation where Luffy covers himself completely in a suit of armament Haki whilst also using Observation haki to it’s fullest extant (it would also be cool if he found a way to use his conquerers haki as a way to increase every area of power ie. Strength, Speed, And Haki), coupled with his awakening powers allowing for the greatest amount of Defence and Offence, but at the cost of massive amounts of energy, where he essentially just bounces about as a giant canonball of death.

Go read last chapter with that Rayleigh said.

Luffy is expressing his spirit because of Gear fourth. Plus it makes your haki better.

The whole Python shit doesn't really make any sense, but I guess we're not meant to think about it too hard.

His attacks get faster the more he changes trajectory


I still can't get over this panel.
This shit is great art.
And not just that, but combined with the whole attack.
The dude became fluid and went full speed as a fucking donut, usted that momentum to clover Luffy, then keeping that momentum in a swing and then bring all that accumulated force, all the way fucking down to stamp Luffy on the ground. This fucking picture, with the back muscles still inflated from the force of that shit and only white dots for eyes with a small glimpse of the teeth.
The mochi has never been THIS intimidating.
Does anybody have any other examples in the manga when the enemy looked like this?

I was thinking the same thing, do you think my theory/idea is plausible?

katakuri went full junkie hody jones mode

Gear 5 is Luffy with awakened DF, armament, observation combined. Also conqueror haki like saiyan power up.

Oda had a separate notebook just for Gear 4th techniques, we may see more forms, or just expansions on the forms we know now.

Saying what's been on his mind you dummy.
When you're angry, say something like "FUCK THIS SHIIIIIT". When you're sad, cry for a bit. You'll feel better and refreshed in both cases.

It's super strange to me that Luffy orders Python like it isn't part of his body, he did the same against Doflamingo. I guess it's just Luffy getting really into it.