The promised neverland

Korean scans are up.

Demons came back fast.

oh fuck, the demons didn't respect the usual schedule. massacre incoming

dumping to keep the thread alive





good lad

so how did Adam get to goldy pond? Either norman broke him out, he was shipped to goldy pond or he was mean to be shipped elsewhere by was 'poached' by the poachers and sent to goldy pond



I think the second option is more likely










Who has a bigger penis, Ray or Norman?


they are coming

I'm legit scared


Let's do a death poll for the imminent fight.
Likeliness of demons deaths (if they die):
-Underage faggot demon's bodyguards
-Underage faggot demon
-Lord Bayon's bodyguards
-Hunters couple
-Lord Bayon

I just can't remember the goldy pond kids, someone make a death prediction

Shit I hope Lucas isn't actual a traitor and that's why the alarm went off, people have theorised that he was only left alone by Lewis after getting his arm torn off because they made a deal for him to raise up a rebellion for Lewis to vanquish to have the thrill of a "war" again. I'm hoping that the real reason for the early arrival of the poachers is actually due to Ray and Noname infiltrating Goldy Pond and there might of been cameras or a detection system Bayon had installed to alert them should this happen, or maybe the poacher "faction" Noname was talking about that captured Emma alerted Bayon that they failed to capture Noname and Ray and that they've likely entered Goldy Pond by now.

Also have they now gotten reinforcements? I can't tell since the scans are quite dark but it looks like there's a new poacher behind the two black mecha suit poachers? Or is that one of Bayon's two assistants?

It's one of Bayon's guards I think. Only way to know is to wait for the Viz scans

I bet he was a failed product, I think the mutant humans are supposed to be essentially brainless or lacking in mental capabilities so that they can then transfer high quality copies of Norman's own brain. Because Adam started muttering "22194" he showed some signs of intelligence and was considered a failed product, so Peter Ratri being in charge of Lambda 7214 and being connected with Bayon decided to gift him Adam as live game.

People saying that adam was norman got BTFO.

You underestimate the power of speedreaders overlooking this page and continuing to make theories like

People saying that adam was norman are lobotomized drooling retards

You mean like Norman now that he's become Adam?


Now that I think about it, Goldy Pond likely has humans working for the poachers right? I mean who else would've driven and escorted the Grand Valley kids to Goldy Pond with them believing they've been adopted and know nothing about demons until the music started to play?

What did you expect? That’s what they are known for.

>Emma's new outfit
Emma a cute. CUTE!

>short shorts
Haram slag

I think she has pants.
The shirt was just absurdly long in the first panel.

Grown men would fuck these demons up.

Lewis is capable of ripping arms off with his bare hands

I want Emma to torture, kill and eat Lewis as payback.

She'll get btfo and saved by noname and Ray

Emma >>>>> Ray physically.
They'll help but she doesn't need saving.

Even if they "save" her, the kill is still hers. She didn't and is going through training and she didn't get a plot tied beef with Lewis just for fucking Ray to kill him, that shit ain't happening.

You just know they're saving up for a grand moment when Ray and Noname arrive. Emma is stronger than Ray but Lewis is obviously stronger, she'll probably trip over air and then Ray shoots Lewis which distracts him enough for Emma to escape or something like that.

Except Noname and Lucas, if he hasn't gone traitor on us anyway, have a bigger and more personal beef with Lewis than Emma ever had.

I hope Lucas isn't the traitor it literally makes no sense whatsoever for him to be one. What could he possibly benefit from by secretly working with the Poachers?

This seems to be a plausible reason. So far, all the adults in Neverland have been willing to throw the kids under the bus in order to keep on living as they were.
Hope it's not the case, though, I want my heartwarming reunion between Lucas and Noname.

Yeah but what could Lucas possibly gain from helping the poachers other than being allowed to live? Even if he is a traitor and this is the sole reason he's working for the Poachers it'd be retarded if he didn't turncoat them and side with the kids especially now that they have several means of hope for escaping into the human world.

And I was talking about Ry, not Noname or Lucas. If it's between him and Emma, Ray isn't going to get a killing blow on Lewis, period.


>she'll probably trip over air
You had an argument and then you ruined it.

>inb4 Lewis jobs after all his build up

Why does Posuka hate Nat?

>Lewis doesn't job or kill Emma
>instead turns on the other Poachers to help the kids
>says he wants to help the kids escape into the human world in order to break the Promise and start another war that he can fight in

>Lewis has joined the party!

>no Nat
So this is the power of shipperfags! Although maybe this means Shirai will make her more relevant in future arcs other than appearing in panels standing next to Ray for shipping points.

I want her to be more than just Ray's shipping fodder, she is a genuinely nice girl. I'd like this.

I want Don and Gilda development before Anna development

I like Sung-ju, why there is musica there but not him?

>yfw this is actually the first popularity poll taken from the future

I want them to get development too but at least they had the first arc. Anna just has shipping.

Noname is so fucking thick in that double breasted coat, damn. I'm mirin' hard

Well he is the adult version of Emma(male)

I'm really really disappointed if Lewis will be taken care of this round.

Adult Emma will be hot as fuck. Stronk ginger girl? Yes please.

This 1st panel makes it seem unlikely that Emma has anything but death in plan for Lewis. Hopefully he joins the kids instead even if by means of some asspulls.

An user said in the ToC thread that the CP is the results of a poll.

These character icons aren't for a popularity poll but to be used for SNS profile pictures as a celebration for TPN winning 4 consecutive manga awards. If you look back on previous colour pages you'll notice that these character icons were taken from different colour pages.


No, I mean the CP of this chapter.
He said it was a poll in LINE.

I saw the page for this, I remember it said something like
>Emma will be cheering for you to do your best
Emma truly a best girl.

Wait so they're announcing a character poll on LINE or they're going to announce the results of a poll that's been going on in LINE for a while now? Also Emma 1st place pls


He said it was the results.
Emma should've won.

If this adult Emma(male) has a large chest than in the future adult Emma(female) will be a titty monster

Oh Lewis will for sure die, but I just hope not this hunting round, maybe next on.

Huge tits might get in the way of her athleticism though, wouldn't medium ones suit her more?

>Norman 1st
>Emma 2nd
>Phil in the top 5
What the fuck is wrong with nips and their shit taste?

Norman was gone for like 40 chapters and he still gets first. I swear nipland is just Normanfags and shipperfags.

This is like Bakugo getting 1st in the bnha poll

I understand Emma being better placed than Ray but Norman was MIA for a while, what the fuck. I bet it's shipperfags too.

Norman is my favourite character, don't shit on him

Not him and I really like Norman but him getting first is really weird, you have to remember he was gone for a while. He should've at least swapped places with Emma.

Your anemic twink does not deserve 1st place over Emma when he's been gone for over almost half the manga

But Norman has redeemable and likeable character traits.

I don't agree with Norman being first but Bakugo was worse, at least Norman is kind to the MC.

Bastard will die satisfied, true to his ideals, i hate that.

I mean, Norman wants Emma badly. Bakugo doesn't wanna fuck Deku.


Are most of shonen jumps polls done through LINE? Would the results have been different if not? Then again when was this popularity poll even announced?

I hate when art leaves Anna's braids intact. She cut them for a good reason, people shouldn't take that away from her. She's cuter with pigtails overall anyway.

I don't think it was which just makes me more upset. I could've mentally prepared for Norman winning despite his twink ass not being there for a while.

What makes it worse is that the next popularity poll will likely take place when the anime comes around and no doubt the newer anime only fans will controbute to the majority votes and vote for Norman in 1st place over Emma (although with better reasoning)

Really makes you think how Norman is the best

Now that I think about it, is this the first time the heroine(male) outranked the mc in a jump comic? Usually in cases like bnha and Naruto it's always the rival that outranks the mc if any other character does.

Emma doesn't really have a rival though so if anything the heroine (male) outranking her was the only option.

Norman is the "best" because he gets the nips wet. Fujos haven't taken over TPN we're left with nips just interested in husbando material.
Norman is cute and his only goal in life is to please the waifu. He's also intelligent. That's why the nips are hot for him, he's the perfect package in their heads.

>Fujos haven't taken over TPN
probably because Norman's character is heavily influenced by him not being a faggot. literally every decision he made had some sort of Emma influence on him. erasing that for the sake of fujoshit might as well turn him into an original character who just looks like norman.