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Req Manji bullying TenTen

Requesting Nena Trinity doing naked dogeza.

Requesting Kajou dressed as Ikumi, because I'm bored enough to make a seiyuu joke

Requesting Kashima wearing a qipao holding a bunch of red packets like a fan with an Ojou-sama expression on her face

Requesting demon Nagatoro fucking senpai senseless

>I'm already a Demon, senpai

Requesting Raynare in the form of a stereotypical JRPG final boss from the PS1 era (either cosmic horror lower body or just her in golden bikini armor with 10 black angel wings and runes all over her body, preferably the latter)

Requesting Airi from Queen's Blade covering her breast in chocolate.

I think i'll give this one a whirl, it'll take me a day or two cause of other work stuff. So bear with me

Requesting 2koma instant loss comic about Akkun teaching Tanukichi how to deal with thots/degenerate women, ending with Akkun in a crater doing the Yamcha death pose

fucking radical linefag thems some muscles. Thanks a bundle!

I really need to watch Shimoneta given how often I want to do requests of Kajou and Sophia.

Just watch it already.

Requesting Balalaika (blonde) looking excited while Revy (brunette) looks scared as they both look at a dick.

Is this bait

Requesting honey badger memes with Hitomi from Killing Bites

A question for drawfags.

I'm interested in trying out drawing. I'm not quite good but I wish to contribute and improve my skills for redrawing manga when needed.
What's the cheapest set-up that I need to have in mind when I finally build my PC and decide to buy peripheral hardware related to drawing?
I'm guessing just an adequately responsive mouse wouldn't be enough.

Cheapest Wacom you can get will be enough. everything else is on you.

More like bored and wanted to request weird shit.

Seriously I just want something silly done with a dead early game villain.

I'll think about it. Most likely yes because autism, but no promises.

in terms of hardware, drawing doesn't really take much. You would want a fairly cheap tablet if you're starting out. Intuous is their cheapest line now. If you scour amazon you could possibly find some old wacom bamboo models for cheap.

I guess if I have about $100 set aside, it should be enough.

Like others have said, a cheap Wacom is sufficient. A more premium one will feel much better in the long run though, if you plan at keeping at it.

the big meme here now is, if you REALLY wanna saver, buy a cintiq 24in and use it as a tablet AND a monitor for a clean $1.5k

not him but how gud is the input lag?

I don't notice anything when I work on it.

Requesting Lalaco battling a zombie space pirate based on Limewire


Thanks! I doubt I'll get too serious about it, even if I do keep drawing for some years.
It's more of a side project with the intention of being mildly useful for others.

>tablet AND a monitor for a clean $1.5k
That's way over my budget especially since I don't really deal with USD not being from anywhere near the US.
Besides, I already got myself two Lenovo T24i monitors. Colours are pretty good.

Requesting any cute or lewd drawing of Kamuri forgetting her skirt

How do I be like you I love youy

Requesting Fuwa using Whirlipede to till the land

>tfw trying to bait Paintfag

I've lost all subtlety

Requesting Takiko in naked thighhighs that are actually just her legs dipped in chocolate


Is it chinese new years already?

Requesting a happy, cute Nana being comfy in a scarf or a blanket.

Requesting happy Mamika.

Requesting the "ultimate waifu" with Rachnera's spider lower body, Akeno's upper body and wings, Witchblade Masane's arms, and Asagi's demon form head and skintone

Anchors if artist has the final draft of


Requesting dramatic and cringy 90s - early 2000s flavored showdown between Haseo and Kirito.

HA! das cute.


I don't know where you live, but in the stores where I live the cheapest Wacom was the Pen Creative: really small, bad reviews and over 120USD, no chance of getting another used model either.
So I bought a chink Huion New 1060plus recently and I'm pleasantly surprised, it was around 70USD including shipping and pretty good so far, there are some cheaper ones too.
Regardless of the brand, it definitely makes redraw (and typesetting SFX or moans) a lot easier.

>a chink Huion New 1060plus
Oh, neat!
I've also been pleasantly surprised by some chink creations in recent years.

You could consider a surface pro, a drawing tablet laptop thing.

I bet wacom can't do shit to keep their business intact with cheapo chink products that are /actually/ good

I have no idea about that.
Sounds too professional for my level. But I bet it feels good.

Requesting kiel wearing a quipao and serving either dumplings or other chinese food.
It's the chinese new years guys, lets see those requests!


Requesting Guts from Berserk as a Cossack. I would love if he had the guitar and mustache too.

Requesting Zero Two as an Ultimate Conductor Tyranno gijinka and/or monster girl

>Nui with arms
Ya ruined it.

Requesting Rena Kariu from ReLife posing and showing off her feet like the pic on the right.

>tfw I bought my first full hd monitor last month

Requesting Senketsu going ahegao on Satsuki's perfect blood. Bonus points if Ryuuko reacts to it

Anchoring drawfag. Have a nice weekend

Thanks man, hopefully I'll finish the inking this week

Requesting smug Yume (pink hair) putting Kanami in a headscissor!

>implying Kanami is scrub enough to get in such a situation
Maybe I'll do it if it's Hiyoyo instead

A Hiyoyon is fine too!

Requesting Haruko as He Zhiwu (the guy) and Naota as the girl.

seconding this.

>What's the cheapest set-up that I need to have in mind
A pencil and a notebook.
A tablet won't make you good at drawing and it is a waste of money if you can't use it properly.

Get a pen, pencil and a notebook. That's all you need. DON'T get a wacom just yet. Try to draw and see if you actually enjoy and keep at it for more than a couple of months. If you end up liking it, get whatever you want. Don't blow money on a tablet just yet, trust me.

it was funnier with Nui bleeding.

Requesting post-apocalyptic Mako from Kill La Kill with distressed clothing, vintage oversized backpack and some kind of rusty necklace/bracer accessory.

Thanks for the advice!
I've been doodling a lot over the years and I've been trying to redraw/clean manga for about two now.
It's annoying to do with just a mouse or a touchpad.

Oh. If that's the case, get yourself a cheap tablet. I'd advice against chinese tablets because I had one and it was absolute shit (I didn't know at the time because it's all I had, but it broke down so quickly and by the time I tried something else I realized how awful the old tablet was). Get a MEDIUM sized wacom, especially if you're drawing on a PC with a decently sized monitor. Don't buy the small ones, they're not ideal for drawing and painting.

Requesting Strike Freedom Gundam (left) standing triumphant over Barbatos Gundam (center) like Michael over Lucifer (right).

Requesting Mugi armwrestling a guy, she's using one hand and smiling smugly while the guy is visibling trying his hardest using both hands, but achieving nothing


I've had my reserves for cheap Chinese products, too, but recently, I've been getting some pleasant surprises. I might try what said. But I'll think about it some more.
I mean, I'm still buying the parts for the PC, it will be at least one or two more months before I'm completely done and start considering the rest of the peripheral devices.

I'd still tell you to save a little extra and get a Wacom. My Intuos4 is 7 years old and works like new. No matter what chinese product you buy, it won't last as long, I guarantee it.

CSP is on sale for the next few days. Get it if you haven't already, it's great and cheap as fuck.

>all those shills itt

Post art, let me give you money maybe

Thanks, user! I've noted down both the Wacom and the Huion for when I sit down to distribute funds. The difference isn't that great so I'll probably go with the Wacom anyway.

Thanks for the offer but my art isn't worth money and it's mostly just amateurish redraws of manga pages anyway.

Guess I'm anchoring for this post

Requesting Aoi Inuyama in a very small tent with another yuru. The tight space causes the other girl to press up against her breasts.

Requesting Annie, turned into a black girl (please don't ask why) and craving for Okuma's BJC

Requesting picrel with the girls of Genoise according to their bust sizes i.imgur.com/rj08zd1.png

Vert (Bungirl) as Chris (Center), Noir (Catgirl) as Tsubasa (Right), Jaune (Tigergirl) as Hibiki (Left)

Requesting Pitz and Lappa parodying The Flash issue 139 as Flash and Reverse Flash, respectively.

Requesting Elf-san being overjoyed at finding fries at the bottom of a fastfood bag.

Requesting Maria Inomata from Gakuen Babysitters in her room, studying and wearing pajamas.

page 9 bump

Requesting Edward Elric wearing this t-shirt on the right that says "I'm not short, I'm fun sized" either he's happy or angry about it, whatever mood works really.

seconding this

I would like a drawing of a sleepy Noire in pajamas or some happy pov stuff like wife/housewifey, although I would also love to see her cosplaying.(cosplay ideas of mostly fabric-based costumes, fantasy or scifi things) and you can also turn to the Drama CDs of hers for ideas, especially for the wife/housewife part.

Satania in black frilly and lacy underwear

Requesting Mr. Gesupeta dressed up as Solid Snake sneaking up on Dan, Ai, and Pinta


will draw just wait

Requesting Reimu sipping on a yummy bubble tea.
Alternatively I'd like a drawing of her wearing a skimpy vinyl tube top and a bath towel.

The middle panels with Tamamo Cat and Guado/FGO male protag; TamCat can be her normal body or the April fools Riyo chibi version

not Sup Forums

Shit it's true Clip Studio is cheap as fuck right now. How long does the license last? do you get all the assets and stuff with it?

alright cool.

Tomoko Kuroki wearing a black sweater or hoodie drinking coffee from a Starbucks mug.
Please make it black/white without colors, like it is in the manga.
Thank you a lot user.

Requesting Ursula rubbing user's crotch and whispering into his ear that she's ovulating. You can draw what happens next if you want to.

>user's crotch
>Ursula rubbing a little girl's crotch
Yeah, I'll draw that

License lasts forever but you can install it on a limited number of computer. I bought mine a year and half ago and everything is still there.