Kimetsu no Yaiba 98

Kimetsu no Yaiba chapter 98 Korean scans.

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Well, fuck.

He's still around.






Stop being so pretty.


I'm guessing ancestor-san is number 1


he is going to evolve the demons with the power of science isn't it?

This guy is totally the jobber of the group


I caught up with this manga last week, so I want to share my worthless opinion with you.
I had actually read first three chapters when they were translated by VIZ and quite enjoyed them, but then no site I'm aware of was scanlating it so I just kinda forgot about it. I decided to try it again because it just seemed like my sort of mango - battle shonen with a fantasy setting, cool demons and strong dudes with katanas. You know the drill.
What can I say - I'm definitely not disappointed. The manga is very good. All three main characters are very likable. And I'm saying three, because I can't count Nezuko as a character. She is silent, we rarely see her thoughts and she barely interacts with anyone who's not Tanjirou. She only really shines in battle and feels more like a team pet rather than a complete character on her own. I hope this changes in future. Lately she got healing powers which I like, gives her more reasons to interact with other characters.
My second complaint is the main villain who just seems EXTREMELY generic and boring at this point. Like, he's such a stereotypical bad guy it feels almost wrong. He's pretty much a carbon copy of Naraku from Inuyasha, at least flavor-wise. His minions are mostly pretty cool tho, so I hope he'll get some decent development in future.
I did not expect to obtain a new husbando from this manga, but damn, Zenitsu just conquered my heart. I'm a sucker for this type of "loser with some hidden good/strong points" characters, plus he's adorable as hell. Wish he got more than one techinque though.
Sorry for a longpost, just wanted to share fresh opinion before submerging into these threads.

or at least, the dumb one.


do you feel like your life has meaning when you type an entire paragraph that you expect people to read because it's, like, your opinion, man?


Thanks but isn't this way too early?



>He's pretty much a carbon copy of Naraku from Inuyasha, at least flavor-wise.
I don't see it. Was Naraku about living different lives as if he wasn't a demon?

>new husbando
What a slut.

Last page.

Kinda like their very messed up relationship.

He didn't die even though his head got cut off. What's his gimmick? Lamp genie?

>don't show their eyes
Top 2 right there

probably ussop power. To funny to die so he could serve as a comedy gag for every volume.

Demons don't die from simply having their head cut off, they only die if their head is cut off with a special sword.

oh fuck ... is the 1st Upper Moon Demon human ?

>hi I'm a speed reader

I'm going to hate this guy, I can already tell

All demons were originally human, obviously none of them can still be human since they are hundreds of years old and demon is part of their name

That said, someone called Tanjiro's ancestor being the number one demon moon but I think this makes the fact Muzan is terrified of him way more confusing since Muzan is clearly the one in power

No, this guy is number 2 (at least that's what his eyes look like to me and he's clearly portrayed that way, with him teasing Akaza the number 3 and being the one who welcomed Gyutaro the number 6 into the organization)

[Michael Jackson reference]

And since the genie is 5, that leaves the guy with his eyes closed as 4 and the guy with his back turned as 1

>lesser demons have cool grotesque designs
>powerful demons look like funny people with facial paint
Why is this allowed.
At least this guy is interesting.

>hating the guy who is teasing Rengoku's killer
But why? He seems like a great character

Gyuutarou was the jobber of the group since he lost to the demon hunters despite him being stronger

Because they are more "human" and humans are the true evil

Maybe the strongest demons can change their shape? Muzan does all the time

Muzan will be the one to know a cure for Nezuko

Because demons that blend in have an easier time devouring humans

Their looks =/= their psychology/inner selves.

Former sun breath user?

We don't see the eyes of the biwa player, either. There's probably some kind of a ruse going on.

the biwa player might be outside the rankings for some reasons.

On the one hand, this chapter is hype but on the other it makes me sad because I don't really see any room in the series for more major villains to be introduced without some terrible plot twist which makes me feel like it's only going to be another two years or so before this great ride is over, especially since it doesn't seem like Upper Moons have underlings so far


If any upper Moon takes as long as Gyuutarou is going to be way more than 2 years

Upper moons are Muzan's Espada while biwa player is his Gin/Tousen.

On the other hand there are still Lower Moons, more demons can be created, Coinflip and Asshole still need to join the party and clearly the rest of the pillars will have to have a moment in the spotlight


>who said the upper moons were numbered from 1 to 6?

>On the other hand there are still Lower Moons
didn't think it was possible to speedread this much

>Upper moon A, AB, B, 0 depending on the type of bllood Muzan gave them

Well, it's no guarantee that defeating the remaining upper moons will be so simple. Also, I can see someone betraying the demon hunters to join the demons as a way of adding a new villain.

To be honest the way lower moons were handled was terrible.
>introduce 5 lower moon characters
>off 4 of them in one chapter

But that's what I mean, with the way the story is written, how can we possibly have future threats that aren't the characters from this chapter...all the Lower Moons were killed with ease and it's clearly stated these guys only got where they are through hundreds of years, so it's not possible to create a demon this powerful out of nowhere or Muzan would do it all the time (unless we get into some weird shit I guess, since Nezuko will probably be more powerful than Upper Moons by the end of the series)

I mean Muzan doesn't even respect these guys

Well, there is always a variant for introducing a new big bad out of nowhere.

the Biwa Player demon might be tied to that room in some ways, so he/she wouldn't be encountered normally, and be a trump card of sort.

It's only terrible if later the story gets artificially extended with terrible writing, if the plan is to just kill these Upper Moons and Muzan and then end everything, then it was a great way of handling of the Lower Moons

They were basically a liability at that point since the Pillars had no problems killing one of them and it would have been a morale boost to the enemy if they were all killed by the Pillars so Muzan removed them himself to make it clear his organization had the stronger representatives

We got a pretty big reveal last chapter of Muzan being part of Oyakata-sama's family tree. When he was first introduced, he flipped out and killed those three passerby when one of them called him pale. My guess is that he had the same hereditary disease as Oyakata, and in looking for a cure, he found a way to cheat death by becoming a demon, but it turned him into a bloodthirsty psychopath.

This guy must be a fallen pillar
Do it based Crocodile

speed reader-kun please.

Big Bad Evil is able to kill demons too. is his whole gimmick/ power.

is why all other demos cant revolt to him no matter what

Yes, he can, but that user was asking specifically why demon didn't die from getting his head cut off.
Muzan cat rip off demon's head without killing him. Is it that hard to understand?

The Moon Shine is just a Reflection of the Sun. so the Sun stands above even the Moons

but on the same fashion he can kill by ripping it to, lower Moon 3 died that way if I remember right

He hates the feeling of fear. He wants people to understand his superiority. He wants to be in charge.
He couldnt defeat Ancestor-san so he somehow transformed him, making him one of his minions.
But the experience he got, the fear, is still there. And he HATES feeling it.

i think you are right

anime when?

>anime when?
right after

Hopefully fucking soon

What would be a good point for anime to end? Spider arc?

yes or train story

Spider arc if 12 episodes, train arc if 24.

spider can't fit into 12


>Spider arc?
Pillar meeting would be the final scene

>one of them is already dead and another one is crippled for life


called it, flashback guy was one of the strongest upper moons

Maybe called it again, moon #1 is probably a breath of the sun user

I think Muzan doesn't change his shape he just has multiple bodies.

It'd make sense because the other demons are extensions of his body in part(he can sense where they are, see through their eyes, etc)

When you think about the hundreds of years since an Upper Moon lost their position, did the Daki/Gyutaro flashback actually look like it was set in the right time period

You'd have to assume he took at least a few decades to become an Upper Moon himself so that flashback should have been like 3 or 4 hundred years ago, right? How old does that even make the flashback guy, or Breath of the Sun.

I’m going to Super PUSH Kimetsu no Yaiba!

Oh I guess, but I just thought maybe that freaky shit the sibling demons could do like changing forms and going into each other's bodies was a sign that the demons forms are more malleable but I guess Muzan probably is using multiple bodies since every place he is, there seems to be people who know who he is

If the old UM6 stills around, and Moons have not change in a 100 years, and Daki and /Bro counted among the UM in thos 100 Years, that means they were humans more than a century ago

which bring the question, how old is Muzan then?

she doesn't wear underwear

I think an earlier chapter mentioned ~1000 years.

Go back to >>/toc/

Gotouge can extend this serie by adding more regular demons but with wierd techniques, for example the biwa player isnt an upper moon demon, not even a lower moon demon, but it seems muzan trust him bcause of his weird room.

biwa player is female.

Maybe you kinda had a point there.

Well the thread is surviving so I guess that's fine.