The newest volume of the Kaiji spinoff manga "Ichinichi Gaishutsuroku Hanchou" shows an announcement of a "Chuukan...

The newest volume of the Kaiji spinoff manga "Ichinichi Gaishutsuroku Hanchou" shows an announcement of a "Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa" (another Kaiji spinoff) anime scheduled for 2018, featuring the villain of the 1st season of Kaiji as its main character.
Studio: Madhouse

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Because it's really popular

And we're never getting a season 3

Oh shit. It's not a third season of Kaiji but this is pretty cool I guess.

It`s no S3, but this`ll do

Holy shit, it's actually real.

FKMT Blacksuits are moe as fuck.

I'm glad that they're getting their own anime.

It's no season 3, but I am EXCITED as fuck for more FKMT material to be adapted by Madhouse.

>Tonegawa anime
Damn this should be pretty good
Gai adaptation never


Just in time for its magazine transfer. Probably meant as a boost for the new magazine too.

Can we be cautiously hopeful for a s3 if this sells well?

Don't get your hopes up, japs hate current Kaiji.

It won't sell well, it's not an otaku anime

It's far more likely you'll get an Akagi S2 to promote the live action.

can't complain desu

Lovely news. How's the manga though?

I just want more of his speeches.

I guess it's better than nothing, and it's a Fukumoto manga that I haven't read yet so I'm going in blind. I'm just worried if the humor will translate well into animated form.

Also I can't wait to hear Tonegawa's sexy voice once more.

where did it transfer?

It's a SoL with Tonegawa's daily struggles to manage the black suits, since the old fart is incompetent at being an actual leader.



yo this is great and all but when are we getting a kurosawa anime or a gai anime

Kodansha's new digital web/app service.
You can currently read the first 8 chapters for free. Serialization begins at the beginning of March and each chapter will be free for 2-4 weeks after publication I assume.

I should be hyped but Tonegawa is one of Fukumoto's weakest works. It's all comedy and doesn't have the inspiring themes that all his other works do. I guess they thought Kurosawa would be too depressing for the mainstream audience.

It's not Fukumoto, it's written by Hagiwara Tensei and art is by Hashimoto Tomohiro and Miyoshi Tomoki.

But will there be any EEEEEE CARDO


Is the composer finally out of prison?

i doubt the ost would be taniuchi

Holy fuck. I mean it's no S3 but that's some good shit. More FKMT by Madhouse the better in my book.

Now all we have to do is pray for a Kurosawa adaption

since it aint a real fkmt work i don't mind that it's not him

Is he even in the industry anymore? My understanding is a drug sentence is career suicide, and people were saying he'd never work in anime again when it happened.

It's something.

>Tonegawa is a moefag

I fucking knew it.

It's being done by Madhouse too which is pretty surprising. I hope it's popular enough to justify a third season.

Where is my gin to kin anime

This suit will be in it?

I don't know if I should really be happy about all this. I mean it's great to finally have content but

I wonder how they would handle a third season if that would ever happen.

Technically part 3, 4 and 5 are all part of the same story that takes place during the same night. It wouldn't really be satisfying to just get 26 episodes of mahjong when there's at least two more matches left.


>takes place during the same night
Assuming they make each part two cour, the night will be 78 episodes long. If you deduct OPs and EDs that would be over 27 hours od screentime. That means that the story takes place either close to the North Pole or the South Pole.

More FKMT anime?! I have been dreaming of this day for so long

They should just make an anime of the first two parts of Zero so as to pressure Fukumoto into drawing part 3 already.

not s3 but still good
based japan saving me from killing myself every year

How is the newest part with the roadtrip going?

Good to see you guys manga is doing really good and it's getting a new anime spinoff. Are manga just sold out for the second time I hope we get a New anime like you guys.

I can't wait for the next kaiji part. Kaiji part 7: kaiji just gets a fucking gun

Depends, who do you think he is?

So, how many chapters the manga has? I've only read the three that are translated but there has to be more, no?

The chapter counter is at 45, but it doesn't count any of the extra chapters, so it's actually closer to 60


More animated FKMT is always great.

Based Madhouse

Zero part 3 fucking when?

After Akagi, Tonegawa anime, Kaiji part 8, Gai live action, Gin to Kin anime, Kaiji live action 3, and Zero part 1 and 2 anime ends. Also when we have at least 3 figures and 5 nendoroids.

You left out Kurosawa

Never thought I'd see the day we'd get more FKMT anime.

I remember reading the first few chapters. Is it still being translated?

All 5 nendoroids are of Kurosawa, this should make it up.

I'm really glad, I look forward to it.
Ichijou spinoff when?

>Ichijou's manicure adventure

more like ichijou's underground hell adventure

It's still an exciting and moe adventure.

I can't wait for ishida's afterlife spin off manga

Is that Serval

Time to rewatch both seasons

what a time to be alive

>japs hate current Kaiji


I'd watch a FKMT anime by madhouse about Goldman Sachs Wall Street guys in suits scamming everyone in the stocks market

I don't think I'm gonna be able to live that long.

Some people left 1 star reviews on Amazon because Kaiji and Kazuya draw a card a chapter. Nothing serious.

Makes sense. Especially considering the final round of One Poker and how long that takes just to reveal the cards

what the fuck

It won popularity awards that even Kaiji itself didn't get

I'll take it!

>10 years
>still only in 480p
fuckin why

what's the haps with Hideki Taniuchi rn? we need our mans, can't imagine Kaiji stuff without em

Looking through this shit is pretty hilarious. Tonegawa seems to have his own troubles, especially with how it's not exactly the black suits causing problems, it's always the old fart. Plus it seems like he's just really good at winging shit.


Is it happening?

You need to control your nutbladder

I think that's got something to do with it.

Meme manga

Waiting for Triad

wtf this shit is real?