Classroom of the Elite

*5. *6,637 65,615 Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Vol.7.5

3rd week on sale. Officially can be considered at least in the upper tier of sales now just below the main top 5. 1 more week till we finally see the full scope.

Kei selling volumes as expected. No one can doubt her now.

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Second for Horikita-chan!

Ibuki is the cutest.

You wish user, you wish.

The total number of sales will probably be around 68k to 70k, one hell of a number for a side volume.

I'm very impressed at the sales of this LN so far. Its anime flopped and it only came out in 2015 with less than 8 main volumes out so far yet it's outperforming a lot of other, older LNs and right beneath the main top 5 like SAO, Konosuba, Re:Zero and Mahouka. If the upcoming volumes can all maintain this level of popularity even Kadokawa might reconsider a new season to cash in on the popularity.

It's definitely impressive for a light ovel that's only been aroud for a little more than 2 years to reach these numbers, I can see Youkoso becoming even bigger in the future, which makes me glad. If Kadokawa decides to make a second season in the future, I'm pretty sure that they wont let Hashimoto even touch it.

IF only the anime stayed true to its source material.

The contents of it barely show that it's a side volume. The biggest side-volumish thing in it is the focus on romance.

The funny thing is he'll lose his virginity to a girl he was threathing with rape.

>Implying he won't lose his virginity to QTKita

Go back to your spin-off

There is no need to imply anything. You just need to read the ln and you'll understand she is out of the race.

Well Hori got fucked pretty bad by Ryuuen in vol 5, but yes, if she goes on to oppose Kiyo in the future, what Ryuuen did might be considered a mere fingerbanging in comparison and her first time getting really fucked will have been by Kiyo.

It would be much much better if they did a Remake of the first season though

that'd be a shame. vol 4 is where the story really kicks off.
not like there are many aspects they need to change anyway.

No. There's no point in doing that. Move on from it and forget. Then make a new season acting like s1 didn't change stuff up.

The little details are everything, the number of students in a class for example.

In Anime it's 25/per class, in LN, it's like 35/per class,

Yes, Kei is out of race, nothing valuable of her left to be told in the story.

Keep telling yourself that Horiktafag.

Spin off for Ayanokouji if he was in class B when?

Whorikitafag spotted, alert, Thread gradually turning into Shitpost.

it's true that any detail they changed can come back to bite them. but that's only if they adapt all the volumes now and in the future.
s2 would finish at max vol 7, they already know what to watch out for and afaik for s2 it's not the little details that are a problem, it's bigger things relating to characters. Like ichinose hinting she intends to buy her way into class A alone, or Horikita making a character development that's supposed to happen two volumes down the road.

You mean Kanzaki's spin-off?

There again, Ryuuen pinpoint he wants to gather 800million point for his 40 student class, that happens in LV V7, so if they go without saying anything like that, that'll piss a lot of fans, really a lot, especially that the pool scene in V.4.5 can no longer be adapted (they said in the anime that the pool will be open just for that time in summer)

This is why no one likes Keifags I hope Kiyo rejects your girl hard

No you are the example why people don't like Horiktafags. Literally not posting anything of value. Just your own fanficiton that has Horikta being close to the mc. While the mc in reality doesn't give a shit about her

Supposing an Ichinose spinoff ever happens that won't be its premise. Changes a whole lot of background setting if he does that

No I disagree. I honestly don't see why wouldn't they change that much. Look at Horikta's spinoff. Ayanokoji seems like a complete different person.

fair point

I'm an Ichinosefag and I don't really mind Horikitabros though

But if it's for 25 people instead of 40, he needs to gather 500 million points which still sounds like a fuckton, it's still almost impossible. I don't think it would piss people off. Also, it's the same difficulty for anime Ryuuen to gather 500 million as it is for LN Ryuuen to gether 800 million because all classes have 25 people instead of 40.
Pool scene, you're right about that. But that isn't a detail they missed, it was a deliberate change they made.

I don't mind sane Horiktafags. Just the delusional ones like that guy.

Everyone just hates both Keifags and Horikitafags that discuss fanbases instead of the story or characters. Even if you shit on my girl, if you're giving actual reasons, I don't care, it's your taste in the end. Hell, before 7.5 dropped Ichinose was constantly shat on with bantz, but it was bantz in the end and it subsided after a while so it was fine.

She's so hot. Every time I see her, my dick turns diamond. I want more lewd Horikita. I want to put my dick inside this girl.

That wasn't a discussion. I just told the shitposter the truth.

Poor Horikita. Even the official Twitter account of Youzitsu forgot her birthday yesterday. They only wished her a happy birthday a while ago today. Even the staff working on the novels forgot about her. Truly we are living in the age of Karuizawa.

holy shit it's true.
That's just...sad.
It might actually be better if it was on purpose as a joke or something, but I doubt it was.
Poor horikita, even the official twitter doesn't give a shit about her

>Kei selling volumes as expected. No one can doubt her now
>now just below the main top 5

Sorry but it's not because of her
LN has always sold very well thanks to the animations that propelled sales
Vol 1 out of stock there was no kei at this moment the story
LN has increased in the top 5 for a while already
the author does very good work

I'd say that for this particular volume, kei has had a large part in sales. It's a side volume not a main one, yet it sold just as well. As announced in vol 7 afterword, vol 7.5 revolves heavily around Kei and Kei is on the cover to emphasize that further. Vol 7 also hyped kei up even for non-keifags which hyped people up for a story that's kei-heavy.

t. deluded keifag

I wouldn't call him deluded since it's true.

Same guy prolly a Horiktafag that is triggerd his favorite girl is irrelevant.

The focus on her is already not affect the sales
we must look rather the goods of the girls sold is Sakura ichinose and Horikita are at the top right now
all this focus does not change the taste of the Japanese they are still faithful to their waifu even if likes kei

if you got some reason to say why I'm wrong, spit it out

No you are so wrong. The SS that sold the best and is most expensive is Keis from V4 when she monologues from the future.

put the success of the LN back to Kei
is really throwing up
The author knew how to make this story very good
and the reader bought point nothing added

the author would have another girls instead of Kei and the sales would have been the same or better sold

Please, next time write your post in your original language first and google translate it before posting it here

If It was another girl in volume 7.5? Doubtful, the only one that I can think that could pull of a number of sales close to this one would be Ichinose since she and Kei are the most popular girls.

I doubt that. Sakura and Kushida won't be able to pull off the number of sales Kei did. Horikita wouldn't have done it either. It's either Ichinose or Kei or another rooftop scene type volume that could've done it. I don't understand why you downplay Kei's role in the skyrocketing sales? It's a good thing, it's a sign that Kinugasa developed Kei so well that everyone likes her enough to cause these sales numbers. It's a good thing. Kei's a good girl, she deserves it.

I honestly can't wait for volume 8. The mind battles are going to give me orgasms. We all know in the end, 50% is going to steal the show again and awe us with his alpha monologues

poor Kei. She has no a figure

She's only for Kiyotaka

I expect that for 50%, vol 8 will be a setup volume. Data gathering, observing Nagumo and observing the class battle. The main stage will be taken by those who actively participate in the next exam - Ichinose, Horikita, Arisu first and foremost and Hiyori, Hirata, Katsuragi following them.
50%'s level of action could change depending on Nagumo's, Horikita's or Kushida's actions.

I think so too. It's not plausible to fit an arc of this scale and that is not even the entire 3rd semester, just a setup between A class vs B class, StuCo, expulsions, and special exam. That, not taking the possibility all of it will be scattered onto next volumes

To be honest, I don't even expect 50% to be the main PoV for volume 8. I expect either Horikita or Ichinose to be the PoV character for volume 8 and we see events through their eyes. 50% and Kei can be like a force moving in the background, like a shadow puppeteer of sorts. Their actions are constantly present in the background, its effects are felt by everyone but we don't get to see what the whole plan is until the epilogue of volume 8 maybe when the PoV could switch back to 50% and he narrates how all the pieces have fallen exactly as he planned it. It would be a hype as fuck moment if so too. Either way, volume 8's coming out earlier than usual since it'll be out by April so we'll know in a little over a month since this month's already halfway through.

Personally I don't expect it to be at that scale. First, having a big majority of a volume from another character's POV to the point Kiyo only gets an epilogue would be a risky deviation from the way it's been so far, it seems to me that that in itself might alienate readers. Second, as far as his involvement in the next exam goes, Kiyotaka doesn't intend to exert himself. There are no stakes for him there, he only intends to drop into the background and not attract Nagumo's attention (remember that this exam will be heavily used by Nagumo to gather data on 1st year threats). Of course, if need arises, he will act. By "need" I mean most likely Kushida does some shit. So this time, the only puppeteering will be that Arisu, Ichinose and class C leaders will act as he has already manipulated them to in vol 7.5.
But I do agree that Ichinose and Horikita will have many POV chapter parts, maybe even the majority of the volume, but interlaced with Kiyo's POV doing stuff, simply because deviating from that wouldn't be a good move by the author.

Next volume works better if the POVs are divided amongst the arc-related characters, especially Ichinose and Sakayanagi. Nagumo too since we barely know him. 50% and Kei must remain low but their presence is felt by the readers. Basically how this series is structured since volume 3 anyways.

Yeah. I would actually like it better if we DON'T get to see or know 50%'s plan until the end of the volume. It's the Jaws phenomenon where by NOT seeing the monster it makes it that much scarier. Similarly, by not knowing what 50% and Kei are planning, it builds up the mystery until the reveal in the epilogue or last chapter of the volume. The majority of screentime can be for the characters that the arc will focus on (Arisu, Ichinose, Hirata, Katsuragi or maybe Horikita) while 50% and Kei's PoVs can be interlaced in between but not the focus until the end.

>the new arc has no 50% POV apart from the scenes he spends with the kiyopon group
>Other characters just ocasionally mention Kei doing something
>The end of the arc is has a favourable outcome for 50%
>Epilogue is 50% explaining Kei the meaning behind all the tasks he told her to do and what happened with everything

In vol 8
>Tools utilizing
>Mind reading

I'm already imagining a Death Note keikaku doori moment where everything seems random and nonsensical at first. But in the penultimate chapter everything goes right for Kiyopon and Kei and the StuCo gets thrown into chaos and Nagumo gets a nasty surprise. Then the epilogue is a short part where Kiyopon calls Kei over the phone and explains each step of what he made her do and how it all came together for his keikaku. Cue Kei being impressed while Nagumo acknowledges Kiyopon as a serious threat and gets serious too. I'd orgasm from that. Keep Kiyopon PoV to a minimum so the reveal is more delicious.

This is where Kei comes into frame. The interviewers failed to analyse her true abilities and personality. Just like Kiyotaka and Rokusuke but for different reasons. Kei is good at acting, good enough to deceive almost everyone.

>picked up the novel just to kill time
>leagues better than the anime
>only up to Vol3 when raws go up to Vol7
>tfw too dumb to learn moon

They are just perfect for each other.

What are you taking about. You have 4,4.5 and 7.5 completed.

Here you go
Vol 4 and 4.5 are already completely translated. Vol 7.5 is also completely translated. Vol 5 translations start soon in like a day or two. After that vol 6 and 7 will be translated by TL user too.

Volume 4, 4.5 and 7.5 have been translated already though

Also here
PDFs and ePubs for the translated volumes if you don't feel like reading them through Pastebin. Volumes 4 and 4.5 and 7.5 are completely translated. All the SS side stories have also been completely translated and are available on the Pastebin too. Volume 5 translation will start soon and can be expected to finish in a little over a month.

Kei will turn into a mini-kiyotaka

Poor Hirata, he will suffer too much in the next arc

She is already learning from the best. I won't be surprised if a barely average student becomes an evident that even they can succeed geniuses fake or not. It was speculated that she could be one of the final bosses.


Yeah as of the latest volume, 7.5, she's already begun to exhibit some Kiyopon-like behavior. She moved immediately to distract Nagumo when things were about to escalate between him and Kiyotaka. She already is able to lie convincingly when she kept up the pretense of the double date while Sato was busy spilling spaghetti. Now that Kiyotaka is also getting her involved more deeply in his schemes as an equal partner she'll get more opportunities to learn directly from him. I suspect by the 3rd year near the end of the LNs, Kei will be almost Kiyopon level and prove that a normal person can trump even geniuses like Arisu. Hell I'd even argue by the very last volume, Kei might be final boss that might even beat Kiyotaka. The student surpasses the master.

She is the best candidate. Kiyotaka will defeat his father and his battle against Koenji will end into a tie. Of course, she will have the help of others characters like Honami, Arisu and Horikita

*and her best friend Ibuki

>Best friend Ibuki
Reminder that Ibuki just wanted Kei to have an Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness of ALS on the school campus.

She defeating Kiyotaka would make sense, after all at this point in the story, it's likely that she already knows everything about him. It would even be unfair to Kiyotaka who will probably have melted his coldness, but it's the perfect setting to destroy his father's beliefs

This is actually inline with Kiyopapa's idealogy and how to debunk it

It was just a game between friends.

She even fits the criteria. Kiyopapa believed a lowlife without salvation can never hope to beat a genius. Kei is exactly that type of person. She used to be a victim of bullying, leeching off others for protection and no hope of salvation. Then she met Kiyotaka and started growing rapidly. By the end, if she beats Kiyotaka, a "genius" born of the white room, she will have effectively proven Kiyopapa's ideals wrong and cause him to abandon Kiyotaka as a failure. This will free Kiyotaka up so he can finally settle down with his gyaru waifu.

Poor Hirata. A hero, a friend, why they have to do that with him

At least she apologized beforehand but still, Ibuki needs to be less primate-y

>At least she apologized beforehand
kek, come on user

Kiyotaka will work alongside Koenji at the Koenji conglomerate.

Hirata is probably going to suffer the most next arc. 50% also seems to have plans to use him in some way. This might involve exploiting his trauma with the bullied friend past and all. If so, he might even suffer harder than Kei did since unlike Kei, Kiyotaka doesn't really give too much of a shit about Hirata. He won't be a partner, just a pawn that gets mindbroken into loyalty to Kiyotaka via trauma exploitation. I wonder if Kei will choose to side with Hirata and protect him from Kiyotaka or if she will remain loyal to Kiyotaka still.

He was a good wingman. Thank you Hirata

Karuizawa bubble

She will remain by Kiyopon's side user, that's pretty obvious.

It honestly could be done pretty easy
>50% is a little bit less autistic for whatever reason
>figures out getting 50 on every single fucking test is a fucking dumb idea
>shows some potential but keeps everything above "slightly talented in a mediocre way" under wraps
>hello class B, actual middle-of-the-road class
It kinda depends on how the school assigns people to classes, but I do think he could pull it off if he had more of an idea what "normal" is. Perhaps he had an opportunity to research the average grades, or something.
His remaining autism and terrible social skills should be enough to not get him into Class A.

>I wonder if Kei will choose to side with Hirata and protect him from Kiyotaka or if she will remain loyal to Kiyotaka still.
She already made that choice in the last scene of vol 7.5

I don't think the school assigns people to classes based on their scores, user. If so Ichinose would be in class A because she got top grades in the entrance test. Horikita also aced that test so she should also be in class A based on her scores alone. Even if Kiyopon got high scores on the test he wouldn't be in class B if the Chairman doesn't want him to be there. The school is a pretty shady place. Who knows how the class assignments work? I think it's up to the teachers and the Chairman and in Kiyotaka's case, the Chairman knows his past so he may have deliberately put him in class D no matter what scores he had.

>It kinda depends on how the school assigns people to classes
Not based on their exam scores, or rather that maybe only plays a small part if any. That's revealed in vol 7 and so is why Ayanokouji was assigned to class D, since as you probably know, the Chairman was aware of his abilities which would squarely put him in class A.
But, as user said before, they can change whatever they want in the spinoffs

>Chairman was aware of his abilities which would squarely put him in class A
Aah, I'll correct myself here. It's true he belongs to class A according to everything except social skills, they are so low that they'd normally put him in class D anyway.

Yeah a HUGE part of why Kiyotaka is in class D is because Chairman Sakayanagi knows about him. This is definitely intentional. If they go by talent alone then Kiyotaka should definitely be in class A since the Chairman knows about his past, where he came from and what he's capable of doing. So it's clear the class assignment is not meritocratic in nature. No matter how talented Kiyotaka is and how much the Chairman knows about it, he still got placed in class D so that shows the class assignments are pretty unfair. A thug like Ishizaki got into C while smarter and more well-behaved people like Horikita and Yukimura got into D. This alone shows the system is kind of rigged and Kiyotaka may eventually uncover the secret behind the system in time.

I honestly never got why everyone cares so much about birthdays of fictional characters.
There are a fuckton of them, every day is some fictional character's birthday, even assuming most of them don't get any in the first place.
And there's tons of characters in Youjitsu.
Why is it such a big deal with all these anniversaries of games, manga and special editions too? Some twitter account somewhere is keeping track of it all too. I wonder how many days in the year goes without an anniversary for that account.
This obsession with stupid anniversaries really confuses me.