Rin best Love Live

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>he thinks Rin is the best
um, no sweetie

>lol nyan
Does she even qualify as a character?
still better than any s*nshine though




i want to touch nico's ribbons

her friends helped her to become feminine while she was very afraid. she is also the lover of the Rice Queen and they have nice sinergy

I want to touch Nico's flat chest


Rin boi the smelliest

Just watched Nico and Rin's episode. Nico's episode had more impact and made me like her more. Meanwhile Rin's episode was the weakest by far.

welcome to the club friend

the best singing voice out of the entire LL hands down - listen to this eargasm

She's a fucking stupid idiot.

you should think before you talk, maggot.

Reunion when?

Reminder Rin had the best voice in μ's



i like all voices

Rin a cute. A CUTE!

In all honesty, the only voice I dislike is Nico's even though I like her character.

Rin does have the best porn.
Alp in particular is a god at drawing Rin in sexy sex positions

time to enchant you with a magic of a smile which will transform your vision of this world forever

It's bad. You could've at least posted Nico Puri.
Must be nice having a dedicated artist.

i do not agree and a little offended, but i do not wish to argue. farewell, the journey awaits me.

Nico/soramaru shines best in lives since she can't use her higher pitches voice
Her parts in Kaguya no shiro de odoritai are pretty great
Though I do love mahoutsukai hajimemashita as well

Unironically this. Nico was the reason the anime worked. Everyone else was too one-note.

Rin > Honkers > Hanayo > Umi > Nozomi > Eli > Kotori > Nico > Shit >>>>>>>>> Maki
This is the correct order

shit > you
this is the correct order

I love Rin-nya. I think she's the cutest and the sexiest

It's a he.

Rin is a girl.

He's a shy girl

I love her so much. Why the fuck did they have other character at all, they only wasted Nico's precious screen time.


Umi i know would never say such thing

What would she say?

Because she is the best

"I love my friend Nico so much..."

She's no Maki but she's still pretty good. Second best for sure.

Nicofags need to ruin everything. It's just in their nature

But Umi loves her wives the most.

ruin what and where? by bumping the dying thread? contain your butthurt please and just post cute pictures

of course she loves her wives, no doubt. but she also loves friends because she's very caring girl

Let's stop using gifs from that forum.

i love the nico

The only good OG cast member

Not really, but she needed more porn.

i love the nico too

burd>everyone else.This is truth.

Reunion movie when?

They'll be at the 2020 Olympics, either at the opening or closing ceremony.

i won't live until 2020

source? I know about the voting thing from before a few years back but didn't some other group win that?

I doubt it. The other group is rumored to be in there but not μ's. The ''poll'' where they were mentioned was actually fan made, nothing official.


>tfw last hanayo bro alive
Feels good to be ELITE



My wife Nozomi is so cute.

Heh, fatty.

why is eli so perfect?

your wife is t h i c c

Everyone should love Eli.

oh, i didnt know it wasnt official lol

nico nico no bully

Rice God.

Not so fast.

>there will never be a feast episode

i want a 2 hour ova of every muse eating different food

>there will never be any more μ's episodes

Umi > Maki > Eli > Nozomi > Nico > the rest.


This has to be the worst taste I've seen.

Yes, you are.

>replying to "rating" shitpost

That's the point.

Rin's episode was in season 2
Nico's season 2 episode was still better though
I blame rin's unpopularity on hanayo for being a lack of character


Great taste

>I blame rin's unpopularity on hanayo for being a lack of character
I blame Nico's popularity on a certain yurishit ''canon'' couple.

god I hate that so much

you seem like one of the few that actually know it was originally (and still is) a comedy duo so I respect you for that even though it seems you dislike Nico

someone post those star trek old guys tweets about nico

they are in love with each other and nothing you can do. i was like you once. denying it, suffering, livinf in the darkness. but then i understood and found peace.

They are basically your gateway into Love Live (that of the worst kind). You are supposed to drop that ''pair'' for the other ones or become insecure shitposter.

Nico is just an amazing character. Maki is a bland shit that only faggots whose taste bads were rendered worthless anyway can like.

to me it's not so simple as you say. but i respect your opinion, you have your reasons.

yeeeeeeea, ok bud. let me know when you read the manga and then tell me that

>tfw elifag

We still exist, right?

they are lovers


I don't get this meme at all. Your canon couple doesn't interact much. People only liked this ship because they're the leftovers AND the most popular members.

>Maki is a bland shit
This. As a fan of both red hair and tsurime eyes, she was the first character that attracts my attention. But as the series progressed I lost my interest. Her personality is uninteresting, her gimmick is awful, and her nasal voice is grating despite the fact that she was supposed to be the one with the best voice.
>imi wakanai
>lmao so rich

I don't even have much against Maki. She is fine in small doses, but she's incredibly overrated.


baka leave best girl alone



god I wish I were the chair