Is this the pinnacle of band girls anime?

Is this the pinnacle of band girls anime?
>good music
>cute gay girls
>good comedy
If you haven't watched it yet then you should.



Try asking again




The average poser "fan" hasn't even experienced it.

Kasumi cat ears are my fetish.

>Kasumi star ears are my fetish.

If they are stars they are not ears.

Shitty Tenshi no 3P ripoff

Only people that don't know they're stars call them ears.

I know they are stars but they also look like cat ears.

My Keyboard can also change the timbre. Would Kasumi say that it's amazing?

Shitty K-On! ripoff

I bet you haven't even experienced Ako.

Kasumi is a normal person.

How gay are they? Yuru Yuri gay or Sakura Trick gay?

What's with Tae's clothing?

Sakura trick has nothing on bandori.


She's the only one that knows how to dress

You didn't kiss her enough.

"Cute" girls

>where do you think you're going nerd?

Look at these grannies

Did they actually make out?

Why wouldn't they?

That's what rock and roll is all about.

Unlike you.

It's alive unlike K-On.

This is my new main thread now that the other one is annoying.

All I remember is that main girl was such a fucking faggot I couldn't watch it.

Absolute pinnacle fashion.

I'll kiss her enough for us all.

Shut up.

Can't argue with that though all the other girls band anime are shit

>implying it wasn't a 30 minute commercial for girls band party

Was a pretty bad commercial. None of the Garupa Original Girls spoke.

They were advertising the good parts

Aya-chan is good.