My Hero Academia

It's out:

Imagine the sex between these two.

Oh, looks like Destro was a vigilante. Really interesting.

>film la brava

How is he so perfect?

>No tintin
I'll skip this chapter

Well, Gentle is more Vigilante than Villain considering he basically just fucks around with people that have it coming, nice.

Gentle's quirk is like cutting a scene, I suppose? Does he uses it for gentle things only then, huh.

Well this chapter confirms that Gentle isn't really a villain, more of an attention whore
I guess the arc will stays rather light for those who didn't want something dark after Yakuza



Gentle seems like someone stepped out from Konjiki no Gash.
Now I know why he looked so familiar.

He got the mental endurance of a god if he is only getting this type of feedback for 6 years.

>tfw you agree with a youtube comment

>that whole part about the reason they are doing the live performance

What the fuck, I read that like 8 times and I still have no fucking clue what they mean. Is this a retard translation?

I laughed at that one.

Boku no Hero was always mediocre generic shounen, but it went total shit ever since All Might vs Sensei.

The comments are like they're taken from Sup Forums.
>Gentle a hack
>Jstore did nuffin wrong
>more Gentle shitposting
>film La Brava

They decided the do a live performance so that they don't steal the spotlight from the departments too much. They wanted to ease it up for them, but Bakugou isn't taking any of that shit.

>film la brava

Is that youtube commentator /ourguy/?

For the sake of de-stressing other departments, they decided to do a live performance. However Bakugou realizes that this is just self-serving to 1-A, who never wanted the attention they got, and says that they have to take it seriously like a competition.

They want everyone in school to have a good time despite the trouble that's happened, however the other students complain THEY are the reason those troubles have happened in first place

He wants to do a performance that'll blow them away instead of just pleasing them. Basically go big.

thanks guys

>People that sicken me don't deserve my courtesy
Based Bakugou.

>everyone saying La Brava was a shit translation

Thank fuck, I thought I was the only one who was struggling to understand what the fuck they were talking about, and why Bakugou was so angry

It´s the closest thing to positive feedback they get i imagine.

I’m noticing the lack of Bird, I hope we find out what kind of internship he’s been doing

Easily the coolest shit he's ever said.

La Brava is proof that Mineta would've been best girl if he had been female

He really doesn´t look like a villain.

I've literally only known La Brava for 2 chapters and I'm already lusting over porn for her.

He is not courteous to anyone ever though

truly best boy

>Bakugou says the general kids don't deserve his courtesy
>everyone else thinks that Bakugou refers to 1-A kids
Whoa. Really cool detail.

My god man, Hori really has written something brilliant with Gentle and La Brava I think.

How old is La Brava?

>film La Brava
All my money on Mineta making that comment

She's so cute

His "courtesy" is not taunting others with their personal scars, like Todoroki and Endy, and he also went along with the band idea. He isn't your average polite boy but he can respect others. He certainly does respect 1-A.

They should give him more credit, six years without being caught is something amazing.


>Did "criminal acts" on Jstore over a fucking pudding
I am slowly falling in love to Gentle

She also acts adorable.

He is saying that he doesn't have to try for such people. He talks to All Might rather respectfully I think.

>meanwhile on pixiv
I want to pull on Midnight's hair.

I fucking love Gentle, somehow he's the only villain that I naturally support his cause. He is not forced as a true bad guy at the same time he is not really a good guy. Gentle is the best antagonist.

Go to sleep brava

At this rate he reaches Gentlemans levels of "criminal acts".

Best girl.

So basically Bakugou wants 1-A to do their thing and stop showing unwanted concern for other departments, right?

I know thats one of those tricky verbs with weird tenses, but I believe shone would have been the better choice.

Kill yourself.

Seriously. How long did Stain go without being caught? Just 1 or 2 years, right?
And he wasn't even filming himself committing crimes without a mask.

Lets be honest, he is more Vigilante than Villain, the heroes he beat up last chapter? Probably hardly knocked them out. He seems way too nice to be called Villain.

I love how Sero always knows what buttons to press with Bakugo

Hell fucking yeah. Same here.
He wants them to stop faking concern. They are here to try their best, and none of the events that happened to them were because they asked for it.

>Their channel kept getting deleted
Well atleast BnHA youtube is doing their jobs properly

If Gentle really manages to infiltrate UA and the fact is made public, the league may take interest on him, I am worried for him.


Well, I'm intrigued by the legends of past era now, way more than that bsconflict in UA... Bakugiu kinda has a point, why cater to the General Dep ? Let's hope he rushes UA soon... Especiallt as I think that gentle = Aoyama's father, there could finally semi-interesting stuff to start the arc.

True, but Gentle is just knocking people out and trying to get youtube famous. Stain was out constantly trying to murder 'fake' heroes.

Too much Jirou, I can't!

What's Mineta looking at?

>implying they could catch him
Gentle seems like the kind of guy that if he doesn't want to be found, he will not be found. Good thing for us is, that he loves the spotlight.

Stain also was probably a way higher priority. Gentle? That guy is saturday morning dangerous at best.

I’m kind of amazed how casually Jirou (who most rarely interacts with Katsuki out of all people) asks him to play in the band. She must really want this to happen.

So has Ojiro gotten himself an internship then?

I bet all he played was ”badumtss”.

Also he must have gotten better at it after not getting caught for 6 years, might have been difficult at the start, but he got better.

No, he is waving his hand at the ones leaving.

She’s taking this super seriously, she made it pretty clear music was more than just a hobby for her.

>from being worst boy to best boy
What a transformation

True. His quirk seemed to allow him to teleport or something when he and La Brava went from the ground to that rooftop. Would definitely be hard to catch him.

I kinda hope he would become a teacher of U.A. but that seems wishful thinking isn't it?


Why would she be afraid of it? There is no reason to.

Yeah, I thought he was just being a cunt, bit after the translation I actually agree with him.
Fuck the other departments, they want to talk shit while they know shit.
Baku has my support.

Finally it looks like it's getting good again.
I'm worried Eri will ruin the arc though.

Then why not be a musician? Now I wonder what inspired Jirou to be a hero, since seems like her passions are somewhere else

My niggas

I’ve been wondering that for a while, maybe we’ll get a Jirou flashback and find out why.

Well, they're not faking concern. A lot of them clearly do care. They just shouldn't because they neveraskedforthis,jpg which is a fair point.

Ashido's glorious tits, probably, although the perspective is a bit fucked

Wait a moment...If it is some sort of Teleportation...And he comes out big with his next target...AND the VA is lacking their teleporting guy...


Gentle robbed a 7-Eleven with a knife because of pudding. I wounder horikoshi new editor giving him comedic ideas

You know, I have to wonder if the other kids know her parents are rock stars. She's always seemed bashful about about being a rich girl.

I want to know more about Destro, he sounds like someone that fought for people with quirks rights at the start of the quirk era.

>Why are future heroes showing concern for others?Stop this REEEE

Is he braindead?

I'm also curious about Crimson Riot. Thinking about it, he must be pretty badass to have inspired Kirishima in spite of having to compete with all might... I hope it's not just because their quirk are similar...

Isn't it Deku and Kirishima waving at him? I thought the fact that he was in the panel when Aizawa mentioned internships and the fact that he wasn't present at Jirou's group meeting for the play meant he had one?

It certainly isn´t a bad thing, that stuff is gold.

So is La Brava a loli or a shortstack?

There’s a reason he doesnt have his license yet

I don´t think they will be able of catching them, unless they play really dirty, like taking La Brava hostage.

Mina's boobs?
Fair point. And also, the concern would just ultimately look like pity, which would translate to "haha bitches we underestimate you guys". Bakugou would know how that feels.


There's no way he'd join them. He seems to not like them or the way they operate.

That hairstyle with that chin feels familiar