Who would come out the ultimate victor in a high-stakes game of Candy Land between these four?

Who would come out the ultimate victor in a high-stakes game of Candy Land between these four?

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My nigga right here would. He'd fuck the bitches too.

Never seen Akagi
Gambling bitch only wins if the game is rigged against her
Saki never lost a match...against supernatural opponents

I go for the lesbian majong

Kaiji is pretty much a non-factor here.

ma boi Kaiji ofc


Akagi makes his willing cock-thirsty duo-harem but at the last minute Kaiji pulls some bullshit causing ahegao slut to accidentally spill her semen all over the board rendering the game inconclusive just like her show.

You need to consider that he'll get a powerup after crying

Saki is powered by pure bullshit. She's on another level

So is Akagi. They'd get along well.

Their baby would be so OP.

What happens in Akagi at least has the justification of him taking steps to set up his opponents psychologically. Saki just rinshan kaihous all the way to the bank

Akagi mindbreaks everyone and gets a new harem he doesn't even want

>high-stakes game
Kaiji has this one in the bag. Bonus points if the high stakes are life or death.


>mind breaking rinshan kaihous
>always take first place with +-0 somehow
>cute and lesbian
>suicides before she's even 60

>completely willing to cheat
>has never lost a game
>has never even heard of Candy Land, but would bet on his own victory and suggest rule changes to heat things up

>erotic attraction to high stakes bets, would raise things way beyond whatever akagi started with
>unwilling to cheat, but can always spot it
>has probably heard of Candy Land

>supernaturally gifted at mahjong
>can hold her own or nullify the supernatural powers of other players
>might not be able to use either ability in a game of Candy Land
>unwilling to gamble for actual stakes, but would probably go along with rule changes

>easily conned
>agrees to play because he loves candy
>reckless enough to make ridiculous bets
>nearly gets wiped out of the game in the first half but comes up with a cooperative strategy to win as a team with at least one other player

akagi would probably win, but he has a soft spot for weak people so he might throw the game to avoid bullying a NEET and two underage girls.

Looks pretty accurate. Akagi all the way.

Akagi's bullshit is nit supernatural though, hell Washizu had more supernatural bullshit than him

Kaiji won't win, but he never loses his life. That's his thing, after all - surviving everything.

Easy, he just won't bet his life. None of the others want his life anyway, and if he's out of money he could always bet another finger or two.

Yumeko would use her horrible grimaces to intimidate Saki.
Once Saki breaks down crying, Akagi and Kaiji would take pity on her, team up and peck Yumeko to death with their armorpiercing noses.

With that distraction out of the way, they can go and like call Koizumi over unless he's still on the moon

Washizu had more bullshit power than Saki and Akagi still beat him.

This is the best outcome.

A new challenger appears.

>Saki just wanted to have a fun match when people suddenly start betting their own blood and limbs while Kaiji is constantly crying

Yumeko is just a meme, not a credible opponent. Saki and Akagi are far above there competition, but you also can not expect Kaiji to not survive.

Definitely not kaiji

Guys stop bullying Kaiji this is not ok

Akagi vs Saki vs Koizumi vs Tetsuya
RIP saki

Everyone would gang on Kaiji and have some laughs bullying him into tears.

With Yumeko out Kaiji would team up with Abe to unleash some sort of sinister money duplicating cheat.

All Kaiji has to do is tilt the building and he can win.

Saki's a nice girl, she won't do that.

Does Saki's super natural bullshit even work outside of Majong?

But they play mahjong.

Saki's supernatural bullshit isn't even that amazing, it's just 1-dimensional rinshan. Even I did that many times.

Kaiji will be losing from thr begining but at the last moment he will win and also the game will last 50 chapters because of him and Akagi.

Candy Land revolves around dice rolls right? i just googled it idk the game The thing is, Akagi isn't really lucky. Luck and pride are his weakness.
Kaiji is gullible.
I don't know if there would be anything in this game to trigger Saki's ability either.
Yumeko is... special.
I like this one best.

What if Akagi plays all games that Kaiji played? can he win all of them?
>Restricted Janken
lose, Akagi is anti-social that can't cooperate
>Brave Man Road
win, his mental fortitude is beyond insane
win, obvious reason
win, somehow
lose, no room for cheat without insane dedication like what Kaiji's did together with friends
>One Poker
easy win

Rinshan Kaihou at will isn't amazing, it's impossible. No, you've never done that.

I think you're right, but you could say that Akagi isn't really motivated to pursue gambles that aren't essentially 1v1.
Which also made me think just now, how interesting it is for the "main baddie" to be a machine like the Bog. You can imagine the process of beating it the same way as Akagi preparing to mindfuck someone e.g. Urabe

Yumeko because whether she wins or loses, the thrill of gambling is all that matters.

Akagi would ace all of them, even restricted RPS. He would just play evryone else like a fiddle. He probably wouldn't even attempt Pachinko. He only takes gambles he's sure he has a chance to win.

How would Yumeko bully him anyway?

This is the kind of thing where you see everyone duking out and crazy bullshit happening with no clear victory in sight but Kaiji somehow wins at the end after constantly suffering and crying at least three times.

Pic related

Wait a god damn second. As far as I'm aware the winner in candy land is determined the second the deck is shuffled for the first time.

It's a game of pure luck.

Kaiji crying implies somebody is dying or about to do some horrible shit to another player, but all the guests today are decent human beings. Kaiji is doomed.

He'll probably still cry if he's about to lose all his money. But yeah, Kaiji is only ever really competent with his back against the wall.

>Even I did that many times
Rob your kan

Yumeko is special because she can spot cheaters and immediately recognize their tricks.

She is useless in an honest game of luck like when she lost in a simple coin toss.

Nice try, Akagi too
You're right. Neither Akagi nor Kaiji are lucky, really. If Kaiji tries to cheat somehow, both Yumeko and Akagi would know and prevent it. Ultimately, it's just a bad game choice.
Saki? She just wanted to have some tanoshii, but she's stuck with these mfs.

Guys a new kaiji spinoff anime just got announced

Akagi would win primarily because most of Saki's abilities are useless outside of Mahjong or things like it, such as poker. Yumeko is best in games where people cheat, and the only real potential cheater here is Kaiji, which is what will probably fuck him this game.
Now if this was Mahjong, THAT would be a much better match i think.

shes not winning that fight but she sure as hell isn't gonna end up dead last in there cause of her +/-0 bullshit.
if anyones completely shit out of luck in that clusterfuck its probably Tetsuya.

How about they play a game of cardgames on motorcycles?

Players pull cards from a deck to move. There's no dice rolls, no interaction with the the other players, and no player decisions. It's literally 100% luck-based.

unless you rig the deck before the match

>He only takes gambles he's sure he has a chance to win.
No he doesn't. A huge part of his character is taking gambles that he has no idea whether he can win or not.

Is the OP really that retarded?

The one with strongest bite wins.

no, the one with the pointiest nose wins

How good is Saki?

Everyone on the show is completely overpowered
1 girl is a demon who can cause a lunar eclipse and powerout whenever she unleashes her demon side
A girl who can see the future
A priestess who can teleport
Another priestess blessed by a goddess and becomes unstoppable until cleansed by her underlings

And so on. All for the sake of a game that is not even in the Olympics.

Everything about Saki was so completely absurd that it can be sold as a Mahou Shoujo anime and no one can tell the difference

This, I wonder how a match between Akagi and Saki would go. How would she react to psychological fuckery and bluffs?

Without stakes/cheating/bullying, she will win every single mahjong game they have for eternity.

Akagi cooperated a lot with Yasuoka and Osamu, I think he might pull it off. I'd say his charisma stats are higher than Kaiji.

Who wins?

But if the game lasts that long Saki will wet herself!

Don't worry, it will last be 5 minutes irl.

>50 chapters
Try 500.

>washizu mahjong wasn't even 300 chapters

The greatest mindbreaking story ever told.

Akagi would win with some struggle
Kaiji would be suffering the whole way along and somehow barely survive the ordeal.
Everyone else falls somewhere inbetween.

Akagi lost 2 times in Ten, even if both times it was for some bullshit rule he had imposed upong himself without no one asking. That being said I still bet on him here.

Looks like my internal shounenshitter will be pleased. Thank you, Ill give it a try.

What would you even struggle with in fucking candyland?

He couldn't prevent his loss the first time, but the second was totally his win. He was just autistic about his own goddamn rules.

The first loss was a legit one, the second wasn't a loss he just retired to keep his word.

Who the hell is the loser on the bottom left?

Akagi was also cheating before he even knew he would in Ten, so both Yumeko and Kaiji couldn't do a thing. The only real opponent here is Saki, if you talk old Akagi.

My wife. They're all my wives.

In his prime and with enough red bull it should be no contest

The nice thing about Akagi is that despite being a genius, he genuinely struggles. He can read people, but he can't control his draws, so he finds himself in trouble many times. That's how you write an overpowered MC.

Saki would probably just make a fucking room chandelier fall on the others or something. They all get crushed and die.

The Saki girls are literal psychic magical witches and shit. The recent chapters aren't even subtle about it anymore.

me. got a problem?

One girl has the power to summon an ancient pagan spirit to make her opponents orgasm.

It's entered Koizumi levels of stupidity and I love it.

Saki's powers are canonically affected by her state of mind though. Hell, just having socks on is enough to severely dampen her abilities. Akagi would easily psych her out. Not to mention she's never had to deal with an actual cheater before.

Akagi is still my favorite portrayal of an intelligent character. He's the complete opposite of BBC's Sherlock.

That's not how Saki plays though.
Nothing but playing for fun.

Though, if the 2 idiots and the gambling pervert began escalating the situation by changing rules and betting in their life and other people, I can totally see her going full bullshit mode and force every single player to a draw.

Every single player in the show cheats the rule of nature.

If we're talking about Saki, then Mako from the same series would probably fare better. At least in Mahjong. The girl literally grew up in a Jansou. And has an eidetic memory of hundreds of thousands of games. She probably saw her fair share of cheating and FKMT antics in her time.

The only reason she's such a jobber is because Saki tournaments have strict rules and that she's up against magic lesbian leprechauns all the time.

>Nothing but playing for fun.
Not anymore she's not. She's in the Zenkoku to win it. And her recent opponent even has more bullshit hax than her.

You say that we all know she is going to win.
How bullshitting is up for the author

Why haven't the lesbians took over the world already?

He still partly relies on luck because mahjong, but the amount of reasoning is overwhelming.
>it's a "Akagi spends the entire episode explaining how he ronned a guy" episode

>implying anyone can beat Infinite Rinshan Kaihou Works if shes legitimately serious instead of doing her usual fucking around because she would feel bad about crushing the opponent.

Exactly. None of them would be able to cheat without one of the others noticing, and the game's outcome is determined by the deck's state after shuffling. Assuming it is shuffled by a neutral non-participant, victory is completely random, and equally likely for any one participant.

>magic lesbian leprechauns

>Every single player in the show cheats the rule of nature.
Yeah but those characters go into a game with a fixed set of "cheats" which Saki eventually adapts to and destroys. Akagi will cheat in whatever way he needs to all while bullying her.

Why the fuck do you think everything is decided by fucking Mahjong in that world? They literally already do.

Thats literally Why the kakeshit girl is there, her thing is shutting down straight cheating.
Akagi without cheats would lose to the magical little girl cause shes some serious bullshit.