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First PV is out:

is this the new madoka?

Looks like forced suffering. Is the manga any good?

I am so watching this

madoka rip off, pass.

I smell AOTY, brace yourselves.

>Based Onii-san
>Not-Ginko a saddist
>Idolshit & trap gets reckt

My body is ready


Why is there so much cum on her chair?

Such original concept, truly groundbreaking.

>all that forced edge
Is the author 14 years old?

Has the manga ended yet?

This garbage is getting animated?

This garbage is STILL ONGOING?

Jesus Christ

Looks crazy and edgy, picked up.

I wished Mahou Shoujo of the End was animated(just to see it go balls on the walls garbage territory), but I guess the potential ryona scenes in this was too enticing for them to pass on

Can't wait for the onii-san arc.
I wonder if Sup Forums will say it's a madoka rip off despite it being nothing alike.

Can it be called a Madoka clone if it's not hiding the edge? Fuck, there's literal edges in the PV.


>production doA

Dead on arrival

The anime only reactions to this are going to be great.

It's a very popular series for nips

>Mahou shoujo
>There's an onii-chan
What role does he play, does he fills the girls mana through sex?

Could be good if they keep it self aware.

Nope, it's still ongoing

>inb4 incest subplot
We Wixoss now.

Looks like one of those grim-dark edgy-everyone-is-terrible types of shows.

>it has good quality
I'm fucking ready.

This looks like absolute fucking garbage.

What is this even supposed to be? Did the school bullies shove balloons filled with glue up her ass or something?

>someone thinks that animation looks good

The school bullies poured glue on her chair.

Looks neat I don't see a reason to not watch weekly.

The glue wasn't there at first and then it just suddenly started flowing out of her ass.

Looks like aots from that picture alone

>What is this even supposed to be?

Read a bit of the manga and this shit is super fucking edgy, I guess it's fine if you're into that, but all the villains are such horrifically awful people for basically no reason that it just ended up being a huge turn off.

First chapter was the worst though.


>Still thinks this makes for a great series.
Fuck off, MALfaggot.

All edgy mahou shoujos are trash. Prove me wrong.

Kill yourself, faggot.

>smooth movements
>not good animation
Fuck off back to /youtube/

First, I need to know what you mean by "edgy".

I think this manga had a complete reboot. I know that it basically restarted with a completely different heroine and completely different power.

Basically violent stories/characters that take themselves way too seriously despite only really existing for shock value.

Amazing. Picked the fuck up

>all the villains are such horrifically awful people for basically no reason
Finally a realistic anime.


Kill yourself, faggot.

It wouldn't be such an issue if these people at least acknowledged how horrible they were being, after a certain point there's literally no excuse you could come up with to justify what you're doing to someone, especially a cute little girl who, as far as we know, had done literally nothing to the bully, yet the bully girl from the first chapter goes all moralfag about how her friends died because of her when just the day before she was kicking the shit out of the girl, half drowning her, and setting her up to be raped.

I've read the first two books.
Only the first and last chapter of the first one have anything remotely edgy.
The second one is pretty much comedy relief with the exception of the chapter Asagiri talks about how she started getting bullied.

I was kind of joking, but really
>after a certain point there's literally no excuse you could come up with to justify what you're doing to someone, especially a cute little girl who, as far as we know, had done literally nothing to the bully
a lot of people like that exist right now.

It was probably done for dramatic effect.

Not really, if you're doing something THAT awful to someone who has literally never done anything negative towards you, then you're most likely already the kind of person who is either severely mentally ill, or you know that you have no excuse and are just bored or knowingly being malicious, in that case, getting all moralfag about your stupid friend getting hit by a train while attempting to get another girl raped ((again, for NO reason)), is just retarded and edgy.

Please, the whole 'stick hunter' shit was edgy as hell, same as basically all of the idol girls part.

People like that are hypocritical so it's fine, it happens everyday.


What did you seriously expect? For Saturday morning cartoon villains and no fighting?

I never said I didn't expect it to be edgy, I was replying to the other poster who said the only edgy parts were at the start and the very end.

>another edgy magical girl anime

Tiresome, it's unfortunate since I remember reading the manga for this years ago and liking it but so many others have continued with the same concept of cute girls murdering people that it just isn't that fresh anymore

>Mahou Shoujo Shite
No thanks.

Looks fantastic. Probably better than Magical Girl Raising Project.

Madoka ripoff.

I don't really care for this, read chapter 1 and had a good laugh but I lost interest when I saw the direction it was going.
To be exact, the moment I lost interest is right when she fired the gun for the first time. I feel like it could have been entertaining if handled differently.
Imagine if the moment she fired the gun it turned out to be just a gun, keep the heart design but no magic or anithing, it's just a gun. Now keep all the edge but make the magical girl stuff make believe. And the site is just some sick bastard giving real weapons to mentally unstable kids.

Would have been over a lot faster if the main character just shot these people dead, at least with the stick the police can't find her.

Is there yuri?

Looks so over the top it might be amusing at least. I'm in.

Wait seriously?

I was gonna ask, because their powers meant they all had to die. Is that really what happened? How did the first cast of characters "end"?

Not really. If that's what you want that's what Mahou Shoujo of the End is for (author's other manga)

So anyone know where it will air? Will we need to wait for BDs?

are they dead?

Near the end of part 1

This anime will make good reaction images

>another edgy magical girl anime

"another isekiai anime"
"another LN anime"
"another battle-harem anime"
"another Kyoani/Silver Link/Sunrise/Ghibli/Toei/ anime"
""another loli / shota anime""
"another _______ "

Edgy trash, the author should be embarrassed of what he created

If battle harem and isekai authors aren't ashamed of the stuff they create, why should egelord authors be any different?

I get the impression many WN isekai authors are filled with self-loathing.
I'm not sure about this edgelord.

The translation is stalled at chapter 41, right?

That's takes itself a bit too seriously.
The people prefer Site.

Picked the fuck up.

This, it's amazing how that manga starts as a survival story but ends up as a clusterfuck or witches and time travel

Yes but there are still raws