Yuru Camp

Nadeshiko is the light of the universe!

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Rin and Nadeshiko are for pure cuddly camping, but this teacher was made for getting wasted and having outdoor sex.

This is my wife rin beside me every night

I want to marry her sister.

god my wife aoi is so cute

What the fuck is wrong with her legs

Slow Start > Yuru Camp
This is a fact.

Why is Nadeshiko so great? She saved the whole episode.

That's only be true if Hiroe was the main character of Slow Start.

What happened to pink Aoi?

Comfiest girl of the year.

She's moved on from saving villages to saving camping.

Met her future husband, wedding, settle down and has 2 daughter.


I want to be Rin's biological father.

Say what you want, but the real savior of this episode was the vomiting teacher.

bump bump

I want to have raunchy, kinky sex with her in the tent and in the woods. I want to get the forest wet with her juices and my semen.

i-i thought Rin-chan was supposed to be an expert...

>can't even get the fire started

Too bad. That's me.

You gotta survive in the wilderness on your own for a month with this guy hunting you down first.

Please don't bully.

I think I'm ready, except for the "hunting you down" part.

She's a veteran camper but not a cook.

Binchotan is more of a restaurant style charcoal. Take too long time to start but it burns much longer. We're about 3-4 hours of burning with high heat which In camping, there are no reason to have it that long.

Nah I'll just skip that and get his daughter pregnant. It'll be too late for him then.

Asenshi subs when

Por favor don't burn down our estepas my frens


did you seriously screencapture from a streaming wobsite and think that would be in any way acceptable to post?
i wish i could hate people like you to death
or at least away forever

And the he will you get you pregnant.

I want to fire my nut roast on Rins chest


no promises

Would you ______ this country grandma?

internet anime website, serious business


vlc wont let me capture subs :(

what is your camping style, Sup Forums?

I hope Kamen Rider can protect us from this new evil.

Cumming on Sakura's glasses is my camping style.

I-Is it s-safe?

Camp Rapist™ episode when?

Is it ever safe?


Big Boss will protect them.

Anyone else love the bantz of the show? Nadeshiko and Rin just seem like real friends that get along really well. It makes me lonely.

I like when Nadeshiko talks like an old lady. It makes her the best.


What did she see?

>can cook
>cutest eating faces
>cute noises
>talks like an old lady
Fuck why is she so perfect lads.

i want to protect this dork!

>Rins face when you stick it in her pooper.

Apparently, the point is you can't burn binchoutan with a fire starter. So I'm pretty sure those who are making fun of her saying about too much coal or air flow will fail, too.

So was this supposed to be a dude? cause my dick says otherwise.


Tbh, Firestarter is shitty thing to use. It add chemical smell to your food.

Just go with chimney or use rocket stove.

Sorry user, but you're gay now.

> Draw a girl
> Call it a boy

I want to eat this rum cake.

Does it really matter?

I get that it's just an anime, but this part made me cringe. Make a pit for your fire or make a ring of rocks so things can't just roll away.

Someone vector the endcard.

why would a boy wear be wearing a skirt?

That's the bottom of a sweater.

Also at first glance I thought it was a man too, but then I remembered the laws of anime. No Men Allowed.

I think I figured it out. the girls are aliens pretending to be human

>No Men Allowed.
Explain this then.

> vlc wont let me capture subs :(
Use mpv then.

That's not a man, that's a snake.

Explain what? It's just a motorcycle next to an empty campsite

The oneesan style.

Nadeshiko a shit

I'm so confused.

I bet that it is very windy in your area

What is the parody of the rum bottle?
Captain Morgan Rum ?

You got it.

> just made a girl and called her a boy
The absolute state of modern anime.

be honest Sup Forums, you would fug and cuddle him

I do not think it is enjoyable to drink rum directly, or even on the rock.
My preference is to mix rum with fruits.
Avocado with Rum is one of my favourite.
(Taken from internet, not my mix)

>I get that it's just an anime, but this part made me cringe. Make a pit for your fire or make a ring of rocks so things can't just roll away.
>needing to make a firepit on sand

hello /in/tard

shutup ken
blame bat

Best anime of the season.

They made a girl, called it a girl, and somehow the girl who's friends with Ena didn't recognize it.

that wasn't sand retard, it was hard ground

>came for camping
>stayed for the food
This show makes me hungry

I've come to realise over the last few seasons just how much I like seeing cute girls eat. I never understood it until recently.

Rin-chan erecting Nadeshiko's tent!

I hear ya, it's hard watching this and Koizumi-san on an empty stomach.

Girls will lie without a second though.

tl note 妹 means imouto

>of the season

>no aoi this week except for the end short

6/10 episode

Of the decade?

I wanted to hear her talk more. I like her cute accent.


Needs more nee-chan.


How does this show keep getting cuter?

>just 5 more episodes


Camper, your old unit, BLANKET, has taken the campground of Lake Shibire hostage and are demanding the remains of your old mentor, Big Camper.

I want to suck on Rin's toes.