We stone wars now.

Dumping the new chapter

















That's it for now.

Is kinrou dead bros? ;_;

Better get started on those iron weapons. And guns.

No fucking way he's dying from that.

>Get stonned
>Wake up and rush to get the most retarded hairstyles possible with your gang
Seems fun.

Senku will tech rush him some first aid real quick before starting the arms race, maybe suture him up or something

>Running back with them after betraying them

Coke-Lad is an absolute madamn.

I believe that we'll be getting a few traitors from Tsukasa's side. No reasonable man would side with an apparent dictator whose hell bent on keeping humanity in the stone ages.

this chapter a bit rushed

Those guys doesn't look like young'ins to me

>Thinks adults are fucked up, can't be trusted, and screwed up the world.
>Proceeds to revive a bunch of thugs, liars, and fucked in the head people.

I don't understand his thought process.

He can't control the adults, because they had guns and nukes. He can control a bunch of thugs, with no adults around.

adults = civilization

>No more happy fun science adventures making magnets and lightbulbs and glass and stuff.
>We main plot to stop the antagonist meat heads now.


I think after the first wave is beaten, either Tsukasa will form a new strategy, or the village will upgrade itself for battles with bows and stuff

So there will be time for super happy fun time chemistry

Senku is a fucking crazy person, dude, this madman said it

Shit, i didn't expect them to attack already, although they had no idea that senku was there.

The first wave retreated already, but they know senku is alive.
>The fable
Lion man must have a high respect for senku if his thugs called him that.

> resurrects modern adults that clearly shouldn't be satisfied from a caveman lifestyle
> tries right away to kill a strong caveman youngster who should fit more than anyone else his requirements

What's up with everything about Tsukasa being so retarded?

That guy accepted science, he doesn't fit his vision anymore.

They didn''t know about that yet.

What do you expect from a manga drawn by Boichi? It's par of the course.

Let's add that literally ANYONE on Tsukasa's side should have "accepted" science. The village's group just recently discovered it, while anyone STONED have been living with science since their birth.

Tsukasaka was talking about youngsters not being tainted by "science", but it should be the complete opposite, they should be more into modern stuffs than adults.

If you really think chemistry adventures are going away then you're in for a surprise. Senku is all about science, in all its forms.

I am still mad over the editors forcing an "adopted" bullshit.

When are they going to rape Kohaku with their impossibly girthy dicks?

Is not rushed, is that the thugs of tsubaka literally rushed into the village during the celebration of senku becoming the chief and they didn't have time to prepare.

Senku will explain the physics behind the fast spear/make a countermeasure, and he will also have glasses next time...

He will come back strong.

These retards attacked a spear-wielder on a narrow pathway. Kohaku would cut their dicks off before they even knew what happened.

Sword shitters BTFO

Of course, do you even fire emblem? Lance always beats sword (unless is a lancebreaker)

Does this mean we just have to worry about Tsukasa and Hyouga guy, while the rest are just mooks ?.

To be fair, Tsukasa beat 3 lions and easily knocked cut a chunk of a very thick tree

Awesome chapter, and now we see Senkuu transition from pharmeceuticeer to military strategist

He also dodged a fucking crossbow bolt

It was a magic trick this chapter tho

bluffs and information warfare are all part of warfare
This is just a smaller scale

Tatara reincarnated in dr stone.

They are retards with big muscles. They arent reasonable or they wouldnt have sided with him in the first place.

The sudden arrival of the army was really unexpected, i thought they had a few days or so, but guess its not the case. Anyway, i agree, it felt like suddenly war happens despite being on slife-of-life-mode for 10+ chapters. The build up should have been better imo.

Testosteron can do a lot to a teenagers body. And adding manga logic to it i would say that its pretty reasonable. They at least arent 2 meter tall superstrong gaints.

I wonder what he will do to himself in 5 to 10 years. Kill himself?
His biggest wish is being Peter Pan anyway. But he has no magical never-age island.

What happened to the dumb guy and the girl?

He would probably accept his fate when someone comes who is more stronger than him and let them be the next rulers of civilization.

Too bad Coke-kun will surely be killed by Tsukasa at some point.

He's my favourite.

>bluff gun
Well damn

Why does he walk around barefoot.

So far, Magma seems like the texbook "asshole fodder villain who will join the big bad guy" (doesn't help his face is the same as Tsukasa's fodders). I'm hoping I'm wrong and he's gonna stay on the village's side, and redeems himself.

This ended up being just scouting, unless the guy calls his bluff. All his people ran away already anyway so not much to do. He gained some time, now they will have to produce weapons fast, because next time they will come with a plan against guns which they dont even have.
A single shot stoneage gun is also a very different threat compared to an automatic gun.

I love him too.

Please no although i expect that ever since the cola chapter.

Isn't it a bit early to already face the second strongest of their army? Especially seeing how it seems to be going the shonen way where the leaders are worth hundreds of fodders.

Just don't turn it into Wolfguy-levels of """teenager""".

>I wonder what he will do to himself in 5 to 10 years. Kill himself?
He'll be dead by then. By pneumonia.


Did you even read the chapter? He's still fine. He can't go back to the village anymore without the gorillas knowing hes a double agent now though.

Their plan would have been fucked if Magma actually managed to hit him with the rock

He was de petrified to discover if Senku was alive, now that they know that he is, the chances he will get killed are very high. His nature is obviously dangerous to Tsukasa, and he failed the only mission that was given to him.
Considering how easily Tsukasa kills, i would call his retreat far from "fine", he's playing a risky game.

Whatever happened with the nameless bald dude? Have we ever seen him again?

I want to read Dr. Stone, but at the end of the day its Boichi. He will find a way to fuck everything up, no matter how good it was before.

Boichi is just doing the art.

It's worth reading. I promise you.


Should go back to dick slurping then

Remind me what exactly was the antagonist's plan in this? I kinda barely keep up with this series.

>wake up from stone
>"hey I just woke you up from being incased in stone. I'm tsukasa, the king of my tribe. we're going to revive all the children and destroy all the impure adults encased in stone. Adults ruined our world with technology but we will live in a pure society. join me or be exiled from the only living humans. if you try to oppose me I'll kill you"

Tsukasa's tribe is itching for a mutiny. No normal teenagers would be happy being ruled by a guy who is never going to revive their parents and plans to kill them when he comes across their statues. Most of them would want to mass-produce the acid and revive their families.

Infact the only people who wouldn't want to mutiny would be basically thugs and psychos who'd don't care about never seeing their parents again as long as tsukasa revives a some sexy ladies for them as wives/concubines.

So either Tsukasa has to revive people he knows have behavioral problems and get them to recommend other thugs for reviving, or he revives normal kids and gets a bigger and bigger tribe that he'll need to rule over with threat of his physical strength alone.
How many guys would he honestly be able to find who don't care about their parents and grand parents being killed ?

Tsukasa's leadership would be the least stable thing, especially if he's reviving strong people.
a bunch of weak people he might be able to rule over with the threat of his strength but a bunch of people who are say half as strong as him? you'd only need a few ganging up to beat tsukasa realistically.

unless they're going to make it so that tsukasa is able to beat as many people in hand to hand combat at once as he likes as long as they're individually stronger than him such that he is a one man army. That would be pretty unsatisfying though so I wonder how they're going to explain Tsukasa's tribal structure, leadership and revival selection.

I think he believes that the current crop of adults are impure.

however if he established human society that lived in a pure way without technology then he wouldn't need to kill adults because they would be pure like children are.

However all living adults are too used to impure adult society and have too much knowledge so they need to be killed and can never be revived.

Does anyone have the link?

by storytelling convention we know that they are still alive and most likely living in tsukasa's tribe.

Which shows that tsukasa has strict good morals and will only kill other kids who absolutely threaten his pure society by bringing back technology like senkuu.

Taiju and his girlfriend are both big threats to tsukasa's leadership since they know the secret to making acid for reviving people as well, which means that tsukasa's tribe don't need him in order to revive people, which means the only real hold he has over people is his personal strength.

If he killed taiju and the other girl then his leadership position would be extremely secure because he'd be the only person who knows how to revive people. so even if say 6 of the strong people tsukasa revived wanted to gang up and overpower tsukasa, they wouldn't be able to revive others without him.

The other option is he banished taiju and his gf and told them never to make contact with his village again or he'd kill them ,but that seems unlikely since they're going to show that taiju is been part of tsukasa's tribe.

>you'd only need a few ganging up to beat tsukasa realistically
You are adapting reality rules to a mango. Kohaku beat up all the guys together, it's obviously implyied that the level of strength they can display is abnormal and can't be surpassed no matter how many weaker opponents you send. Until Tsukasa revives some kids and shows to care about them (giving him a weak spot, kidnapping them and all that stuff) he can simply beat everyone into submission or kill them.
This new guy might be on the same level as Tsukasa tho, but right now they seem all focused on the same aim, killing Senku. Because he is obviously the most dangerous to their plans of hegemony and the harder to adapt to. Brutes can simply fight it out, and they prefer it like that, in theory.

He wants only to safe those of pure of heart, so not the old greedy people who ruled over the earth before, while Senku wants to safe everyone.

What the fuck is tsukasa's problem? sure many people are greedy in the future but it's not the fault of machines although it can be
look at magma, he is a stupid asshole who tried to kill senkuu to become village and head and fuck a cute girl
bad people will always exist and trying to keep people in a bubble where they maybe won't find a reason won't work because there is always someone who finds fault in something and then acts like an asshole

I doubt that this would happen, but it would be interesting imo, if they're in tsukasa's tribe, and eventually taiju is forced to fight/assault/assassinate senku, because taiju and the girl had a baby (or she's preggers) and tsukasa is holding that over his head?

>What the fuck is tsukasa's problem?


It's only been 6 months since they seperated though

Is Senkuu the best MC in Jump right now?

It's between him, Emma and Deku IMO


Maybe if cuteness is a big factor.

Replace Deku with Tanjiro

Senkuu is cool but i have a soft spot for cutie patooties that don't deserve all the shit that happens in their world

Nice joke user. The List of MCs from currently running post-2000 series's go like this:

1. Tanjiro
2. Senkuu
3. Asta
10. Emma
19. Deku

>Racing car number 3
Yeah no.

Pls no

kohaku is probably stronger than the average fodder anyway, she could beat up magma
tsukasa might gift her to his men after beating her tho