Shinkai praises new Okada moie

Shinkai says he is envious of her talent. Where were you when Okada became best female anime director, BTFOing Yamada and the rest?

>implying his opinions are worth anything

I wouldn't be envious of the talent of Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna tbqh

Hmmm, he also praised KnK and said he is envious. Seems legit, this guy knows shit.

>implying Okada is actually directing SayoAsa

>everyone including Shinkai talking about her directing and praising her
>user on Sup Forums still finding excuses to not accept her genius

What's with all these movies getting miyu to voice the protag

Yes, I'm sure a writer with no experience directing whatsoever is doing all of the actual directorial work on a feature film, Shinohara and Hiramatsu are just there to look pretty.

Has Okada ever written a proper fucking storyboard or a good script before, even?


Why is owning a vagina relevant when it comes to direction?

Because not having elevated levels of testosteron is relevant

Actually user according to latest studies about testosteron it has been found that high levels are important for a man. Frost they thought high levels would make a man aggressive but that's based on rubbish. Higher level will make a man sharper/smarter and it has positive effects on the body.


Meme aside, you can't be wrong with Okada & romance drama, 2bqh.

But I like Okada.

>Shinkai says he is envious of her talent.

More like he just liked the clouds

why should I care what a bad director has to say about another one

A hack praising another hack.

user made her happy and evoked her hidden potential

What? She's directing shit now?
Her cancer is fucking spreading.
What movie?

The only good story she wrote was Iroha, but it still had a lot of issues and shit characters.