Black Clover

Oh shit

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I hope Yami destroys that son of bitch

It's shit*



>Licht turns back to William
>Yami is framed. Black Bulls become proscrits
>William becomes next Mage Emperor

I see that hapenning

If Julius dies then Yami better get even more screen time to make up for losing him. Those 2 are the main reason to read the manga.

>expect this not to follow trope
>this happens
Yep it's definitely pushing for Naruto 2.0

Wow what the fuck, those proportions on the guy stabbed are absolute shit.

I'd like to introduce you to your next magic emperor. Be nice to her.

there are still people who read this garbage on a weekly basis? Hell at least Fairy Tail had some nice tits to offer

loving the strategy this story has, in order to defeat julius licht needed to take his magic energx and stored time away, by taking the citizens hostage he managed to do exactly that,

goota love the growth of the villian, he was a noob in battles at the fight with yami, now he plans and has strategy



You mean like how every stereotypical manga has the big bad beat the big good?



Yeah a manga isn't some kind of muslim holy ground, they are supposed to have a certain amount of tits in them, no matter what. With fairy tail however it carried the whole damn manga. Can't say that about this trainwreck though sadly

Sally a cute.

I can't believe Orochimaru killed the Third Hokage

This manga was carried by two characters, tits, and some fun battles. Now one of those characters died in a cliche battle so it's all ogre.

Why does it make you so angry?

when I dropped this around chapter 80 Yami was still alive though. Has he kicked the bucket or what

no i mean like how licht defeated julius by using his head instead of solely relying on his immense magic power, that was his downfall in his battle with yami

Why does suddenly everyone have anti-magic?

he is angry nobody goes into hardcore-fanboy-defend-mode against him, cant call out the fanbase because there are no retards

No he is still alive, Julius just died(probably) though.

using his head the same way every big bad does when fighting the big good

I don't know what you're talking about, only Aster has anti magic.

No no no no no no no
What the fuck, no!

I mean we knew he was going to die not just because of a cliche but because it was set up in the series. Julius has the stones and obviously the plot around them can't continue if he is alive as he has the stones in him.


everyone knows Julius fought against Licht. How tf would they frame Yami...?

Looks like she used one of aster's swords to impale the emperor.


He is the elf leader of the bad guys and he is using light magic, he doesn't have anti magic.

so you don't read the manga. What are u doing here?


please not that bullshit

We all knew that Orochimaru would kill the Hokage. Why are people surprised again?

you mean Aizen

Aizen didn't kill old man genocide though, YHVH did.

you mean Gin would kill Aizen

But Julius isn't Worthlesszen.

Julius won't die.

He will turn veggie like Fuegoleon but he won't die.

He's going to be alive and happy at end of manga.

That is the thing good villians do, otherwise they job or dont use their powers in the extend they should have which makes them look like idiots.

> He will turn veggie like Fuegoleon but he won't die.
That guy died user.

not that user but fuego didn't die

So the 3rd Hokage finally died huh

Isn't he some space time controlling nigga? Just asspull something.

Time controlling, not space. And he used all his mana to reverse time and stop the enemy's doomsday attack.

space is time

don't talk smack about magic emperor you fucking peasant

pretty sure that's wrong but I digress

Mimosa's anatomy is on fucking point, the artist is very talented

It's the third hokage vs Orochimaru all over again...

Does anyone have the link to the chapter?

On the one hand, Julius is one of my favorite characters, and I'd like to see a lot more of him.
On the other hand, if he somehow manages to survive this fight, it will be Fairy Tail levels of bullshit.
I never expected this manga to make me feel conflicted, ever.

He has time magic

Were you guys really not expecting this?

>The only people who could provide an alibi for Yami during the fight are William's knights
>he manipulates them into lying about Yami being at their base, giving him no proof of his whereabouts during the fight
>He's an unorthodox foreigner so nobody gives him the benefit of the doubt and Julius' death is pinned on him
I'd be really fucking pissed but I can see it

Hes literally a time wizard. Also Yami is there, he might Darkness No Jutsu shit away, cancelling whatever shitty light sword ability hurt him. The setup for asspull is there if the author actually wanted to go with the less shitty route, but Emperor is gonna die, Yami will get blamed, Black Bulls collectively get exiled, everything will get shat up with cliche Fairy tail tier memery and assdraggery that will make this series completely and utterly even more shit, now with 1 less good character.

So surprising. Why didn't julius cast that time bubble thing on him while he did that aoe magic.

because cliche's. gotta kill the emperor off so the big bad can take the place so Asta can kill the BBEG and become the magic emperor.

how strong is Asta anyway?

His transformed techniques are OP but he can only do them a few times a day.
When all he had was his two swords, he was getting worked by Mimosa's brother 1v1.

Well, he could beat everyone in the manga with the exception of his captain on a fist fight, but since everyone is a wizard he is relatively weak, it seems like Juno surpassed him by quite a large margin in the tournament, but even Juno isn't quite Magic Knight Captain level yet.

If Julious was 100 what would Yuno and Asta be?

The person fighting Julius had light magic. How the fuck can anyone blame Yami? Take your head out of ass and think for a second.

He's literally out of magic and time. He couldn't do anything except stop the big attack. Read slower.

no i'm just pissed on how retarded the whole thing is. I'm mad at the chapter even happening, let alone all the cliche shit it means.

Aside from the fact that it isnt, but yeah, totally the same. Not like good guys died by the hands of bad guys in any other series aside from Naruto.
> I dont actually have valid points to shit on in this manga so i will shit on the the future stuff this series will have, which i totally know since i can see the future.

I dunno, too big of a number. Let's pretend instead that Julius is a 10, in which case i'd put the 3 bads(of which at least one is dead for sure) at around i dunno, 7, then the captains at 6, Juno at 4 or 5 and Asta one number below Juno.

He evaded that thing time and time again. Plus it would have been a bad idea focusing on his body while a AOE spell was done that (for all he knows) could wipe out the kingdom the moment Licht gets frozen in time.

Once even the weakest magician uses Mana Skin they get stronger body-wise than he is. With the swords and magicians who arent spamming AoE attacks from multiple directions, than he would have a good chance beating them.

> i'm just pissed on how retarded the whole thing is
What exactly is retarded? That the fight happened? That Julius died? That Licht used the Kingdom as hostage and force Julius into depleting all his energy?

I don't remember if magicians are always using mana skin or not, but he beat this guy just with a punch.

more like
Time Wizard 11
Demon eyes 8-10
Magic Captains 7-9
Juno 5
Asta 4

Wasn't Juno matching a captain-tier opponent recently in the tournament arc?

>Once even the weakest magician uses Mana Skin they get stronger body-wise than he is.
hell no, they get better but just cause htey use mana skin they dont become Meleoleone or Yami tier Brutes enough to beat Asta physically

They need to consciously use it. So they arent on superhuman stats by default.

the fight was too short to really tell how they scale to one another but Yuno had to go use a temporary power-up because he'd normally be overpowered.

>Licht uses light magic to make it look like Yami helped him kill Julius
>Valtos appears to grab Licht and also teleports Yami away to further frame him
>William, who was said to be the closest to becoming the magic emperor, gets the title, giving Licht control of the kingdom
This would open up so many different arcs and plot points
>Licht starting a war to obtain more magic stones or similar items
>Golden Dawn being controlled or simply remaining loyal to William even as he starts acting weird, causing Yuno to attempt to change the squad from within
>Yami fleeing to the Spade Kingdom to try and gather up allies so that he can overthrow William
>Black Bulls vice captain comes back to take over the squad in Yami's absence
>Black Bulls eventually making contact with Yami and visiting Mars in the Diamond Kingdom to recruit more allies
As much as some people in this thread are complaining about having a villain as the emperor being cliche or whatever I think that kind of development has potential.

They get strong enough to endure being close, right next to lava without a problem.
We dont know how much it strengthens them but as for now it seems to be just a matter of how much mana they put into their Mana Skin. So the upper limit is probably bound to ones Manapool and skill in said technique.

He was struggling quite a bit desu. And that while using the supermode of his Spirit power up.
The captain on the other hand was just about to get all out. But he destroyed his own crystal.

It wasn't a temporary thing, it's a power he can access in every fight.
Even if the dude wasn't a Yami-tier opponent, it is implied that Yuno is already near a captain level and one of the big boys in his order.

if they get as strong as Asta he would have lost every single match ever

>muh antimagic magic


Its a high-level technique. And not really used a lot since most just focus on big flashy spells. The skill itself doesnt require tons and tons of mana either, so even people with low-level mana could use it, Nobles however mostly rely on their bigger mana pool in order to destroy the enemy.

>people complaining about Julius dying
>when he was so damn strong it made the villains look pathetic
I mean what would be the alternative? You have to make the bad guys seem like a threat somehow and that's not going to happen if they are clearly inferior to the good guys. You could always pull massive powercreep but it's too early for that considering how weak the main characters are in comparison to the top tiers. Julius simply had to go. It's funny how everyone's calling it a cliche when it was a necessary development.

So what just happened? It sounds like a big deal but I don't give enough of a fuck about Black Clover to know the characters.

I think she's going to be the Unohana of the story. She's just kinda there in powerful position without anyone knowing why until she's eventually revealed to be an absolute madwoman. I bet she's always sleeping because she has some kind of dream magic. Sucking people into her dreams or manifesting nightmares into reality. Basically a low-level reality warper.

>Muh I can not hit em cause they are as physically skilled as I am cause Magic skin Bullshit

im sure they said Magic Skin is used by all Magic Knights.

Lil wasn't even going all out. He was explicitly holding back and only when he was about to use more power, he accidentally lost

BnHA does this shit with All might vs AfO yet no one calls it cliche, what the fuck? if Julius lives you anons call it an asspull if Julius dies you call it 3rd Hokage vs Orochimaru

This, the villains look like a fucking joke anyway. They made the main villain, who's supposed to be the big objective for the protag, need to resort to a dirty trick to kill the Hokage. Not to mention he got his ass whooped in his first very first appearance.
And his right-hand man is getting wrecked by a tertiary character Leona as we speak.

Yep, the predictable, generic outcome of what usually happens when there's a good guy that's stronger than anyone else.

Pretty much everyone agrees that All Might dying would've been better from the writing perspective.

not the problem I'm talking about ,what I'm saying is no matter what BC does him living or dying will be called cliche and no matter what route it chooses to go on it will never stopped being compared to everything.

WHAT THE FUCK. RIP my poor beautiful husbando.