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KyoAni found a way. What happened to Franxx?
***,167位 (***,426pt) Fate Extra (going down)
***,235位 (**1,295pt) VEG 1
***,424位 (***,780pt) Franxx 1
***,443位 (***,983pt) VEG 2
***,444位 (***,971pt) VEG 3
***,523位 (***,945pt) VEG 4
---Flop Line---
**1,348位 (***,548pt) Franxx 2
**1,485位 (***,508pt) Franxx 3
**1,527位 (***,504pt) Franxx 4

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wat,where's the other list? why only VEG and Frankku?

Why don't you post the relevant shows?

This thread is only for flops

Idolish 7

It'd show both shows being BTFO.

>***,*34位/***,*34位 ◎ (**2,376 pt) [*,*77予約] 2018/03/28 Yuru Camp
>***,*53位/***,*48位 ○ (**8,779 pt) [*,**1予約] 2018/02/23 Idolish Seven
>***,*97位/***,*92位 (**1,014 pt) [*,*32予約] 2018/06/06 Fate Cooking

***,*34位/***,*34位 ◎ (**2,376 pt) [*,*77予約] 2018/03/28 Yurucamp△
***,*53位/***,*48位 ○ (**8,779 pt) [*,**1予約] 2018/02/23 Idolshit7DVD
***,*64位/***,*67位 (**5,338 pt) [*,**2予約] 2018/02/23 Idolshit7 BD
***,*97位/***,*92位 (**1,014 pt) [*,*32予約] 2018/06/06 Cooking with Fateshit
***,120位/***,120位 (**1,382 pt) [*,*19予約] 2018/03/28 Antarctica
***,184位/***,167位 (***,426 pt) [*,**0予約] 2018/05/23 Shaft/Extra Last Schedule
***,232位/***,214位 ◎ (**1,057 pt) [*,*13予約] 2018/04/25 Lizardporn II
***,259位/***,235位 (**1,295 pt) [*,**0予約] 2018/04/04 Bioeretto Ebertarten
***,280位/***,264位 (***,823 pt) [*,**2予約] 2018/05/09 Clamp Captor Sakura
***,328位/***,311位 ◎ (***,539 pt) [*,**3予約] 2018/04/25 Haukumei and Mikochi
***,335位/***,314位 (**1,181 pt) [*,**1予約] 2018/03/14 Takagi-san i'll murder you if you will not stop steasing me
***,373位/***,363位 (**1,413 pt) [*,*12予約] 2018/03/28 Takagi-san, it is last warning!
***,408位/***,390位 (***,976 pt) [*,*15予約] 2018/03/28 Loli Shogi
***,444位/***,424位 (***,780 pt) [*,**6予約] 2018/04/25 Darling in the Flop
***,622位/***,601位 (***,624 pt) [*,*10予約] 2018/03/28 TAAKAAGI-SAN! (grabs kitchen knife)
***,664位/***,638位 ○ (**1,379 pt) [*,**3予約] 2018/03/14 Token Ranbu
***,950位/***,946位 ◎ (**1,001 pt) [*,**4予約] 2018/05/30 Devilman Crynetflix

Irrelevant, incompetent

Hey, Nishigori did IM@S which was somewhat decent!

Strange..i thought Darifra is crazy popular on japan?

it really warms my heart knowing that the two biggest shitposting shows of the season are getting shit on by comfy campers
makes me wonder why those two fanbases even bother

Because two biggest shitposting shows are still the two biggest and relevant shows of the season

Why do you even bother with the sales predictions of flops?

>Season without KyoAni
>Stalker thread once a week or once every two weeks

>Season with KyoAni
>Stalker thread fucking everyday


Neither of them are flops. Well, Franxx going the way it goes now can end up the new ReCreators - but ReCreators was not flop either financially.

>but ReCreators was not flop either financially.

How would you know that? Its BD sales were definitely a flop.

How come you people weren't making Stalker threads everyday last season? There were plenty of interesting stories, like the fall of Umaru, or Kekkai and Osomatsu having massive drops, and yet Stalker threads were dead all season. And now, with a KyoAni show airing, all of a sudden they're active again?

why Franxx flopping anyway?is the Bluray/dvd too expensive or what?

50 Mln views on Bilibili

Umaru's fanbase practically disappeared, Kekkai's fanbase died midway through its first season, and Sup Forums is a male-oriented board that doesn't give a shit about fujos.

Meaningless because you don't know how the streaming deal forked the money.

You posted your meaningless post, now go away.

Franxx can't end up as ReCreators, because Franxx is banned froms streaming in China. It only gets CR money.

>Chinese money has literally never been a deciding factor in a sequel being made
>but muh China


>over hundred million views
Why do Chinese have such great taste compared to Japan?

Will Extra recover with new episode, or continue to keep tumbling down?

>no gup

Meanwhile Tatsuki BTFO by GuP. It is over, Kemonobros.

**3位/**3位 (*42,106 pt) [*,*99予約] 18/03/23 【限定】 ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章 第1話 (特装限定版) (「中村桜の アヒルさんでも分かる! 総火演の楽しみ方講座」BD付) [Blu-ray]
**6位/**4位 ○ (*11,705 pt) [*,*32予約] 18/02/19 傾福さん [DVD]

Is this because of the pseudo-NTR?

Is VEG beating overlord II in views?

No. Overlord has 25 mln views, VEG 20 so far. VEG Is beating it in paid subscribtions.

I see, thanks user.

>Shaft getting BTFO by Ufo's monthly short even with Nasu helping them out


That's nice see you in two days when the numbers flip again.

Does not matter when Franxx numbers don't last. It lost to VEG before VEG episode even aired, and most of the week was sliding downward. One day boost is meaningless, if it will return to this state in a day.

All these people talking about VEG and DITF, and yet no one's talking about CCS underperforming (though NHK ratings will save it), or how Slow Start never started.

Because no one in Franxx threads gives a shit about Stalker.

More like only shitposters care about this "rivalry" and keep making threads about it.

Only 02, the show itself is just mildly popular

Selling 8k or 4k doesn't make much of a difference, call me when Yurucamp sells over 40k, otherwise Kyoani already beat it with Keion years ago.

CCS is a reboot so only nostalgiafags will care it's like Sailotmoon Crystal made for the older fans and to give a reason to sell more merch.

That's why episode 6 six early screenings were met with such enthusiasm that they'll be playing episodes 1-6 in theaters in Japan.

It's a mecha show, they're gonna be selling plamo out the ass. along with other merch.

What's with all these goalpost moving in these threads? Whenever people mention VEG or DITF, if it's doing well/poorly, all of a sudden the standards for "success" or "failure" are changed.

How is that an achievement? Evergarden has had several full screenings and will have more and look at the preorder rank? Otaku go to those events to meet the staff and VAs, sometimes caring very little about the show in question.

Not every show has the same criteria for "success and failure"

Any gundam show could sell 0 BDs and still be profitable.

CCS is airing in prime time and is franchize dependent on merchandize largely. What does it matter if it's BDs are not top ranked? It will make more money than rest combiined just by children toys.

It's what the anus cultists want.

You must be pretty new if you don't realise that stalker threads shouldn't tell you what shows to watch and are just pure shitposting.

No, when Franxx flops - they sure dont.

>mecha show
ahahahahahahahah oh wow ahahahahahah

There is and will not be Franxx plamo.

But this is about VEG, the show you Kyoani fags have been hyping up forever as the next masterpiece. And now that it's flopped your last defense is invoking a show from a decade ago.

>*12位/*12位 (***,435 pt) [*,**0予約] 18/05/30 【限定】ご注文はうさぎですか?? ~Dear My Sister~ (初回限定生産)(アニメ描きおろしB2布ポスター付き) [Blu-ray]
>*16位/*16位 (***,366 pt) [*,**0予約] 18/05/30 ご注文はうさぎですか?? ~Dear My Sister~ (初回限定生産) [Blu-ray]

Bow before the king of moeshit

It's very, very mecha.

No, it is about Passion project of Nishigori, magnum opus second comming of NGE and unholy union of Trigger+Khara+ex-Gainax staff flopping.

King of moeshit is still Keion to be honest, GochiUsa never reached that peak in popularity.

It is as "mecha" as pokemons are. None of the plamo producers are even in production commity and there is no toys planned aside maybe limited stuff made by individuals.

Please shut up.

Proves my point. Thank you.

KyoAnus living in their heads rent free.

There is an obvious answer to that. People didn't have anything of much interest to shit-post about last season because no one didn't really care all too much about the shows that air last season. This season people are trying to grip to whatever fan-base they feel they can start shit with to make themselves feel better. The most obvious ones being Franxx and Violet Evergarden. If you take those two out of the equation about who is flopping these threads would cease to be appearing the rate they are at.

Kei-on peaked when people were buying way more DVDs. It was a fluke and not a realistic target to compare really. Anyway it's pretty much a dead franchise now with the original author being AWOL.

I remember reading posts a few weeks ago where people said there would be no show wars. How wrong they were....

I remember reading posts a few weeks ago where people said there would be no show wars. How wrong they were....

when you bundle theater tickets with Condom signed by 02 VA,people sure will be happy.

Nasu should kill himself

It is Karma. The ones who brought shitposting on Sup Forums were Franxx fags. Sadly it will not be fixed once the season is over, since Spring 2018 is even more cancerous.

From the looks of things, it seems like most VEGfags and Franxxfags don't really care about either show: it's mostly just a vocal minority and/or shitposters/falseflaggers that claim that the two are going against each other.

Why would anyone go watch the badly animated cheap show in a movie? Now VEG on other hand - TV simply does not justice to it's visual quality and 5.1 sound.

The fuck are you saying, retard? It sold more BDsけいおん!

Try again, boy. Keion is still CGDCT golden standard

translation please,is this veg movie or what?

>The ones who brought shitposting on Sup Forums were Franxx fags
Nice bait

Actually it was shitposters. Like how most of the Kemono posting in old Stalker threads didn't actually come from KF fans themselves.

It should be self explanatory, screening of episode 4 through 7 with surround sound

Franx is enjoyable, although not Valvrave level
Violet is just boring.

Need some fire to light up the false rivary

I guess brainlets, waifufags and children would find Franxx enjoyable.

Screening of 4-7 episodes in movies, just like first 3 were in December.

>since Spring 2018 is even more cancerous.

What? Doesn't get more cancerous than KyoAni+Trigger+SHAFT combo. And DBS is ending in some weeks.


Franxx is mostly boring. I wish it were anywhere near VVV/Cross Ange levels. Its is not even near Guilty Crown. More like ReCreators/Qualidea Code

why are violet evergarden fags so obsessed with darling in the franxx and how it's doing?
Why are they forcefully trying to dislike it?
I don't get it, just watch your show about an autistic girl writing letters and shut up. Maybe your own threads wouldn't be dead if you'd just stop flooding other threads with your bullshit

>ShildBro for new most cancerous fanbase
>Boku no Hero for shounen fags
>Chio-chan and Hinamatsuri for dank memes
>Cutie Honey Universe for Nagai retards
>Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory for Xebec tards and anti-KyoAni shitposting
>Legends of Galactic Heroes .. ..
>Golden Kamui.. fuck, i am out of Sup Forums
>Megalo Box for FOTM "aoty"
>Nil Admirari no Tenbin for actual AOTY made in China
>Persona 5 The Animation ARGHH /vg/
>Piano no Mori - gainax show. REAL Gainax
>Fist of the North Star remake
>Steins;Gate 0
>Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
>Tokyo Ghoul:re
>PA Works Horse girls
It will be the most cancerous season since evver

>franxx cancer
>playing victim card now


Previous seasons had sleeper hits like Made in Abyss, drastic declines like Osomatsu or Umaru, underperforming sequels, and juggernauts like Love Live Sunshine. And yet Stalker threads were dead after Winter, despite all the possible topics for discussion.

Let's admit it: KyoAni is pretty much what fuels Stalker threads these days. If VEG wasn't airing these season, we'd probably not be even having this thread right now, and people laughing at DITF would probably only do so once or twice a week.

Each season has something to drive Stalker threads be it YoI, Kemono Friends, Gundam flopping etc.

finally someone.
Why should we? Franxx can't be cancelled or denied a second season, since it is pretty obvious that the story will neatly conclude in the second cour. VEG on the other hand is a light novel adaptation, so go figure

Apocrypha premiered two seasons ago and yet threads were dead, despite Apocrypha underperforming. Same season had popular shows like Gamers, Classroom of the Elite, or PriPri, but that wasn't enough to fuel discussion.

>Apocrypha underperforming

It didn't though? Everyone knew it was going to be shit, so no one was surprised by weak sales.

FGO also made sales somewhat of a moot point anyway.

Also, Princess Principal was a sleeper hit, but you didn't really see people using PP as a weapon in Stalker threads back then. For some reason, Stalker threads were really dead for most of 2017.

>Princess Principal was a sleeper hit
PP is irrelevant show no one but circlejerk hyping it as AOTS cared about, just like other PP - Psycho Pass

It is was irrelevant no one gave a damn.

Cross Ange is actually good though.

pp was never popular outside of its yuribait obsessed fandom and the game is a failure as it stands



>So bad it's good XD
Nope, it was garbage. Shit writing, bad animation, edgy. Franxx is miles better.

Franxx has absolutetly nothing outstanding and warranting attention aside from the names of people involved in it's production.