Waifus and Valentines

Im a bit of a newfag i have only been into anime for 2 years (35 series watched 10 read) and i was wondering what it is about having a waifu makes you guys happy. I saw that collage thread and just got really depressed for some reason.

>only 35 series watched in two years
I hope those were some long-ass hundreds of episodes long series.

It is depressing. There are a lot of losers here.

Know that not everyone here is a loser with a waifu if that makes you feel better.

I know this is bait but fuck off.

It isn't. Go cry to your waifu if you feel offended about it.

Im in uni right now. Not a lot of time to watch anime

Go back to where you came from, crossboarder.

So am I, but I manage to get a 3.2 GPA and watch 25 series per season.

Absolute mad man. Guess i just have to try harder

Sup Forums has always been my favorite board and the one which I've spent more time. I repeat: Not everyone here is a loser with a waifu.

If the 35 series average only 12 episodes per show, that's still an average of 0.57 episodes watched per day over two years.
Is that not enough for Sup Forums? No wonder y'all are so autistic.

Good. I guess it goes without saying that there will be a very vocal minority especially around valentines, but idk 300 replies on that collage post most of them sound genuine af. just makes me.. You know

What? Makes you what?

Some anons are too pretentious and proud of the amount of show they have seen. It's really hilarious, some even say that seeing 300 shows is the average number to be accepted as a poster here.

There's a lot of waifu/husbandofags around, indeed. This doesn't mean everyone who watch anime falls in love with a fictional character. Not everyone that post here is lonely.

great blogpost, thanks

Great name, not really it's dumb as heck.

great response, thanks

You're welcome, Mr. Bring Back WT Snacks

great response, thanks

I wish I could say the same about you, Mr. Bring Back WT Snacks. Are you really upset because some anons don't share your childish view of love?

great response, thanks

I'm going to take that as a yes. Btw you forgot to use sage and bumped the thread.

Pretty much. I honestly don't know how I survive, I even have clubs and parties.

>less than one episode per day