Dragon Ball Super

did they killed Jiren's parents and village?

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Sup Forums bait aside Moonman Zamasu makes a whole lotta sense

what's the joke

there is a spic theory that Black killed Jiren's Family

>i came from a humble nondescript village where a nondescript villain killed my nondescript heritage. I got trained by a nondescript master of a nondescript fighting style and gathered nondescript allies to have a nondescript fight with the villain, only to have a nondescript loss. I then got really really strong, nondescriptly
How can a character be so void of anything?

You and I both know what happened that night in the village

Just wait for based Toyo to fix it like always

I kek'd.

Toei can't write for shit

oh my god.

-H-HERMANO!? Is that the Mangekyo Ayygan!?
+Omaewa mou shindeiru, Geran

what if future Jiren killed his parents so that past Jiren gained an incentive to get stronger

i'm dying

There's also a spic theory that Gohan was going to turn "blanco" and beat the shit out of el grand padre.

Deepest lore

about 200 posts before we get that pasta about how Goku is 100% guaranteed to go Blanco

>tfw they bring Freeza back only so he can do nothing for a good part of the tournament and then job embarrassingly
Dammit, Toei.

Toei only brought him back because they needed that extra moolah

What was his name again?

Sad but true.

El Grande Papi Diablo

Nikolas Cruz

Toppo Black

Damn, why is caulifla so hot?

No the notorious shooter Sam Hyde did.

Jiren el púrpura azul púrpura regla de todos padre ángel forma

CHADhan the Destroyer

It'd have been cool if the clown was the one that killed them all.

That got delayed to the next show, airing in 2020.

Why is it so good?

Has anyone counted the number of times a conveniently placed rock has stopped a U7 member from falling out?

I think you meant 2040

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Mission 1 Commercial:


New bread found

Fuck off you crossboarding retard.

There would be no way they could because if Jiren saw one of them then he'd either recognize Goku and beat the crap out of him, or he'd recognize the other being a Kai and being stronger than a GoD you can bet your ass he'd fuck with the kais

So were they...

A) Too lazy to even try to design a bad guy to kill Jiren's parents
B) Setting up the next arc where Goku helps Jiren btfo the bad guy, proving that this shitty arc really does end with Goku just wishing all the universes back and making the last year all a complete waste of time.

Nice, I love that second Goku Xeno. Now give me a new Vegetto Xeno


they didn't show the bad guy because if they did then people would start to speculate and make crazy fan theories about it

I don't even watch this show but thanks for the laughs OP

i can't see shit user.

Holy shit


Here's a close up

That sections on the cards are for special moves you can do if you have the 3 cards on the team. As you see, that SSB Vegeta teams up with Gohan and a silver haired Goku, basically they confirmed the theory of Goku getting white hair when he completes the UI form

>Gohan gets cucked out of Blanco, even in the anime

Holy shit, we meme'd blanco into existence.

I think that one is too blurry, you can see how is clearly Goku and how his hair looks like silver in this one

fuck off idiot, the Blanco meme came from Toriyama himself stating in an interview he wanted SSB to be white first.

He also said in that interview that after he changed his mind he would save it for another form. I guess UI is what he meant.

Goku Argento?

>Goku takes Kamehameha from Roshi
>Goku takes Zanzoken from Jakie Chun
>Goku takes Taiyoken from Tenshinhan
>Goku takes Kienzan from Kuririn
>Goku takes Hakai from Beerus
>Goku takes Blanco from Gohan

I tried to warn you but you didn't listen. NOBODY CAN STOP THIS MONKEY

El Goku Gris?

>muh memeing did something
God, Sup Forums sure delude themselves with their talk


This is gonna end up being mastered UI isn't it.

Fucking Blanco got memed into reality

So is the next movie going to be a Dragon Ball Z movie or what? Will it possibly be the first established Super movie?

Of course it is, see They keep hidding full UI's look, but the silhouette is the same as UI Signs so the complete version is exactly like Signs with different eyes or just with different colors.
Goku is going full angel mode and beating the guy who surpass GoDs.

Where's that from?

Is this real?


>Will it possibly be the first established Super movie?

Probably not

It was El Hermano

you mean he took blanco from zamasu

Don't worry. Goku might be the first Blanco, but Gohan will definitely be the first Calvo.

Nappa was already the first Calvo

Colorfag here. Better now?

It kind of seems like it will be as dark as blue, considering all that gray but with white highlights rather than going full white hair.

>"Doctor committee attend private Dragon Ball Z screening, showing respect to the character, Piccolo, as he sacrifices himself to protect a young boy"

Remember Caulifriends, it is your civic duty to dump all of your lewds

Non-shit upscale here. Might just be regular UI


>western artists

manga spoilers never ever

>regular UI
Nope. UI-Signs/Omen/Kizashi/whatever's model is clearly black, that's silver

Why the fuck does he look so smug. He's supposed to be emotionless in UI. Fucking filler hack retard merchandise niggers.


smug goku best goku

Local king of smug Whis is basically in UI all the time.

Because the artist who drew that was given no direction other than what Goku is supposed to look like.

You'd be smug too.

Now the question is, was Omen filler? It's literally "SS False" from Slugg's movie but with the new form, maybe Toriyama only made the full silver UI and Toei came up with Omen for the views along with the 1 hour special

What if Jiren wins?

Arc would officially be salvaged. If only because we could shitpost about Goku losing every single arc against every single antagonist in the entirety of Super.

Then UI is a complete waste of time.

What if Hit somehow survived being erased and won for Universe 6 and married Goku?

It says Gamma Burst Flash, does that mean he will use it tomorrow vs Jiren?

What went wrong Gohanbros? Blanco was supposed to be OURS

Toriyama is a hack.

It's happening. The El Hermano arc will start Dragon Ball Ultra.

Fuck off, stop baiting

wait a fucking minute

>ガンマ バースト フラッシュ
>it actually says Gamma Burst Flash
Holy shit, thank god even Toei knows the technique was cool as fuck in the manga

Blanco was always first and foremost for Goku.


Toyo confirmed canon once again

you mean Bandai Namco and Shueisha

>jiren wins
>"He wishes for the dragon to summon the one who killed his family to the world of void
>El hermano is teleported onto the fighting stage
>Esto es el fin, jiren
>Series ends

They aren't using manga only stuff (sadly), if that Vegeta card uses Gamma Burst Flash that basically confirms the technique is appearing this week episode

cardgame is noncanon anyways, and the GoDs use manga only signature abilities.

So is Smoke Goku just another step in his evolution to Lava Goku?