One Piece

Chapter 895 link:

What will the outcome of this fight be?

Luffy is dead, protagonist switches to Coby.

Oda, where's Luffy's queen Vivi?

Katakuri did more damage to himself than Luffy ever did to him. Luffy is fucking dead.

LuKa confirmed

In term of choreography that chapter was damn good
Though I don't really see the purpose of snakeman, Katakuri got used to the speed rather easily

Holy fuck Katakuri looks like a fucking monster.

nigger it's just another form, luffyfags just decide that literally any previously unseen form/ability is a trump card and thus a huge powerup that will allow him to ohko the opponent ezpz.

in other words, don't let luffyfags decide your expectations of this manga

He called Caesar and Hody by their names as well.

Caesar for Nakama

The thing about these forms isn't really that they're meant to explosively power Luffy up to one-hit KO Katakuri. It's just Luffy adapting to his enemy's powers and switching to a form more suited to fighting them. Yeah Katakuri got used to the speed rather easily, but at least it's better than staying in base form only. At least now the speed is enough for him to properly land hits on Katakuri.

>Snake Man revealed
>Katakuri can still deal with most of it

This just makes the last chapters of Luffy not in Gear Fourth being to able to escape from him for a prolonged period of time and not just get annihilated even more jarring

Luffy has to win or he can't get away. Unless Sanji carries him I guess...

That‘s Oda trying to show that Katakuri isn‘t your average villain who gets BTFO once MC pulls out a new form. Doflamingo got rekt by Bounceman, Cracker got rekt by Tankman and Katakuri continues to stomp.

Snake man is Gear 2 + Gear 4

And it would have been disappointing if Katakuri got manhandled.

Katakuri looks like he's about to go Blanco in this panel

Vivi is my waifu

Or Katakuri

Yeah I really dislike how inconsistent base Luffy is

2 + 4 = 6
3 + 4 = 7
Doffy > Katakuri


Katakuri doesn't look like he's even trying anymore.
He's just slightly surprised by Luffy's attack. And he's already figured it out and is not just tanking it, but he's leading him around by the nose without Luffy being aware of it.
Even with no damage and a full belly, Luffy would still lose this fight. He might eve lose it worse because Katakuri wouldn't underestimate or hold back on him like he is now.

I think we're seeing Luffy's first real archenemy. Someone he can't asspull a victory against and not only knows his powers but is better then him at using them.
He has to step up to the plate in terms of skill and experience now. Hope it doesn't break him.

Luffy is prioritizing speed over power right now. It‘s the only way he can actually hope to hit Katakuri.

>go to mangapanda
>hey new chapter! already looked at the russian version but you know, seeing words i understand is nice too

am i getting meme'd by this shitty website?

Not even once

It still exists? What the fuck.

Steam confirms it

Honestly, was it ever stated that katakuri had kings haki?

>going to Mangapanda

What the fuck are you doing?

>Pirate Luffy vs. Sweet Commander Katakuri

A Sweet Commander is a pirate though

Did people really expect Jobtakuri to get manhandled by a new form, now that would really be an asspull. He's still going to job, but he'll do so by a hair's breadth because Yonkou commanders can't tank damage apparently but people will be fine with it because muh he stabbed himself.

I'll take doffyfags over fujoshit any day


>Honestly, was it ever stated that katakuri had kings haki?
It was literally shown Kizaru-kun.

Jack would like a word with you

Didn't he only get hit once.

The moment Luffy learned how to see into the future Kata lost whatever edge he had.

Mochi simply won't beat rubber in a game of speed.

Daily reminder that LuKa is CANON

speed reader confirmed

I asked where was it stated speed reader-kun
Not for the generic haki lightning clashes that don't mean shit.

Mangapanda still exists?!

I mean, getting hit more than once is kind of irrelevant when the hit in question is from an elephant the size of a fucking island.

No darling, this is what canon looks like.

he fought the minks for multiple days user

I just felt let down since this Observation Haki wasn't a unique thing to be overcome but became another stepping stone multiple people are stated to know

and now Luffy learns it in a few hours by getting beaten like a rag doll in an "intense battle" but conveniently not hard enough to be killed by the guy who can fight Gear fourth openly in an isolated environment..

Who cares about those jobber furries

I still believe he would have been knocked out either way by Zou, not to mention he was fucked anyway since he can't swim.

>mfw anons were making shitty jokes about how useless Katakuri was when Sanji dodged his jellybean and when he couldn't stop Bege from triggering Big Mom

Fickle fairweather motherfuckers, the lot of you. I always held the faith.

How can katakuri fags ever recover

Oh darn, it's 2010 again?

I legit thought right then and there sanji was gonna fight katakuri while luffy went for big mom with help from bege.

I also thought Mostly all BM pirates would fall except for the few that would fight "inside" bege while ceasar was carrying him.

Instead we got months of sanji making a cake.

this ship actually might happen

That might have happened if this was Bleach but the power difference was clear after Luffy needed help to deal with Cracker

Electro is the biggest asspull Oda has ever done desu.

Completely devalues the lightning logia.

Are Katakurifags the new Doffyfags?

Can't wait until based Luffy put this faggot in his place

I had to go check whether that site still existed and i wasn't just getting memed on.
That said for what fucking reason are you using MANGAPANDA of all things?

Yeah when Carrot had her neck taken off and she just regrew it and then teleported a kilometer away and dropped lightning from the sky I wondered what the point was too

I remember thinking the arc would end with Big Mom losing her shit and eating all of her kids after the Straw Hats escaped. Back then I thought it'd end with one of those narrator prologues, with a shot of Totland wreathed in smoke and fire, with the textboxes reading something like, "To this day, sailors say you can hear the laughter of the witch of Totland echoing through the mist...".

Doffyhaters CANNOT refute this

Luffy + bege + vinsmokes couldn't handle big mom you think?

>calling someone a speed reader while being a speed reader

Is it me? Or did Oda like low key ship Luffy with shit tons of girls this series?

yeah its trash, but its my trash
actually i hate it, i just use it out of convenience

Oh look, Oda is taking another break? Color me surprised.

>man who can't read accuses someone of speedreading in the first place
oh the irony, yet another dead buzzword

Honestly. The only notable interactions are Vivi, Nami and Boa. Boa got turned down, Luna isn't looking that good after wci and Luvi has plenty of hints.

This and the status quo continues

Can this shitty arc end already? Where the fuck is Zoro? Where the fuck is WANO? Oda is a fucking hack.

Not even a remote chance, you're not understanding the state of things if you really think so.

The only thing Bege is of any use for besides defence is having power over others inside his own body, and that's only if the control he has over inside is strong enough to hold really powerful characters. The Vinsmokes contribute nothing outside maybe Reiju and her poison in some fashion.

If all those character fought Katakuri the only way they'd likely contribute is being distractions for Luffy against his Katakuri's Observation Haki.

Doffyfags were easily 10x worse

Notice how Luffy is getting way more hits in though


Zoro married Law in Wano

Are you sure?

for how long has Katakuri v Luffy been going on now? fifteen chapters?

>implying the vinsmokes amount to anything

Yeah but getting hit with a thousand feathers doesn't hurt. It just tickles then annoys.
Meanwhile Luffy is getting pounded harder then sasha grey and ellen page in a black fraternity.


Rebecca and Shirahoshi can still win the Luffybowl.

What's convenient about shitty quality, a hundred watermarks splattered all over the pages and malicious ads?

>Completely devalues the lightning logia
You know that fur/wool having an electric charge is a thing, right? Powerlevelfags really need to read a book.

Big Mom is a fucking Yonko.
The Vinsmokes can take on admirals but not the Likes of Big Mom. And she's probably the weakest of the 4 Emperors(well 3 emperors and an empress).
I miss original big mom.
That bitch was scary.

Anime opening is getting a Luffy vs. Katakuri scene starting from next episode. Not sure which part they'll replace.

People actually believe Luffy could have beat Doffy without Law first critically injuring him. Luffy simply didn't have the stamina for it.

I'm pretty sure that's what this page is intended to convey

I'm guessing Luffy will eventually be able to switch forms of Gear Fourth without reverting


>The Vinsmokes can take on admirals
Literally any admiral would wreck the vinsmokes without breaking a sweat


bege said big mom would have died from the fall if she wasn't saved

Right before the reverie arc begins Oda will show a small cut to Wano. All of the other straw hats are defeated on the ground with Zoro badly beaten and bloodied, barely able to stand, with Kaido towering over him.
Kaido will pick Zoro up by his arm and whisper in his ear "Well done, son of mine"


Idk man, looking at K's facial expressions in I think he's beginning to feel some damage from Luffy. He's surely starting to get tired (and hungry) too.



>static electricity being that powerful
>not an asspull

There are a number of choices. The scenes when the chorus begins a second time, Jinbe and Pedro's scenes in particular are becoming dated. The scene after the Vinsmokes near the end where it's just Big Mom and her kids again.

Also filler with genie man coming.

Is Mihawk the only Shichibukai around the Yonko's level? Katakuri can clearly stomp any of them except him I guess.
I'm happy Oda made them look like babies only capable of taking care of the paradise's part of the GrandLine.


>What is a work of fiction
>What is Usopp's slingshot
>What is literally Luffy's rubber abilities
Just stop.