ITT: only god tier MCs

ITT: only god tier MCs

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literally who?


Haku from Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kamen and Futari no Hakuoro.

If you have no experience with the franchise, know that each entry will leave you an emotional trainwreck.


Anime onlys have no idea what they're missing out on. Also Eren did nothing wrong

Patrician taste



I'm sorry but at least try a little harder than this. Haku is one of the better/best MC's out there


He died for our sins
And he’s coming back because of them

I was going to mock you for this post, but then I realised that I posted someone almost as basic.


>takes on the burden of saving humanity from his brother
>takes on the burden of saving Yamato and getting Anju on the throne from Oshtor
>fakes his own death to take his place, sacrificing his identity in the process
>when he can finally reveal himself, he sacrifices himself again at the same moment
>kicks Hakuoro out of his domain, taking his place and the burden of being Uitsalnemitea's avatar and allowing him to go back to his wives and meet his daughter
>does it all with a smile

Can't really think of any other MC who tops this.





Uncultured swine.



Time for the *real* god tier MC.

I really wanted a gundumb show with a alpha female mc as Ange

>literally what personality

>Use pay2win items.


Do things get better in that manga? I read like 20 or 30 chapters and dropped it because I found the writing hilariously bad. I feel like the mangaka had no idea what to do with the series.

It does get better, Nepal arc later is a dramatic emotional rollercoaster and the series continues to be more creative. I wouldn't say it's ever been bad though, what's your problem with it?

I suppose early in the series, there were a few consistency issues but it hasn't been much problem after 30 or 40 chapters.

He falls on you're waifu and there's nothing you can do about it.

>Missing the joke this bad.


Haku is the hero we need but does not deserve


Mai is kind and cheerful without being an airhead or a doormat and she is capable and quick-thinking without being overpowered. And she has a nice character arc in her story.

The only thing not making this to too tragic is that they announced several follow ups, meaning that there's still hope for Haku

Is this romance/drama or is there actual stuff going on?


Actual stuff. The main premise of the games revolve around war or strike with underlying mysticism and a twist later on. That, alongside its well known tragedy aspect too.
First game was great, if a bit shorter than what you'd be used to nowdays.
Second game is slow and drags its feet a lot since it's world building, characters and a fucktonne of SoL.
Third game is the payoff and more serious aspects and god damn if it isn't great, even if it felt like a retread of the first game in many aspects.

The last scene when the first games music was really unfair. I played it almost 7 years ago and holy shit every moment came flooding back when the song started playing. I know there is a new game coming but I hope its a sequel not a prequel I need more of my boy Haku and his harem preferably from the perspective of another human without mask powers but with knowledge of weapons firearms and tactics. That or an mmo where we find out what happened to Haku n friends would be the best. Still in all honesty literally anything in universe would be welcome to fill the heartache and joy of Mask of Truths bittersweet ending.

>Fucking this
Toshio was the realest nigga

Political stuff, supernatural stuff, war and special missions mixed with slice of life and harem comedy.

First game's protagonist is a bit boring and it's a bit dated (2002). There's a remake coming though.
Second game set 16-20 years later with god tier protagonist, but most of it is introducing the characters and setting.
Third game continuing the second one is a masterpiece that will emotionally wreck you and also ties back to the first game.

If you want to get into it, do this: watch 2006 anime adaptation of first game, then play Deceptiona nd Truth, and wait for the first game's remake.

Utawareruomono is great and you should watch the 2006 anime right now, before jumping into the two more recent sequels video games*.
I'd recommend the original game as well as the anime, but the original staff are remaking it for PS4 right now and it might be better to wait and play that for a different perspective on the original story.

Avoid the Itsuwari no Kamen anime though. Piece of god damn shit.

>when the Utawarerumono/Kuon's theme comes in at 3:03.

Suara is the queen of uplifting/hopeful/moment of awesome theme songs.

Hakuoro had to wait 14 years though. Let's hope Haku doesn't have to wait that long, although he arguably got a way better deal out of his position than Hakuoro did.

No one can top Gintoki for me, Altough Clannedman was good too.


Alright, thanks guys, I'll give it a shot.

Christ dude I thought I was over it but does that song hit hard no matter the times past. The author and composer's of Utawarerumono are truly manipulators of feels.


>not even the best protag in the series
come on son

Aquaplus is a bunch of evil bastards.

>take the most happy go lucky guy there
>put him into this world where all his friends are soldiers.
>gives him the illusion that he can do things when in fact he can't and he needs to help people
>Universe fucks over him, but still won't give up despite all his crying and whining
>after all the suffering he finally was able to do what he must do and in the end the universe wipes him from existence
>is just glad that its over knowing he did his best

His entire growth in alternative is the greatest.

>No Amuro yet
This is a crime

>that joke
Damn you OP, I only just got it.

I think you're the first one to get it though, I was thinking I made it too subtle.

fuck you I liked him



>check em

>those hips

When did that scene even happen ?

What are the chances for the third MC to be someone from space?

Why would Uitsalnemitea's wishes only affect Earth? Any sleeper ship or moon colonizer humans would also have been transformed into Tatari.

It would also be pretty boring to have another human protag. I'd rather have a post-timeskip Kiwru, he already has a starting harem with Nekone, Shinonon and Anju.


I concur.





Don't post the worst version

>tfw I only like self-inserts

Nothing wrong with self-inserts written like Kyon.


>muh pacifism and idiot grin that RUINED two (2) decades of anime
Don't know what the idiot grin is? See all shounenshit, harem protags, or genki girls of ANY STRIPE. Shit MC, get better taste.


Would you say the 2006 anime is woth watching if I already played the original game?

>no boku no pico
>no yotsuba
>no man-toko
what the fuck guys


unironically ouma shu


Pretty much every mid to long series has inconsistencies, Saike actually does very well for a manga that takes many risks.

How fucking new are you?

Everybody else missed the point.

Technically qualifies if the whole Code+Geass=Code Geass theory is true.

It isn't god-tier though


Wrong, Haruhi isn't the main character.

Kabaneri didn't deserve him

He was great in ep 1-2-3. The scene where he breaks down after saving the train was kino. Then he just lost his steam and became generic.

shouldn't even need to post this, goes without saying

Are games 2/3 translated yet? I was waiting for it when the anime was airing and people started to complain that the anime was shit (too much SoL, character antics played up too far to draw it out).


Overrated as fuck

>The opposite day

That's actually pretty good taste, I didn't expect that of someone on Sup Forums.

I wanted this to be an Utawarerumono thread...


>still not gods