What went wrong?

what went wrong?

15 Fps Cgi.

This and not enough moth girl

>that all-star VA cast

I liked it, it wasnt great or anything, i would say it was okay and no more, but it was fun to watch

Anno doing it before him

This, also being a movie trilogy.

Brought to you by Intel i9

It's poorly written, poorly designed, and poorly directed. Not sure how you missed it.

dull color palette
boring cinematography

I'm willing to wait and see how the next two parts play out before passing final judgment.

i liked him

It hasn't ended yet.
We need to wait for it to finish before raising judgement.

Wasn't the first movie supposed to hook the audience? First impressions can be lasting.

It's episodes 1-4 stitched together for a movie

If it didn't hook you, then you have brain and taste problems.

>what went wrong?
About everything that could have

>what went wrong?

Urobuchi most likely created a script that fits for 1 movie but producers forced him to stretch it to 3 movies

He created script for tv show with 1 week between episodes. But producers turned it into 3 movies.

It's not a sequel to Shin Godzilla?

But in their defense tokyo ghoul seems to be doing it's best to rip that movie off right now...
Just now learning he was part of this, I'm even more salty now...

nothing much, just a bunch of elitist judgmental special snowflakes spouting shit about 'writing' to look smart

Did you not like the universe and artistic direction?

Tell don't show.

Use 3 times the amount of runtime required to tell what they had to tell.

>only shows Goji in the last 5 minutes
Come the fuck on!

Boring main character, boring action and most important of all: boring music

No other kaiju besides Godzilla

They aren't going to just cancel other two movies, right?

It's almost as if it's just the beginning of the story and that they're planning to make more of it.

Nah. Shin Godzilla was a political comedy anyway. Wouldn't make sense to do a traditional Godzilla vs humanity monster mash as a sequel.