Which K-ON would be the best fuck?

Which K-ON would be the best fuck?

Universal law of fuckery: in all-female SOLs, the best fuck is always the genki girl. So for K-On!, it's Ritsu.

i don't want

100% Ritsu followed by Mugi.
Mio followed by Azura would be the most boring fuck

Someone please post that K-On anus analysis

Mugi eats ass so she is best girl.

Jun and Ui

Ritsu is for passionate love making, while Mugi is for raw, wild sex, so take your pick. Jun would be fun, as well; sort of a mix between the two.

Would give her my BBC. She looks like she can handle a good fuck.
The rest are Japanese teenage cuntlets and would frustrate me to no end.

Get this pedophile shit out of my board.


Based on doujinshi, it would be Mio.

Mio has the best tiddies,but ritsu would do better in bed.


I see that you're a man of culture as well

A Christian board that upholds family values.

Now get that shit out of my Sup Forums.

My wife Ritsu.

>lewding the keions

Aren't they all at the absolute least 17 and likely to be 18

They're high school girls you moron.

Well not anymore because they graduated

Post-grad K-On! is objectively shit and should be considered nonexistent.

>that doesn't count!!!

anything not from Kyoani is not canon

go back to facebook

Highschool girls with clearly developed female features. Hardly pedophile.

Comin' up. 1/2

>my board

Pedophilia is attraction to prepubescent kids you retard


Jun best

they're 18 by the end of the show fag


Ritsu for consentual sweaty babymaking sex.
Mio for rape.

Don't rape the keions

Dumb normalfag.